Which Generation 3 Pokémon Are You?

Updated on March 10, 2015
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The Pokemon Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert, along with their base forms
The Pokemon Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert, along with their base forms | Source

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Pokémon, a series full of amazing monsters with incredible powers, spans multiple generations. Each generation introduces many new critters; you may remember the third generation, spanning the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald video games, as the dawn of Pokémon abilities and the introduction of Pokémon Contests. And with the re-releases of the original games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there's no better time to learn your Gen 3 Pokémon. Whether or not you've experienced the third installment of the franchise, today you can determine which creature from the land of Hoenn suits you the most! Afterward, feel free to browse the other results and some awesome artwork. Let's begin!

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Were you pleased with your creature? You can check out some artwork of your Pokémon below, as well as view the other outcomes!

Treecko | Source
Seviper | Source


You are the calm Treecko, a Grass type. For one so young, you are brave and tough. You tend to be neither optimistic nor pessimistic; instead, you value realism, and are most interested in what you have the power to change. Your are protective of your friends, but also known as a loner. Compared to others, you may not be the most social, but anyone who earns your trust will have gained a steadfast ally.


You are the sinister Seviper, a Poison type. You use both cunning and force to defeat your foes. You are a formidable opponent in battle, but your strategies and tricks present even more of a threat. Your family has long had a bloody feud with a rival clan; will you continue the war, or separate yourself from the bloodshed? Vengeful or not, there are few who could handle having you as an enemy.

Gardevoir | Source


You are the loyal Gardevoir, a Psychic type. You may not be the most talkative, but you are well liked for your wisdom and dedication. You are optimistic, but not naïve. If any adversary threatens a friend and won't listen to reason, you will gladly defend your ally- or die trying. Your powers are great enough to create miniature black holes, so I'm not gonna mess with you any time soon.

Slaking | Source


You are the easy-going Slaking, a Normal type. You live life at your own pace, and prefer to avoid conflicts. Some judge you for your lazy lifestyle, but you know that you are capable enough to accomplish any task. If absolutely forced to fight, you prove to be a savage warrior, capable of standing up to even Legendary Pokémon. In the meantime, you enjoy the simple pleasures, and take pride in who you are, no matter what others think.

Shedinja | Source


You are the mysterious Shedinja, a Ghost and Bug type. Your elusive personality intrigues many; few know the true motives that guide you. In battle, you prove to be a glass cannon. You are completely immune to many forms of damage, but others can destroy you in one hit. If deployed against the right opponent, you are unstoppable. Some say you bring bad luck, but this appears to be little more than a rumor started by the fearful.

Milotic | Source


You are the graceful Milotic, a Water type. You are kind and beautiful; others envy what you have. You are skilled at soothing tempers, but are a capable battler, too. Your only flaw may be your pride; you wish to never return the lonesome life you once had. Your past involved much misery and weakness, but you look forward to getting the most out of the joyful life you have ahead of you.

Hopefully you enjoyed determining your Hoenn counterpart. Come back for more quizzes, Pokémon and otherwise. Thanks for reading!

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