Using Crobat As a Competitive Pokémon in "Pokémon X and Y"

Updated on September 13, 2019
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Crobat | Source

The Bat Pokémon

Type: Poison/Flying

HP: 85

Attack: 90

Defense: 80

Special Attack: 70

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 130

None of Crobat's stats really stand out except for its Speed, which is a fantastic base 130, making Crobat one of the fastest Pokémon in the OU tier. This, combined with its unique Poison/Flying typing, give it a useful niche as a utility Pokémon early in the match. In 4th gen. its primary role was that of a weather lead on rain and sun teams. Once 5th gen. brought about Politoed and Ninetales Crobat didn't see very much play as its main role was usurped by two superior Pokémon. It still found some use as the aforementioned fast utility Pokémon on some teams, but it was severely outclassed by bulkier, or more useful, support Pokémon.

All is not bad for Crobat, in fact, some of the new battle mechanics in X and Y have given Crobat new-found potential as both a utility Pokémon and as an offensive presence. Defog now clears hazards from both sides of the field, and Crobat is the fastest Defog user in the game, meaning it can quickly and reliably clear hazards from your side of the field, allowing for safer switch-ins for the rest of the match. The introduction of the Fairy type also adds another resistance and more coverage to Crobat's previously lackluster Poison coverage. Crobat can now hit Azumarill and most other fairy types except Mawile and Klefki super-effectively. While it can't exactly scare out some fairy types, it can revenge kill them after they've taken prior damage.

All in all, Crobat has been given enough new tools to be successful in this generation's competitive scene.

Crobat | Source

Movesets to Consider

Classic Utility (Adam West)

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Infiltrator

Item: Black Sludge

EVs: 252 HP/252 Speed/4 Attack


  • Defog
  • Brave Bird
  • Taunt/U-Turn
  • Roost/Toxic

This is the original bat, hence the name "Adam West." With Crobat's decent 85/80/80 defensive stats, it can take a couple of hits while it uses Defog or Taunts on a potential set-up sweeper or staller Pokémon. Crobat's ability Infiltrator now has the nifty ability to bypass Substitutes, as well as Light Screen and Reflect (as it always could). This means that even Pokemon that can hide behind subs such as Gliscor and some Bisharp aren't safe from being taunted and hit with a surprisingly powerful STAB Brave Bird. U-Turn is an easy way to ensure that you keep momentum after Defogging or taunting, and for escaping some bad situations you will no doubt find yourself in, as Crobat can be walled or scared out by bulky offensive Pokémon such as Heatran and Terrakion. Other than that, this Crobat set excels at disrupting your opponent's bulky walls and getting rid of you opponent's hazards early on.

Pokémon with strong super effective moves and resistances to Crobat's attacks are very troublesome for Crobat unless you run very bizarre or niche moves such as Heat Wave or Hidden Power Ice. Zapdos and Heatran both resist Crobat's moves, although Zapdos is susceptible to toxic even when behind a substitute. This is when U-Turn comes in most handy, as you can more easily predict your opponent's switches once they figure out which Pokémon can wall or counter Crobat, allowing you to easily play around your opponent with very fast U-turns. This utility set fits on most offensive teams and once you really get a feel for how Crobat fits on your team you'll see just how useful good ol' Adam West can be.

Crobat by Xous54 on Deviantart
Crobat by Xous54 on Deviantart | Source

Choice Band Offensive (Christian Bale)

Ability: Infiltrator

Item: Choice Band

Nature: Jolly/Adamant

EVs: 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 Defense


  • Brave Bird
  • U-Turn
  • Cross Poison
  • Zen Headbutt/Defog/Steel Wing

this is Crobat's harder hitting, more offensive and straightforward set, and that's why it's called Christian Bale. Crobat's Brave Bird hits harder than Talonflame with an Adamant Nature, although you miss out on the priority chance. Regardless, Crobat's base 130 speed is enough to outspeed a majority of common Pokémon even with an Adamant nature. Cross Poison is the strongest Poison move in Crobat's arsenal, which is a bit disappointing since it has a lacking 75 Base Power. More than likely you won't find yourself using cross Poison too much, since Brave Bird and U-Turn are more useful against a wider range of Pokémon. Zen Headbutt can easily clean up any Poison-types that switch in on Crobat expecting a Toxic and is generally a better option than Steel Wing. Defog Can also be used to keep a bit of utility even on an offensive set.

Pretty much the same Pokémon give Crobat trouble as the previous set (which seems to always be the case with the Bat). However, when Crobat is equipped with a Choice Band and an adamant nature, there are few Pokémon that aren't very bulky defensive walls that can safely switch into more than one Brave Bird, as even Zapdos is 2HKOed by Brave Bird after Stealth Rock damage. If you do choose an adamant nature, be wary that more Pokémon can now outspeed you, including Talonflame, however, the threat of Brave Bird from Talonflame is ever-present regardless of speed. This may be Crobat's best set this generation, and you'll be surprised just how powerful Crobat can be, even against the most intimidating foes.

Potential Pokémon

Volcarona | Source
Heatran | Source
Mamoswine | Source

Possible Teammates

Crobat's ability to remove Hazards allows you to play Pokémon that hate Stealth Rock, such as Volcarona or some flying types. Defensively, Pokémon like Heatran and Mamoswine are great partners for Crobat as they cover Crobat's weaknesses and can severely damage or KO Crobat's counters. Depending on Crobat's team role, you can pair it with powerful sweepers that appreciate hazard removal or weakened and crippled counters. If you run an offensively based Crobat, you should place it on a team that compliments it defensively and can easily KO Pokémon that trouble Crobat.

  • Volcarona is a Pokémon that hasn't lost a step since 5th gen. and is one of a very small handful of Pokémon that despite having a x4 Stealth Rock weakness, is still a very powerful threat. However, in order to be at its maximum effectiveness, requires hazards to be removed from the field. Crobat can easily accommodate this, and can even weaken and Taunt some of the Pokémon that Volcarona has trouble OHKO'ing. Once Volcarona has the opportunity to use one Quiver Dance, there are very few Pokemon that can handle it. Volcarona even has defensive potential with a bulky Quiver Dance to tank hits alongside Crobat while eliminating threats that the rest of the team can't handle.
  • Heatran is the former king of OU, and will always fight for the throne with Scizor who, ironically, is the reason for Heatran rising to the top in the first place. Heatran has one of the greatest ranges of the usefulness of any Pokémon; it can go defensive or utility, with Toxic, Roar and Stealth Rock, offensive with a Choice Scarf or Specs, or anywhere in between. Its fantastic Steel/Fire typing and immunity to Fire and Poison moves make it a great partner for any Crobat variant. It can capitalize on Crobat's U-turn easily and can retaliate with powerful Fire Blasts, Earth Powers and Flash Cannons, Toxic opposing bulky Pokémon, or Roar out opposing threats to rack up residual damage or get a better match up. regardless of team role, Heatran can find a home on almost any team.
  • Mamoswine isn't the most versatile Pokémon, but the few things it can do, it can do very very well. It can lay down Hazards early on very reliably, hit opposing Dragons and Flying types with a powerful priority Ice Shard, and KO a multitude of threats with STAB Earthquake. Mamoswine's unique Ground/Ice typing grants it an immunity to the Electric attacks that Crobat doesn't want to take as well as neutrality to Rock-type attacks and convenient neutrality to Stealth Rock. Mamoswine's only drawback is its less than stellar bulk and weakness to common attacking types such as Fighting and Water. Some defensive investment can remedy this, however, Mamoswine is best suited to what it does best, hitting hard and laying down Stealth Rock if necessary.

Crobat UU/OU BW2 Battle

Crobat in Action

This battle shows a much more unconventional moveset on Crobat, although Crobat's Special Attacking movepool does offer a lot more coverage. This video is a great example of Crobat's sweeping power against an unprepared team.

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Overall, Crobat is Pokémon that has been slowly improving since its debut in the 2nd gen. It has finally been able to prove its worth in 6th gen with its now useful access to Defog and an improved ability in Infiltrator. Lots of teams will appreciate the support that Crobat can offer, and when you can accommodate it Crobat can be a very powerful Choice Band user and its Flying type STAB is better than ever. If you decide to use Crobat on your team, the best thing to do is learning to play with it effectively. The support set is arguably the most common, butt the Choice Band set can easily become a staple as well.

As always there will be a reader poll to decide what Pokémon I'll cover next. If I missed anything or if you have suggestions for a different set be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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        James Storms 

        5 years ago

        Hey do u ever want want to battle me

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        @thomacelot I definitely think you should!

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        6 years ago

        So should i buy a 3ds and kick everyones ass with crobat? Haha XD amazing poke and article


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