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"Vampyr" Build Guide: Bloodsucker

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I’d argue that there are two distinct archetypes or strategies that you can employ when it comes to building the undead Dr. Reid in Vampyr. In this article, I’m going to go over the “bloodsucker” strategy and how best to use it.

You can also check out my other build guide and a general overview of the game’s skills here:

As always, feel free to recommend any additional strategies I may have missed in the comments.


The bloodsucker build, as the name suggests, is built around taking advantage of the bevy of blood-based skills that are available to Reid throughout the course of the game. This strategy focuses on quickly regenerating your blood resource so that you always have access to your skills when you need them.

Overall, this build is arguably more aggressive than a stun-based “heavy” build and is ideal for players that want to make the most of all the game’s skills. Whilst I will be going over the key abilities for the build there is certainly plenty of flexibility in the game’s skill trees, so experiment and see for yourself what works.

Primary Skills


No surprise here, so I won’t go over it for too long. Healing is incredibly important and it’s especially important for a bloodsucking build as we won’t be able to rely on biting as often so won’t be able to rely on the regeneration it provides

I’d suggest going for the upper upgrade path for autophagy. You can certainly opt for the lower path, especially for this kind of build, but I find the faster cooldown and lower cost to be more flexible.

Blood Spear: Offensive Skill

Your bread and butter damage dealer here. Blood Spear is ridiculously flexible and provides an excellent long-range option in fights. Go for the upper upgrade path here for the best damage output. We’ll already have some crowd control with our other skills so just make sure you have this thing kicking out as much damage as possible.

Shadow Mist: Offensive Skill

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This gives us some much-needed crowd control. Here you want to go for the lower upgrade path. We want some passive blood regeneration and this upgrade route supplies that.

Coagulation: Defensive Skill

Coagulation is by far one of the best skills in the game. Here, it serves two roles. By taking the lower upgrade path it provides us another blood-draining source whilst still freezing enemies for a limited time, supporting us both defensively and offensively.

Blood Cauldron: Ultimate Skill

It’s between this and Abyss and whilst I think Abyss is the overall best ultimate to have, we get a lot of synergy with Blood Cauldron in this kind of build. The area-of-effect damage is a good compliment for a build that has really strong single target damage with a buffed Blood Spear attack.


You can’t ignore health, stamina or blood so make sure to not neglect all three of these upgrades throughout the game. As a rule of thumb, you can afford to go a little lighter on your maximum health with this kind of build. You’ll have plenty of blood for using Autophagy often, so instead can put some extra points elsewhere.

You can ignore the bite upgrades. This isn’t a stun build, and so we’re not going to be scoring many bites that we can take advantage of.

You can go with whatever combination you feel comfortable with here, many of the game’s weapons function rather similarly to one another. What’s most important is that you want both of your weapons to have blood-draining upgrades that you can unlock.

My suggestion would be the combo of the Surgical Hacksaw and the Old Liston knife. Both of these weapons upgrade to have blood-draining properties, and when used in concert will ensure that you’re always topped up with blood.

Whilst I find the guns to be somewhat lacking throughout the game, some of the stronger ones pack a punch and can be used to compliment this playstyle. Something like Milton’s Shotgun, which can be acquired early on, gives you a good close-to-medium range attacking option. Better yet, with the skills you have, you’ll have all four damage types at your disposal.


Putting this all together will give you a solid, well-rounded build to take you through the game. If you find that you enjoy the aggressive combat more, you can consider swapping one of the skills like Blood Spear for Claws and focusing more on stun-locking enemies so they don’t have a chance to fight back.

You lose some flexibility with this strategy and have to be careful against bigger mobs, but it’s certainly viable.

Just keep an eye out for the Priwen priests you encounter later on. Their prayer attack (you’ll know it when you see it) will drain you of your blood reserves, so make sure to make taking them out a priority when you spot them.

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