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Where to Find the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearings in "Elden Ring"

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Elden Ring is a game based around killing things with weapons, and as you get further and further into the game, your weapons need to be stronger and stronger to handle the baddies you'll face. To upgrade most weapons - the kinds you'll buy from merchants, find on normal enemies, or discover while in the field - you'll need Smithing Stones.

Smithing Stones come in a variety of different forms, from Smithing Stones [1] all the way up to Smithing Stones [8]. You'll need to track down a lot of each type of Smithing Stone to upgrade a weapon from its base form to its most powerful. Smithing Stones can be a little tough to find at times, especially early in the game. That's where Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearings come in to play.

Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearings are key items that you give to the Twin Maiden Husks who, uh, 'live' in Roundtable Hold. They're in a back room near Sir Gideon Ofnir's office, and though they're not exactly talkative they offer merchant services. This includes selling an unlimited number of Smithing Stones - though you need to bring them Bell Bearings before they'll sell you these valuable crafting materials.

One final note before we get started: Though you can upgrade your weapons to level 25, there is no Smithing Stone [9] to push you over the top. Instead you need Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones, and they're harder to come by. They're also beyond the scope of this article.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [1]

The first of the Bell Bearings that you can get is also probably the one you'll want the most, since Smithing Stones are so scarce early in Elden Ring. It's also one of the harder ones to find, though not the hardest.

The Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [1] is found in the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. To reach it you'll first need access to Liurnia on the Lake, which is typically done by defeating Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle. Once you have access to Liurnia on the Lake and you're on the lake itself, hop on your horse and follow the edge of the eastern cliffs far to the north. Don't stop until you see an enormous, walking building. The Tunnel is hidden amongst the bluffs.

Once inside the Tunnel is dangerous, though straightforward. Make your way to the innermost depths and you'll face a Crystalian, a miniboss of sorts. The Crystalian is tough, but nowhere near as difficult as most bosses, and once you chip away at its poise your hits will stagger it constantly. Beating the Crystalian will earn you the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [1].

The first Bell Bearing will allow you to purchase Smithing Stones [1] and [2] from the Twins.


Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [2]

The second Bell Bearing is a fair bit easier to find than the first, though you'll need access to the Altus Plateau to get it. You can get up to the Plateau either by activating the Grand Lift of Dectus or going through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, which is found at the northernmost tip of the watery sections of Liurnia on the Lake.

Once you're on the Plateau, head towards the massive set of stairs to the east and use your horse to bolt up the steps, past the plethora of enemies. Once you're within the massive walls surrounding the Capital you'll be safe. From here, check the bluffs to the east for a path down to the water. This will lead you to the Sealed Tunnel, another miner's dungeon.

The Sealed Tunnel is full of secret passages and dangers, but the Bell Bearing is right near the entrance. Check near the Site of Grace for a secret wall. Behind it is a small mining area containing a chest and another secret wall. The chest contains the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [2].

The second Bell Bearing will allow you to purchase Smithing Stones [3] and [4] from the Twins.


Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell-Bearing [3]

The third Bell Bearing is easy to find, but it will take a long time to reach. You won't find it until you've completed the Leyndell, Royal City area, which is typically one of the last dungeons you'll complete. You'll find Leyndell up the massive eastern stairs in the Altus Plateau. Defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel in the northeast of the Capital Outskirts to gain access to the city.

Once inside you'll have a lot of area to cover, though ultimately you want to climb on the big dead dragon that's draped over the south of the city. Check the streets for the edge of its wing, then climb up its wind to find a break in the city walls. You can jump inside and make your way to the two area bosses from here.

Beating the second boss will unlock the path to the next major area, the Mountaintops of the Giants. Head to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, go up the nearby stairs, turn left on the next major street, and open the double doors at the very end. This will open a lengthy path to an elevator down to the Forbidden Lands, and these in turn will lead you to the Grand Lift of Rold. It's a dangerous trip, so be careful.

The Grand Lift of Rold will take you up into the mountains. Follow the trail and you'll find the Zamor Ruins, a small, walled-in area. If you look down on the Ruins from the western cliffs you'll see a staircase descending into the ground. Drop down into it and you'll find a treasure chest inside. This, at long last, contains the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell-Bearing [3].

The third Bell Bearing will allow you to purchase Smithing Stones [5] and [6] from the Twins.


Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [4]

The final Bell Bearing you can pick up is right near the end of Elden Ring's main quest, and like the third it's accessible via the Mountaintop of the Giants. To get it you must trek out to the Forge of the Giants, located as far from the Grand Lift of Rold as you can go.

To get to the Forge you'll need to head north from the Zamor Ruins, cross the thin stone bridge, head west towards Frozen Lake, go south along Frozen Lake until the weather clears, climbs the bluffs to the west, go past the military outpost, head south along the big chain, go south up the big hill, and head east. Phew. At the end of this long path is a boss battle with the Fire Giant, and the Forge of the Giants is on the other side.

Story stuff will happen here, and you'll need to make a choice via Melina. If you choose to commit a 'cardinal sin' you'll be whisked off to Crumbling Farum Azula, a distant dungeon only reachable by Melina. Here you'll fight several bosses, including the Godskin Duo, a pair of bosses you can tackle separately in other places. Here they're together. Sounds fun. When you defeat the Godskin Duo, you'll receive the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [4].

This last Bell Bearing will allow you to purchase Smithing Stones [7] and [8] from the Twins.