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"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Great Treasure Hunt: Map I


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Opening up the chest associated with Treasure Map I

Opening up the chest associated with Treasure Map I

This walkthrough guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim serves to assist players in finding Treasure Map I and the associated Treasure Chest as part of the series of unmarked objectives known collectively as The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt. There are 11 maps in total spread out in various locations around Skyrim that, once found, spawn a Treasure Chest in a specific location that can only be found after acquiring said map. Each of these chests are filled with an assortment of valuables, the worth of which is determined by your current level.

Treasure Map I location: Bandit Camp - Ilinalta Foothills
Treasure Chest Location: Riverwood

Protip: Remember that you must have found and looted the Bandit Camp Treasure Map I before the Riverwood Treasure Chest will appear, you cannot skip ahead and just go to the chest's location as it will not be there otherwise.


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Finding Treasure Map I

Treasure Map I is located in an unmarked secondary location near the Guardian Stones in Skyrim, officially named the Bandit Camp - Ilinalta Foothills. This location is a set of tents with three Bandits that guard it along with a campfire and some beds they sleep on.

To reach the bandit camp, fast travel to the stones then take the path leading up, back towards Helgen a short while until the road splits. Take the right path at the split and keep walking until you find an opening to your left leading up a hill where you will find the tents and Bandits, who are likely to attack you as soon as you come into range or even as you traverse the path. (Check the pictures below for help.)

Once engaged with the bandits, slay all three and check their corpses for loot. Treasure Map I will be on the body of one of these bandits as opposed to the camp itself.

Finding Treasure Chest I

Once you have picked up the map, fast travel to Riverwood and head out the front entrance to the town which you will start out by. Swim across the river heading northwest, past the island in the middle of the river which has the Lumber Mill until you reach the opposite side of the river. From there you should be able to see the large fallen tree.

Head up to the tree, using the pictures to the right if you need help, and check the base of it which is hollowed out. Within you will find the chest sitting in some relative darkness, but still easily visible. Open that baby up and claim your rewards for this part of The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Map I - Video Guide

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