Which Generation 2 Pokémon Are You?

Updated on April 13, 2017
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Generation 2 Pokemon
Generation 2 Pokemon

Johto's Pokémon

Were you a fan of Pokémon in the 90's? I was, and vividly remember everyone looking forward to the second iteration of games, Pokémon Gold and Silver. And when they finally arrived, they didn't disappoint; we got new monsters, new towns, new attacks, and new challenges. In Pokémon, you usually get to pick your first partner, but today we're going to use a quiz to determine which Johto region (Generation 2) Pokémon suits you! Afterward, you can peek at the other results and some awesome Pokemon art.

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Which Generation 2 Pokemon are you?

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Take a look at the other choices and some awesome Pokémon artwork below!



You are the shy Cyndaquil, a Fire type. Unlike many Fire Pokémon, you have a timid nature; however you can produce fierce attacks when necessary. You enjoy warm climates, caring friends, and straightforwardness. You may not be the most confident, but you have a lot of potential within yourself. I'm not sure how you can see, considering your eyes are always shut, but you seem to do just fine.



You are the calm Meganium, a Grass type. Your rational mind allows you to make peace with many foes. Additionally, you can emit a soothing scent to tame enemies. If that doesn't work, you may generate powerful barriers to shield yourself from attacks, and battle with Grass type moves. You work well with others, and enjoy the beauty of nature.



You are the tricky Sneasel, belonging to both Ice and Dark types. You are cruel, tricky, and prey on the weak. You often work solo, as you don't trust others, but are willing to team up if it suits your purposes. You prefer dark environments, and rely on clever ploys, speed, and razor sharp claws to fight. You look out for number one first.. but occasionally, even you may be capable of a good deed. Maybe.



You are the laid-back Slowking, both a Water and a Psychic type. You are calm, easygoing, and said to never become stressed; you know you will find a solution to any problem. You are as smart as any human, and believe in the greater good. You may know strong techniques, but you consider your mind to be your greatest weapon. You are ashamed of your past, when you were quite annoying.



You are the joyful Togepi, a Fairy type (you used to be a Normal type). You are eager and cheerful, and your radiance often infects others, causing them to smile. I wouldn't mind having you nearby, for you are said to bring extremely good luck to those around you. You don't like to battle, but if forced to do so, you mess with your opponent before releasing unpredictable attacks. You are born with an eggshell that protects your body; you're not sure if omelettes are delicious or cannibalism.



You are Lugia, guardian of the seas. You belong to the Flying and Psychic types, but are often associated with water. You get along with others, but enjoy your privacy, too. Afterall, it can be hard to make friends when one flap of your wings causes 40-day storms. Your power is so great that you isolate yourself to protect others, but you will emerge to battle great threats to the world. You are wise, powerful, and have some great fanart depicting your battles against the legendary Ho-Oh.

Johto's Legendary Pokemon
Johto's Legendary Pokemon

Hope you enjoyed discovering your Generation 2 counterpart. More quizzes, Pokemon and otherwise, to come. Thanks for reading!

If you're curious which one of the original creatures best suits you, take a test to determine your Generation 1 Pokemon!

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