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Where to Find All Party Members and Companions in "Dragon Age: Origins"

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The expansive RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, is home to a wide-open world that features over 100 hours worth of questing and exploring. Unfortunately, those who are looking to build their party up will often be at a loss as to where to find all the party members in Dragon Age. For those suitably lost and confused, here's how to find Dragon Age party members.

Be Aware: This guide contains spoilers. The larger the spoiler, the further down the page will be listed. Good luck, and have fun!

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Found: The Korcari Wilds

Class: Warrior (Templar)

Alistair is the first character that joins you in Dragon Age. No real searching required. Simply follow the quest Duncan gives you after your origin story and you'll find him arguing with a mage. He'll join you and the other initiates as you head out to the Korcari Wilds. This gregarious Templar will be an invaluable party member early on and should provide adequate support for any of the first quests.

Morrigan (Voiced by television's Claudia Black.)

Morrigan (Voiced by television's Claudia Black.)


Found: The Korcari Wilds

Class: Mage (Shapeshifter)

Another easy to earn character. Morrigan will be offered to you as a companion by Flemeth after the battle against the Blight. Simply remain polite to both mother and daughter, and you will find this companion easy.

Morrigan is a powerful spell caster. She does not start with any healing skills, which can become a major hindrance. However, her early skill set is diverse and great for dealing damage.

SirBarkso, who is the best boy? Is it you? IS IT YOUUUUUU?

SirBarkso, who is the best boy? Is it you? IS IT YOUUUUUU?

Your Dog

Found: Origin Castle (human nobles) Korcari Wilds (others)

Class: Dog

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This unique party member is exactly what he seems: a mighty war dog. Humans will receive this party member early on as part of their quest. Others will have to make sure they do the appropriate quest before preforming The Joining and becoming an official Grey Warden.

Before heading out into the Korcari Wilds, be sure to speak with the Kennel Master. He's a little ways away from the gate. He'll ask for a flower found in the forest beyond to help heal a wounded hound. This flower is easy to find. PC gamers can hold the tab key down to find it almost immediately upon exiting.

Warning: BE SURE to turn the quest in before completing The Joining to make sure you get the dog (which you can name whatever you please). He will become available as a party member after the great battle. Don't be afraid if you don't immediately see him. He will come bounding up as a side scene after you attempt to leave.

Design Work for Leliana

Design Work for Leliana


Found: Lothering (Tavern)

Class: Rogue (Bard)

When you enter the tavern near the farmer's fields in the trade city of Lothering, Leliana will immediately try to intercede on your behalf after a group of warriors attempts to fight your player. Agree to take her on with you to add her to your party. Easy!

Leliana is the first rogue team member you can add in Dragon Age. If your own character is not a rogue, she is essential for lockpicking and trap-finding skills before you find other options.

Warning: Leliana is particularly pious and immoral behavior could cause her to leave the party.

Sten's Portrait

Sten's Portrait


Found: Lothering (Caged)

Class: Warrior

This taciturn warrior specializes in powerful two-handed swords. He can be found in the southern section of Lothering, caged. Speak with him to find that he is being held for crimes by the Merciful Mother. She can be found in the Chantry church near the entrance.

Characters with a silver tongue can convince her to let him free. However, the easiest path to success is to simply request Sten be freed with Leliana in your party. She will convince the priestess to free Sten.

Shale is DLC only!

Shale is DLC only!


Found: Honnleath

Class: Golem

Shale is only available to players who have activated the Stone Prisoner DLC.

By completing the quest and using the golem control rod, players can activate this giant warrior. Surprisingly sassy for a construct, he is one of the most powerful physical fighters in the game. Players without the DLC should not expect to find him in-game.

Wynne in Action

Wynne in Action


Found: Mage Circle

Class: Mage (Spirt Healer)

An invaluable party member, until there is a mage with access to healing, she is one of the most important characters to find in Dragon Age. She's easy enough to meet. Simply head to the Mage Circle and find her protecting the children at the end of the long hallway.

Warning: Be careful if you have Morrigan in your party. She is an illegal mage and if your player character chooses to sympathize with her commentary on the Circle's laws, Wynne will attack the party during her recruitment conversation.

Oghren, a down on his luck dwarf.

Oghren, a down on his luck dwarf.


Found: The Deep Roads

Class: Warrior (Berserker)

Before you can bring Oghren into your party, you must first complete the king-making quest in Orzammar. Once you're ready to head out onto the Deep Roads, he will offer to join you on your quest. Until then, he will not be available as a party member.

As a powerful warrior, he can teach the rest of your warriors how to become a Berserker.

Zevran: Saucy, Bisexual, May Kill You

Zevran: Saucy, Bisexual, May Kill You


Found: Random Road Encounter (after completing a few starting quests)

Class: Rogue (Assassin)

You'll know you're close to acquiring Zevran as a party member when there are intermittent cut scenes showing him being hired to kill your player. Eventually, while traversing the map, your party will become involved in a random encounter. Zevran and his band of rogues will attack you.

After the battle, you have the option of killing him or speaking to him about his life. Engage him in conversation and he will offer to join you on your quest. Agree and he'll come along.

Warning: If you want to keep Zevran, get him to like you as fast as possible. Otherwise, he may be convinced to betray you by his former employers.


Found: Denerim Landsmeet

Class: Warrior (Champion)

Once your antagonist is defeated, you can insist he join the Grey Wardens rather than execute him. If you do, he will join your party as a powerful and inspiring warrior. However, his violence and treasonous ways may not earn you the favor of your loyal party members.

Warning: Recruiting Loghain will result in Alistair permanently leaving the party no matter what. It is impossible to have both of them on the same team. Choose one.

Foe turned friend?

Foe turned friend?

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The Killmaster on December 12, 2017:

a good tip is, if you don't have a specialization you like by LVL 7, just keep going until you get it, then go back, because the specializations are on a different level of data all together.

example; wanna be Reaver but don't have it unlocked? at level 14? first, go to Redcliffe. LISTEN TO ALISTAIR!! no greater tip. then, do all stuffs until you get to Father Kolgrim in the Ruined Temple. side with him. however, when you taint the sacred ashes, DON"T HAVE LELIANA IN YOUR PARTY OR ELSE SHE WILL SAY; "I thought you were a person i was PROUD to stand behind! You have defiled the urn of sacred ashes!" and she will join The Gaurdian fighting you! then, Kolgrim will teach you how to Reaver, and you get the achievement Sacriligeous; sided with cult of andraste. then, as i said before, go back to a previous save, get the Reaver Specialization for your warriors, then play through the story normally.

andrew on June 19, 2013:

For everyone whos curious you can recruit a bloodmage, just not jowan, you can recruit the blood mage you attack at the circle during the abomination crisis, but the recruiton only works for mages

Will English on April 18, 2013:

Wish I had this the first time I played DAO. Ah well, good guide though.

UG x Magicz on January 16, 2013:

shes in the tavern.

and how do you marry queen anora {xbox360}

seems pc has way too many in game extras.

and how do you win landsmeet xbox gameplay.

jjp868 on June 08, 2012:

i sten but not the girl in lothering is there anything i can do to get her?

Mad boy 101 on June 03, 2012:

How do you continue after freeing your caricter at the keep