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Where to Find all the Characters in Dragon Age Awakening: How to Find Dragon Age Expansion Party Members

Updated on January 04, 2017
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Len is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York and has had a fascination with games and media that has lasted a lifetime.

Dragon Age: Awakening is more than just a great expansion, it is practically a sequel to the smash-hit Dragon Age: Origins.  If you're playing through Dragon Age: Awakening for the first time and need some help finding all of the possible party members, here is the guide for you.

Like the previous guide to party members in Dragon Age, remember that spoilers become larger as the list goes on.  If you want to remain free of shocks, turn back.  However, if you want to make sure that you have every possible character for Dragon Age: Awakening, read on.

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Oghren from Dragon Age Awakening
Oghren from Dragon Age Awakening


Class: Warrior

Oghren requires no real effort to find. When you make your initial assault on the Dark Spawn inhabited keep, Oghren will greet you about halfway through and offer to join your party. He comes well equipped and will provide some much needed muscle to barrel through this early portion of the game.

A mostly agreeable character, it will be difficult to upset Oghren too badly. He has an affinity for wine and spirits.

Oghren is the only character from the original Dragon Age to appear as a party member in Dragon Age: Awakening. Although others may make cameos depending on your actions, none will join you.

Anders from Dragon Age Awakening
Anders from Dragon Age Awakening


Class: Mage

Another easily gathered party member, the mage Anders will join your party when you come across him being menaced by Dark Spawn during the opening sequence. A sought after apostate, he escapes The Circle by joining the Grey Wardens.

He comes equipped with powerful attack magic as well as some much needed healing spells. One of the most versatile early characters, you'll want to take advantage of him as you start out on your quest.

Nathaniel Howe from Dragon Age Awakening
Nathaniel Howe from Dragon Age Awakening

Nathaniel Howe

Class: Rogue

This cantankerous human noble can be found locked up in the dungeons of Vigil Keep. It turns out that he bears a grudge against yourself and the Grey Wardens organization after you took out his father and made a home in the family estate.

You can choose to either kill him or recruit him. Naturally, killing him will ensure that he never joins the party, but it might be satisfying. Try to show him the error of his fathers ways and he will be a more receptive party member. He is worth keeping around as he provides excellent ranged cover.

Sigrun from Dragon Age Awakening
Sigrun from Dragon Age Awakening


Class: Rogue

Speccted for front line combat, Sigrun can be found in the caverns of Kal'Hirol. The entrance to this area is not immediately obvious, but can be accessed via a giant crevice that opens up in the ground due to Dark Spawn activity.

If you offer to help her defeat the Dark Spawn that have killed her comrades, she will join you as a permanent member. A surprisingly chipper and well adjusted member of the The Legion of the Dead, if you stay moral and positive you won't have much trouble keeping her happy.

Justice from Dragon Age Awakening
Justice from Dragon Age Awakening


Class: Warrior

To find this unique Dragon Age: Awakening character, you must complete a long quest in the Fade. After you have completed the quest and defeated the dragon, you will find him in the Blackmarsh. Agree to take on the upcoming boss (the Baroness) and he will join your party.

Justice, as his name implies, is a very moral character and gets along best with virtuous party members. He is the first and only party member with the spirit warrior skill set, making him a valuable and unique addition to any party.

Velanna from Dragon Age Awakening
Velanna from Dragon Age Awakening


Class: Mage

You'll find Velanna after being asked to explore the Wending Woods.  Caravans are being attacked in the area and your quest is to find out who is behind them.  It turns out that it is actually Velanna!  She is violent and mistrustful of humans, but if you can convince her that you're after the Dark Spawn, she will join your party.

Much like Morrigan, Velanna is difficult to please. Short tempered and often immoral, if she disapproves of an action, it probably means you did the right thing.

Last Seen: Saving the world from a giant dragon
Last Seen: Saving the world from a giant dragon

But Where Is The Dog In Dragon Age Awakening?

Seriously, where's my puppy? I love my dog. I would never go adventuring without him. I certainly wouldn't abandon him! And if he were to die, well, I don't think my Grey Warden could go on.

Missing: One Giant Mabari War Hound

For those wondering which major characters can make a cameo in Dragon Age: Awakening, here you go:

Alistair: If you installed him as king, he will ride down and address you and the Grey Wardens

Wynne: The chantry in Amaranthine

Loghain: He will take Alistair's place depending on what path you took during the original game.

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    • Samantha  6 years ago

      I agree about the war hound we are a team where is he :(

    • Someone 6 years ago

      I've got a question. I made the final sacrifice while in a loving relationship with Alistair, and then imported my character. My alternate storyline was that Alistair took a large war party under the chantry to "recover the urn of sacred ashes". He then was permited to take a handful of the ashes and used it to resurect my character. Do I ever meet Alistair again after he builds the statue of Cailin and "dissappears?

    • Darkspawnslaughterer 5 years ago

      I agree about the dog.

      I like the game pretty much, but it is a shame that there are no romances nor "personal talks" ;(

    • Nathaniel 5 years ago

      I want Alistar in stead of the dwarf >:(

    • Dr Bones Jr 5 years ago

      If i did not sacrifice my character to kill the arch demon i'd be sooooo pissed that my dog did not come with me lol.

    • Nexis19 profile image

      Nexis19 5 years ago

      I seriously agree about the mabari it was always with me in origins and got me out of many a tight spot. Also on a side note was i the only one who felt kinda weird for letting morrigan carry my archdemon-ified (sorry don't have a word for what i want to say) child? Seemed a bit weird to me.

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 2 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the guide, it was a struggle the first time I played to find everyone.

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