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Video Game Review: "Mount and Blade: Warband"

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The "Mount and Blade: Warlord" cover.

The "Mount and Blade: Warlord" cover.

Quick Info

Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Released: March 31st, 2010

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

What is Mount and Blade: Warband?

Mount and Blade: Warband is an action-RPG where you can take control of your character and become a Lord of a county, a mercenary, or a raider. You can also try to become the king of a country if you want.

You are free to join any faction you want; you can complete quests, earning the trust of the Lords and the King. You can get married and try to become King or be a loyal vassal.

You can buy farms in the towns and become a businessman, earning money by selling things in town. You can become a feared outlaw and raider if you want.

You can basically do whatever you want in this game, and you can be either male or female too.

"Mount and Blade: Warband" Trailer

There Aren't Any Fantasy Elements, But That Doesn't Matter

There aren't any fantasy elements in Mount and Blade: Warband, but it doesn't matter. Dealing with humans is a challenge in itself. It's interesting to see a fantasy game without any magic or mythical creatures, and it's a nice change of pace.

While it might disappoint some people that there aren't any fantasy elements, it does set this game apart from other fantasy games, but it's still fun and entertaining to play.

There are a ton of mods that can add fantasy elements to the game, so if you want more mythical creatures in the vanilla game, there's probably a mod for it.

Your men preparing for battle.

Your men preparing for battle.

The Graphics Are Extremely Dated

These graphics are just okay, but compared to other games that are out now, it looks really bad. But you should be having so much fun that you don't care. But if you're looking for improved graphics there are a ton of graphics mods available to make the game look better, whether for the Native game or mod.

"Mount and Blade: Warband" Full OST

The Music Is Okay

Jesse Hopkins composed the music for this game and it's nice, but there are only a few tracks that I like, but nothing extremely memorable.

The music is decent but not amazing. It's nice music but it can be repetitive after a while.

There Are a Ton of Mods for This Game

There are so many mods for this game, whether you want to modify the Native version of the game or play a completely revamped version of the game you can download all sorts of mods. Whether you want to play in Middle-Earth in The Last Days of the Third Age, or the world of Game of Thrones in A World of Ice and Fire, take over Japan in Gekujo, or play in the medieval time period of 1257AD in Anno Domini 1257 AD, Imperia for playing in ancient Rome. or Star Wars Conquest for Star Wars fans.

There are so many mods you can download, but keep in mind some of the mods can be very buggy.

The Game Has Weird Bugs

This game isn't perfect. I have had the game randomly crash on the loading screen. I have had to end the process and reload the game. The game will also randomly lock up while I'm playing or slow down to where it's unplayable for no reason at all.

Bugs like these will probably make some people decide not to buy the game, which is perfectly understandable.

If you don't like bugs that can really affect gameplay you probably shouldn't buy this game.

Large Battles Can Cause the Game to Crash

Gamers love the idea of leading huge armies into battle in this game, but because of the engine they only recommend having a maximum amount of 300 troops in the battle and while I've never done that because of my computer not being that great I do know that if you have too many troops on the battlefield no matter how high your computer specifications are the frame rate will drop to single digits because of the game engine.

That is a disappointing aspect of this game, but it's not the worst thing either.

"Mount and Blade: Warband" gameplay.

"Mount and Blade: Warband" gameplay.

Reader Poll:

It's a Blast If You're Willing to Put up With the Bugs

I love this game, but I'm going to let people know that if you don't like buggy games, you'll probably want to avoid Mount and Blade Warband. While it is a game that is a lot of fun, some people don't want to put up with random game crashes during gameplay and having to worry about constantly saving the game because of the crashes.

It's not one that I paid full price for and not one that I'd recommend paying full price for. The game is a ton of fun with mods, but mods are PC version only so if you buy it for consoles you only get the base game and the DLC.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Decent graphics

Game crashes randomly

Fun gameplay

Game will sometimes slow down for no reason

You can do whatever you want

Lackluster soundtrack

My Grade: B-

Mount and Blade: Warband is only worth buying on PC because of the mods, while the base game is a ton of fun to play, console players are extremely limited because they can't obtain mods on console.

Even though the game is fun to play I know that not everyone will want to deal with bugs and random game crashes so I can't really recommend buying the game at full price on Steam. I would recommend waiting for a Steam sale since it's a title that always receives a discount during seasonal sales.

The game engine also limits how many soldiers can be on screen, so that might break the illusion of leading hundreds of men into battle when you really can't because of the game engine.

Overall, it is worth the time and money, just not full price because of the engine limitations and the bugs. The sequel game Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is currently in early access on Steam.

My Rating:

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