"Final Fantasy 8": Which Guardian Force Are You?

Updated on July 13, 2020
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Guardian Force Odin and his steed, Sleipnir
Guardian Force Odin and his steed, Sleipnir | Source

Guardian Forces

Last time we visited FF 8, we explored an ominous theory regarding the main character, Squall Leonhart. Today, we'll take a more light-hearted approach and discover which Guardian Force (GF) best fits us. If you haven't played many Final Fantasy games, know that most of them let players call upon powerful beasts to aid them in combat. Sometimes they are called Espers, other times Aeons, but here, they're named Guardian Forces. It's pretty cool how GFs are integrated into FF8. They have story relevance (wielding them gradually depletes the user's memory), but most of them are optional, so they're not forced upon you. Regardless, let's now determine which mystical entity best suits you!

Your Guardian Force

Which Entity Are You?

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Good, now that you know your GF, check out the artwork of your result below!

Ifrit | Source


You are the formidable Ifrit, Guardian of Flames. Blunt, direct, and forceful, you say what needs to be said, and nothing else. You are a simple but effective warrior; your Hell Fire move devastates enemies with a powerful meteor. You respect strong opponents who rely on their fighting skills rather than tricks. Though wise, you have an on-going rivalry with the Guardian of Ice, Shiva.

Siren | Source


You are the graceful Siren. Beautiful and colorful, you are well-regarded by peers. You show your fondness of music by carrying a harp. You are physically frail compared to other Guardians, but you possess strong magical attacks, including your signature Silent Voice, which disables and injure foes. For reasons unclear, you and the Guardian Carbuncle don't get along, and are prone to arguments. Still, you are a great asset to any you work with.

Carbuncle | Source


You are the playful Carbuncle. Resembling a cross between a fox and a small dragon, your forehead shines with a brilliant ruby. You abhor battles, and prefer to seek out fun and joy. You possess healing magic to cure wounds, and the ability to reflect enemy spells back at them using your Ruby Light technique. Despite your peaceful nature, you have a feud with fellow Guardian Siren, and try to stay clear of her. Some may underestimate you, but you are a worthy combatant who lives life to its fullest.

Diablos | Source


You are the demonic Diablos. Though others have sealed your power away, fearful of your intentions, few actually know your goals. Perhaps you are not as malicious as many believe. Though you may be lonely, you are a fierce fighter and loyal ally. Your lack of enemies among fellow Guardians supports your benevolent nature. Your ultimate attack, Dark Messenger, can instantly cut the stamina of an adversary in half. You appear to be connected to bats, black holes, and enigmatic symbols. Take a look at Dark Messenger here.

Cactuar | Source


You are the crafty Cactuar. You may look far less intimidating than others, but you have a surprising amount of useful skills. You are incredibly nimble, and renowned for your good luck. You also possess a last resort attack, Kamikaze, that sacrifices all your stamina but dramatically wounds an enemy. Additionally, you are well-liked and popular, even among other Guardians; you have no rival or enemy. Cheerful yet formidable, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Eden | Source


You are the mighty Eden. Slumbering at the bottom of the sea, you will appear to those you deem capable of protecting the world. Your nature and origins remain mysterious, but you seem to have a feminine figure, and you are the strongest Guardian. Your ultimate attack, Eternal Breath, cannot be defended against. You have no quarrels with the other Guardians, though few know of your existence. Use your power wisely, for few could stop you if you fell to evil.
Check out what Eternal Breath does to the world.

My loyal servant, Mittens
My loyal servant, Mittens | Source

I hope you had fun determining your GF counterpart! Guardians were an awesome part of Final Fantasy 8. They helped in battle, rewarded you for exploration, and you could rename them! That's right, if you want Diablos to be Mittens, you go right ahead. In the meantime, if you'd like another Final Fantasy quiz, you can discover which type of mage best fits you here. As always, thanks for reading!


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