Which Generation 6 Pokémon Are You?

Gen 6 Pokemon
Gen 6 Pokemon | Source

The Kalos Region

Pokemon's sixth generation takes us to the mystical Kalos region, the home of several new creatures. Gen 6 also introduced us to Fairy-type Pokémon. Today, take a quiz to determine which monster from Kalos best suits you, and then feel free to browse the other results! You may even receive one of the rare Fairy types.

Your Pokemon

Which creature are you?

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Great, now that you have your creature, you can check out its profile and appearance below!

Chesnaught | Source


You are the mighty Chesnaught, a Grass and Fighting type. You tend to be straightforward and blunt, yet within your rough edges lies a kind heart. You believe in tackling problems head-on, and your powerful blows can rarely be withstood. Speaking of which, your tough form can endure almost any strike, and you often shield allies with your own body. You seem to be underestimated by many opponents, but you are a mighty warrior and loyal friend.

Froakie | Source


You are the sly Froakie, a Water type. An intelligent being, you often rely on your wits to accomplish goals. You define yourself as realistic, taking neither a hopeful nor a doubting stance on many issues. You are willing to lie and steal to achieve goals, but only for what you perceive as the greater good. Your sharp mind overcomes many obstacles, and your agility adds to your arsenal. In time, you will develop into a very formidable opponent.

Tyrantrum | Source


You are the brutal Tyrantrum, classified as a Rock and Dragon Pokémon. Your species has existed for millions of years; this testifies to your incredible power. Some legends even claim you are unstoppable. You are said to be cocky and fierce, believing the strong should feed from the weak. Your intimidating strength and durable armor end many fights before they begin. Though often self-absorbed, you may have occasional moments of compassion. You seek to establish yourself as a king and ruler over many territories; very few would be able to stop you.

Carbink | Source


You are the steadfast Carbink, both a Fairy and a Rock type. You value patience, and believe that determination can take you anywhere. Your strange looks and odd name earn you some second glances, but you're confident in yourself. You aren't the most athletic; however, your fortitude pulls you through most situations. You're certainly not weak, but can further your own abilities with time and focus.

Hoopa Unbound
Hoopa Unbound | Source


You are the selfish Hoopa, a Psychic and Ghost type. Once you achieve your unbound form, you morph to a Psychic and Dark nature. Despite your odd name, your abilities let you warp reality, and your ego matches your power. Known to value beauty, you collect diamonds and treasures from across the world. On the rare occasions that you cannot outfight an opponent, you will outsmart them to achieve victory. You live in the moment, but are intrigued by the mysteries of life and death. Once you have satisfied your lust for rarities, how will you spend the remainder of your days? Only you know the answer.

Xerneas | Source


You are the eternal Xerneas, a Fairy Type. A defender of nature, you guard the planet against degradation. You tend to be well-liked, but often push others away, only letting in a select few. You are said to know the gift of ever-lasting life, and may share the secret with those you deem worthy. You will aid those in need, but value independence, and wish to teach others to take care of themselves. Many suspect you will remain until society learns to live in peace as a self-sustaining utopia. Until then, you keep a watchful eye on mankind.

Various Generation 6 Pokemon
Various Generation 6 Pokemon | Source

If you enjoyed today's test, feel free to check out which Generation 5 Pokémon best suits you! And come back soon for more Pokémon trivia, quizzes, and countdowns. Thanks for reading!

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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 20 months ago from Home Sweet Home

I am carbink ! Gee I love the quiz

Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy Gill 20 months ago from Louisiana Author

Thank you, Peach! I actually got Carbink too : )

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