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What Are "Skyrim" Radiant Quests?

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Sovngarde Sky

Sovngarde Sky

Secrets Behind the Skyrim Radiant Quests

Radiant Quests are any quests available after a questline’s core objectives are complete. While this includes quests that are straightforward and consistent, many of the quests for money and prestige are random within guilds.

Instead of following pre-made quest outlines, the creators of Skyrim have developed a method to create randomized quests. These possible quests are theoretically infinite, leading to a different game every journey, though simple to intermediate randomized quests are available through many of the major questlines.

Can Skyrim Radiant Quests Repeat?

Using a large programmed set of possibilities, it is nearly impossible to repeat the same Radiant Quest twice in a game. The quest-giver generally stays the same, but the locations, objectives, and rewards can differ significantly depending on the circumstances.

Not only does this add to the number of quests available, but it also gives the player the ability to experience Skyrim in a different way every time. Radiant Quests appear in the Thieves Guild, The Dark Brotherhood, The Companions, The Mages College, and in other miscellaneous quests throughout the game.

It Takes a Guild of Thieves

The Thieves Guild uses members as quest-givers who give you objectives to find and steal various items through Skyrim, as well as cause general chaos through stealth. These quests are available as soon as you are initiated into the guild, so speak with Thieves Guild members Vex or Delvan in the Ragged Flagon to begin them.

Delvan deals in changing ledgers, pickpocketing, and stealing items worth a certain amount of gold. Vex can request that the player steal items from rich citizens and shops of Skyrim, frame wealthy citizens, and steal a number of expensive items from someone’s home.

In addition to these randomized quests that allot you money for your thievery, you can also unlock Fences in many of the major strongholds after completing five of these extra quests per city. This is a great asset for the thieves of Skyrim since these Fences often reside in cities and towns in which you can purchase homes, and they also have more gold available for bartering.

Since the objectives are randomly determined every time, you can reset the quest by reloading your game at any point if you are trying to get a Radiant Quest in a specific city. For a more detailed walkthrough please see The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Thieves Guild Radiant Quests Walkthrough.

The Dark Brotherhood Lives On

After completing the Dark Brotherhood questline and moving the Night Mother to the Sanctuary in Dawnstar, the player receives an ongoing quest called “The Dark Brotherhood Forever.”

These Radiant Quests involve speaking with the Night Mother, who gives you a random contact who then pays you to kill a random person in Skyrim. The contacts are found in all areas of the land, and they are nameless individuals who have no relevance to the game.

The same goes for the targets for assassination; they appear only when the quest begins and are never important to any storyline.

These randomized Radiant Quests give great amounts of money and are completely optional.

For more info, please go to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quests Walkthrough.

Radiant Quests and the Companions

The Companions use Radiant Quests through the whole questline that are required to make progress in the group.

Aela, Farkas, and Vilkas all have available quests that you can do for money when you are first initiated, most of which involve hunting targets like animals and criminals.

After the Silver Hand attacks Jorrvaskr, the possibilities change focus to finding and killing members of the offending party and also stealing plans from camps across the countryside.

Once the questline is complete, the player can receive Radiant Quests from Aela, which lead you to Totems of Hircine, which give you various abilities and spells to use.

The last two Radiant Quests for the group involve curing members of the werewolf disease and defeating a random dragon plaguing a Hold, which can be started by speaking to Farkas or Vilkas at Jorrvaskr.

For more details, please see The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Companions of Whiterun Radiant Quests Walkthrough.

Mages College of Winterhold

The Radiant Quests of the Mages College of Winterhold don’t all involve randomized objectives but are crucial to becoming the most powerful mage you can be.

Both J’Zargo and Onmond have personal favors to ask of you, after which they can be recruited as followers.

The masters of the College are the only characters in the game to have the highest-level spells, such as Flame Thrall and Fire Storm.

These quests only become available after you reach level 90 in the skill school, so speaking with these people before that point won’t do any good.

Speak with Faralda for the master Destruction spell Fire Storm, Drevis Neloren for the master Illusion spell Hysteria, Phinis Gestor for the master Conjuration spell Flame Thrall, Colette Marence for the master Restoration spell Bane of the Undead, and Tolfdir for the master Alteration spell Dragonskin.

Don’t forget to check with them after their quests are complete since they have other master-level spells available to buy as well.

Random Quests

Many of the other quests use randomized factors to slightly change the experience of the game. Sometimes people may change race, abilities, or items they hold.

Although enemies are often unchanged in dungeons, some random quests may have you visit an area you have already cleared out. These enemies reappear after a set amount of time, so be careful running full force into an area you believe is already empty.

Overall, the random changes that appear in the Radiant Quests of Skyrim may not be apparent to first-time players but are important to the replay value.

With the options available in the game, it is more than likely that a person will play as a different character in another play-through. It is a great asset to the game to have some spontaneity in future quests.

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