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Where to Find the Traverse Town Postcards in "Kingdom Hearts"

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Traverse Town is the first world that Sora ends up in after his island home is destroyed in Kingdom Hearts. It is designed as a safe haven for refugees fleeing from the spread of the Heartless, and so several characters from Final Fantasy and Disney canon have found themselves a new home here. In this new world, and all the subsequent new worlds you will encounter, having supplies to heal your group, become stronger, and craft more powerful weapons is very important. Luckily, Traverse Town has a postcard prize program where you can find postcards and send them in to receive useful items that will help you on your quest. As you learn new abilities, you'll be able to come back to this world and find more. Here's where to find all of the postcards in Traverse Town.

Finding yourself in a new world after losing your own can be tough, but if you're resourceful, you can find lots of things to help you out!

Finding yourself in a new world after losing your own can be tough, but if you're resourceful, you can find lots of things to help you out!

Postcard #1

To get your first postcard, enter the Item Shop in the First District where Huey, Dewey, and Louie hang out. From the stairs in the back, you can jump up and hit the ceiling fan. When you do so, a postcard will fall out. Put it in the mailbox to earn a Cottage.


Postcard #2

For this postcard, you will have to jump onto the roof of the Accessory Shop in the First District. Go around the side of the building and see if there are any large crates that have spawned. If so, you can push it so that you can jump onto the corner of the roof and open the chest. If not, you might have to wait until you unlock the high jump ability (halfway through Monstro). For two postcards, you will earn a Mythril Shard.


Postcard #3

This postcard is located in the Second District. Enter from the door in the First District and look to your right. You will see a chest on an awning. You cannot jump up to reach it directly without the high jump ability, but there is a way to get this one early. Jump onto the square lantern on the railing across from the awning, and then hop onto the awning to reach the chest. For three postcards, you will earn a Mega-Potion.


Postcard #4

This postcard is accessible after you get Donald and Goofy in your party for the first time. Together, Sora, Donald, and Goofy can perform special abilities called "trinity abilities" near trinity marks. These abilities can give you interesting treasures or teleport you to new locations.

One trinity mark in Traverse Town will take you to a postcard. Look for the blue symbol in front of the cafe in the First District. When activated, it will send you up to the balcony, where a chest containing a postcard sits. With four postcards, you will earn a Mega-Ether.

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Postcard #5

To find the fifth postcard, you will have to have beaten the Guard Armor for the first time and joined forces with Donald and Goofy. Look behind the Accessory Shop for an area with a sun sign past the door to the Synthesis Shop, and you will see a blue safe in the corner. Open the safe to get your postcard and drop it in the mail to receive a Mythril.


Postcards #6 and #7

Once you beat Cerberus in Olympus Coliseum and learn the thunder spell, take a detour back to Traverse Town. Head to the Third District and look for the wires on the wall with a lightning symbol, and then cast thunder on them. Next, in the Second District, enter the Gizmo Shop. The lifts in here are now activated. Go up each one and step on three buttons. Once that's done, and you've cleared out all of the Heartless, you can examine the clock in the center of the room to receive two postcards. Put these in the First District mailbox to earn an Elixir and a Megalixir.


Postcard #8

Once you are about to lock Traverse Town's keyhole, there will be a couple of new areas that you can access. Go through the Gizmo Shop in the Second District, and you will see that the ladder is now repaired. Climb up and you will reach the area where you can ring the bell; however, you should go on the path across the rooftops instead and take the secret entrance to the Third District. You'll find yourself on a balcony overlooking Cid's house, and there will be a chest up there with a postcard in it. Send it to receive a rare Orichalcum.


Postcard #9

After you beat Agrabah, you will be able to use green trinity marks to have Sora, Donald, and Goofy climb on each other to reach things up high. Use the one in the Accessory Shop, and you'll be able to enter the moogles' Synthesis Shop. There will be a paper on the wall that you can examine to receive a postcard. Mail it off to receive a Defense Up if you are playing the original PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts, or an AP Up if you are playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Postcard #10

Once you beat Monstro, head back to Traverse Town one more time. Leon has set Geppetto and Pinocchio up with a home in the First District behind the Accessory Shop. Visit them, and you can get a postcard, as well as the Wishing Star keyblade in a chest, as well as a new gummi ship blueprint. The postcard is in a blue and purple pot in the back-left corner of the room. Send this one to receive a Power Up in Kingdom Hearts, or a Defense Up in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


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