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How to Play "Warriors of Waterdeep": Guide, Tips and Review for Beginners

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What Is Warriors of Waterdeep?

Warriors of Waterdeep is a game published by Ludia, a mobile game publisher based in Montreal, Canada, and maker of movie-based games such as How to Train Your Dragon and Jurassic World. Warriors of Waterdeep is based on the lore of Dungeons and Dragons. The game was released in May 2019. The game is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

When Waterdeep, the greatest city on the Sword Coast, is threatened on all sides by powerful forces, Laeral Silverhand summons heroes from across the world to fight in the deadliest locations to defeat the enemy before they reach the city gates.

— From the Game Introduction on App Store

How to Play Warriors of Waterdeep

The game is a turn-based, tactical, dungeon crawler, role-playing game. You will be playing it like how you play chess. You can use a maximum of four heroes only each dungeon or battle session. Each hero has different strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Each player's (during Battle Mode) turn is determined by random at the beginning of the game. The RPG element includes leveling up your heroes and welding and upgrading their equipment.

You can recruit new heroes and gain equipment by clearing dungeons in Explore Mode, opening chests gained from Battle Mode, and participating and completing quests in Challenge Mode and Events.

Battle Mode is unlocked after defeating Bonebreaker in Explore Mode.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips to help your beginner journey much easier. These tips are primarily for the campaign or Explore and Challenge Modes. Some of the tips are applicable in Battle Mode against human players. Battle Mode tips are separated in callouts below.

  • If you can still hold your ground against the enemy without upgrading your equipment, hold on to that precious coin. Coins are needed to upgrade hero equipment. Wait to get some Rare or Legendary equipment. It is better to spend gold in upgrading them than using it for Common quality equipment.
  • Tap and hold a creature for about 2 seconds to see its stats and skills.
  • Take note of the color of the arrow above the enemy targets. Green arrow means your hero is strong against that target. Yellow is average. Red means your hero is weak against it.
  • Beware of traps. Some dungeons have traps placed on the floor. You can see them easily though.
  • The best team composition is usually a balanced one. Use heroes that complement better with other heroes.
  • In Explore mode, hold on to a deadly hero skill until later against a tougher opponent or boss. That is unless you can manage the skill's cooldown.
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Mobile (iOS, Android)


Dungeon Crawler, Turn-based, Tactical

Free-to-play, In-app-purchases

My Personal Review

I am a fan of fantasy RPG games. There are just a lot of good RPG games out there. I got attracted to Warriors of Waterdeep because of the Dungeons and Dragons label attached to it. I was into it primarily for the lore.

The game got me hooked during the first hour I played. I like the simplicity of the gameplay. The tutorial, in the beginning, is straightforward and beginner-friendly. Each dungeon can be cleared in just five to ten minutes. Character and creature animations are on point. Not flashy and distracting like some other titles I played.

The only issue I found annoying is when you have to upgrade your heroes' equipment. Coins are just hard to get without spending real money in-game.

Warriors of Waterdeep gives enough fun even when you are just playing during short breaks. It gets you hooked enough to be late on your next appointment.

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