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Where to Find Shiny Stones and How to Increase Friendship in "Pokémon Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl"

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Certain items in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl cannot be bought in Poké Marts with money. Shiny Stones are a rare and indispensable item in the Sinnoh region. They are evolution stones that are used to evolve the Pokémon Roselia and Togetic. A couple Shiny Stones can be found in Sinnoh, but there is also a method to acquire them with the Pick Up ability.

Budew and Togepi only evolve through friendship/happiness, not by leveling up alone. Once their happiness is high enough, they'll evolve into Roselia and Togetic, enabling you to utilize a Shiny Stone on them whenever you want.

Once Roselia and Togetic evolve via Shiny Stone, they cannot learn anymore moves when they become Roserade and Togekiss. It's probably wise to wait until they're a higher level before evolving them. Of course, it's possible to use the Move Tutor in Pastoria City to make Pokémon learn older moves. You'll need a Heart Scale, though.

Note that there are other Pokémon like Golbat that evolve through friendship. Some Pokémon can learn certain moves when their happiness is high enough.


Shiny Stone in Iron Island

Head to Canalave City in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl and speak to the sailor NPC on the dock. He will offer a free ride to Iron Island. The game will enter a cut-scene until you depart the ship. Once you're on Iron island, go up the stairs past the small house.

Make sure to go right when you're inside the cave. From there, zigzag your way around until you find an elevator lift that goes down. Take a left at the bottom of the elevator until you're in a large, cavernous room with other Pokémon trainers.

Stay along the right where you'll pass a couple of Ace Trainers with another elevator lift nearby. Go down and through the cave until you reach the final elevator lift that goes up. The Shiny Stone will be on the right unless you already picked it up previously. It will not appear again after you get it.

Canalave City

Canalave City

Iron island

Iron island

Second Shiny Stone in Resort Area

The last Shiny Stone that can be found in Sinnoh is only available in the post-game. From the Pokémon Center, go north to Route 229 and eventually Route 228. A sandstorm will be transpiring in the area.

Run past the first mudslide in Route 228 until you reach the second one. Hop on your bicycle and switch it to Mach Mode. Green electricity will emit from your bicycle when in Mach Mode. Go across the beam to find the last Shiny Stone available in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Farming Shiny Stones

It's also possible to randomly obtain a Shiny Stone by using a Pachirisu with Pickup, an ability that allows the Electric-type Pokémon to find rare items like PP Up, Rare Candies, and the elusive Shiny Stone. Increase your odds of finding rare items by placing multiple Pachirisu on your team. Keep battling trainers with the Vs Seeker or roam around in the Grand Underground beneath Sinnoh. I was lucky and got one Shiny Stone from the Pickup ability.

Pachirisu with Shiny Stone

Pachirisu with Shiny Stone


Freindship in "Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl"

Every Pokemon has a happiness level. Pokémon that really like you will perform better in battle. For example, they might land a critical hit or evade an attack because of their love for you. Some fans and critics in the community say that it makes the game easier, but it is endearing when the resolve and morale of your Pokémon become strengthened by your affection for them. Your friendship also affects whether or not certain species of Pokémon evolve.

Soothe Bell and Luxury Ball

Catching a wild Pokémon with a Luxury Ball will make them friendlier toward you after being caught. In short, their happiness level will increase at a faster rate than normal. It's not necessary to use Luxury Balls in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, but it may help certain Pokémon evolve faster.

The Soothe Bell is an item that a Pokémon can hold. It increases the amount of points obtained when doing any action that increases your friendship or happiness level of your Pokémon. The Soothe Bell is inside the mansion on Route 212, south of Hearthome City.

Once inside the mansion, go left and locate a green-haired maid. She'll give you the Soothe Bell for free when you speak to her. Note that there are some Pichu in the Trophy Garden outside. The Sooth Bell helps them evolve into Pikachu faster.

Mansion where Soothe Bell is

Mansion where Soothe Bell is

Massage woman

Massage woman

Massages and Vitamins in Veilstone City

Veilstone City has a massage place where you can give a Pokémon a massage once per day. Giving a Pokémon a massage will increase their friendship with you by a significant amount. It costs nothing.

Go down in the southwestern section of Veilstone City to find the building with the lady that gives massages. She is in the first building past the stairs, specifically near the two kids that are next to a Skunky. She appears to have blonde or yellow hair.

Veilstone City also has a monumental department store that sells vitamins. Giving vitamins to your Pokémon increases their stats and happiness levels. They are quite expensive, though. It's best to purchase Protein, Calcium, or Iron. A single Pokémon can consume multiple vitamins at once.

Check Freindship Level in "Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl"

Leveling up and walking a certain amount of steps will increase the friendship level of your Pokémon. However, fainting in battles will make a Pokémon lose confidence, and their happiness will decrease. Avoid using herbal medicine to heal them, as they despise it. Increase their health with regular Potions, Super Potions, or drinks like Moomoo Milk.

There is an app for your Pokétch in both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that checks the friendship level of your Pokémon. A woman with brown hair in the Pokémon Center at Eterna City has the app. The lady will give you the Friendship Checker application for your Pokétch device.

The app is the one with a bunch of floating Pokémon. Only members of your party will appear here. Click on one of them. The more hearts that are shown indicate how happy the Pokémon is. You'll need to withdraw ones that are not in your party to see their happiness.


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