"Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls" Witch Doctor Class: Achievements Guide

Updated on March 5, 2019
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The Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor | Source

This guide will cover the various achievements players can earn relating directly to playing as the Witch Doctor class of hero in Diablo 3, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each. These are typically handed out for passing certain milestones in the game and completing a difficult, or out of the ordinary task.

Witch Doctor Class Achievements

All of the achievements for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls contained on this page relate directly to playing through the game as the Witch Doctor class and performing special feats through the use of that class' abilities.


  1. Shaper of the Unformed Land
  2. High Spirits
  3. Masters of the Tengaze
  4. Smells Like Spirits
  5. Ceremonial Garb
  6. Puppet Master
  7. Stop Hitting Yourself
  8. Hotdogging
  9. Not In Vain
  10. Rattle Them Bones
  11. Something in the Water
  12. The One and the Many

Reaper of Souls Update

This guide has finished being updated to the Reaper of Souls expansion and is current as of the time of writing. (3/5/2019)

1. Shaper of the Unformed Land

The Shaper of the Unformed Land achievement.
The Shaper of the Unformed Land achievement. | Source

Complete Act IV with a Witch Doctor.

Previously this achievement was tied to the Inferno difficulty before the old difficulties were replaced with the new Torment system. Unlocks the Witch Doctor's Weaponry Banner Accent and the Witch Doctor (Promotional) Banner Sigil.

The Witch Doctor's Weaponry Banner Accent and the Witch Doctor (Promotional) Sigil.
The Witch Doctor's Weaponry Banner Accent and the Witch Doctor (Promotional) Sigil. | Source

2. High Spirits

The High Spirits achievement.
The High Spirits achievement. | Source

Complete Act V with a Witch Doctor.

Act V is the new act introduced with Reaper of Souls, thus making High Spirits a new (relatively) achievement. You will get this just playing through the story as the Witch Doctor.

3. Masters of the Tengaze

The Masters of the Tengaze achievement.
The Masters of the Tengaze achievement. | Source

Reach level 60 with 2 Witch Doctors.

Nothing much has changed about this achievement with the Reaper of Souls expansion, however with the introduction of seasons, it has become far less redundant to level two characters past 60, especially since the new cap is 70 and adventure mode makes the leveling process quick.

4. Smells Like Spirits

The "Smells Like Spirits" achievement.
The "Smells Like Spirits" achievement. | Source

Reach level 70 with a Witch Doctor.

Level 70 is the new level cap with the release of Reaper of Souls, so you'll hit this playing the game normally.

Unlocks the Snakes banner accent.

5. Ceremonial Garb

The "Ceremonial Garb" achievement.
The "Ceremonial Garb" achievement. | Source

Equip a Ceremonial Knife, Voodoo Mask and a Mojo all at the same time.

An achievement for just wearing one of each of the Witch Doctor specific items, which can be of any quality and easily attainable early into the game. I was able to unlock this early in Act I.

6. Puppet Master

The "Puppet Master" achievement.
The "Puppet Master" achievement. | Source

Have 7 pets and/or followers at the same time.
*Covered in the video below.

First take the Zombie Handler passive skill and summon yourself 4 zombie dogs, then bring your follower and then take the Fetish Army skill (lvl 30) and summon yourself fetishes to have 10 followers total at once. Optionally you can just use the Legion of Daggers rune with Fetish Army since that summons 8 of the little buggers all by itself.

Unlocks the Fetish banner sigil.

7. Stop Hitting Yourself

The "Stop Hitting Yourself" achievement.
The "Stop Hitting Yourself" achievement. | Source

Cause 30 enemies to kill each other while confused.

Something that will eventually happen pretty quickly with enough use of the Mass Confusion skill, made faster by finding lots of areas dense with enemies and leaving your follower and summons behind if you are really trying to get this out of the way ASAP.

Helpful tips to make this go faster:

  • Use the Paranoia rune for MC so they take more damage.
  • Use Grave Injustice with the Tribal Rites passive to help reduce cooldown.
  • Search the Keep Depths 2 on lower difficulties for groups of enemies.

A group of confused enemies.
A group of confused enemies. | Source

8. Hotdogging

The "Hotdogging" achievement.
The "Hotdogging" achievement. | Source

Summon 3 Zombie Dogs at the same time without using the Summon Zombie Dog skill.
*Covered in the video below.

With some of the patch changes, repairing the woefully under-powered Witch Doctor (Nevar Forget), making Circle of Life more useful now, it is relatively easy to take a skill like Firebomb with the Ghost Bomb rune (giving it a massive radius), find a large group of enemies in Act II on a difficulty you can easily one hit kill everything. From there, let yourself get swarmed and throw some of those Ghost Bombs to quickly take out large groups of enemies with a single hit. It will be helpful to try this with some items that increase your pickup radius to also increase the radius of circle of life, thus making sure more enemies can possibly turn into dogs. You can pick up cheap pickup radius gear on the AH or even better, if you can grab or already have a Thing of the Deep for its guaranteed +20 to pickup rad.

Alternatively you can still use the old method of the Sacrifice ability with the Next of Kin and the Circle of Life ability and start sacrificing your dogs near other enemies. There's a small chance all 3 dogs will resurrect just from the runed Sacrifice, since each has a 35% chance to do so, along with a 30% chance for each enemy killed in the blast. Taking the zombie Handler perk for this secondary method will help, giving you a fourth dog to increase the kill zone and chance of dog repop. This gives you a better chance for 3 dogs to spawn at once, but is a bit harder to do repeatedly because of cool-downs. You can try both methods simultaneously.

Using sacrifice on a cluster of enemies to spawn 3 dogs at once.
Using sacrifice on a cluster of enemies to spawn 3 dogs at once. | Source

9. Not In Vain

The "Not In Vain" achievement.
The "Not In Vain" achievement. | Source

Kill 10 enemies with a single sacrifice.
*Covered in the video below.

Again the order of the day is to find large groups of incredibly weak enemies for your level to best accomplish this unless satisfied with letting it happen naturally if you find yourself using sacrifice a lot.

Go ahead and set yourself up with the Zombie Handler, Circle of Life and Pierce the Veil passives, for 4 dogs at once along with a 20% increase in damage. Good locations to search for large groups of enemies are in the Keep Depths 2, Skycrown Battlements, Bridge of Korsik and Fields of Slaughter or Arreat Crater level 2 in Act 3.Circle of Life will allow you to easily resurrect more dogs before your actual spell cool down has finished, making this much quicker.

It's important to note, it also seems that you need one dog to kill more than 10 enemies, as opposed to all of them collectively doing so, so you can optionally pass on Zombie Handler and dismiss all but one dog when doing this, however it's a little more fun, nor really that hard, using the above method.

Killing a large group of enemies with a single sacrifice.
Killing a large group of enemies with a single sacrifice. | Source

10. Rattle Them Bones

The "Rattle Them Bones" achievement.
The "Rattle Them Bones" achievement. | Source

Kill 2,000 enemies while buffed by Big Bad Voodoo.

This is one that will just take time, but you can do things like extend its duration with the Jungle Drums rune to keep it up more, and use a build that relies heavily upon the skill to clear rifts until the achievement pops.

11. Something in the Water

The "Something in the Water" achievement.
The "Something in the Water" achievement. | Source

Kill 10,000 enemies while they are affected by Piranhas.

Like Rattle Them Bones, this is one achievement that will mostly just take some time to unlock, faster if you use a build that revolves around heavy Piranha use. You can also use the Wave of Mutilation or Zombie Piranhas runes to affect more enemies with each cast.

12. The One and the Many

"The One and the Many" achievement.
"The One and the Many" achievement. | Source

Listen to all of Enkasi's conversations in the Pandemonium Fortress.

These are conversations specific to the Witch Doctor class seen in the end of Act V. A more detailed guide for where and when each conversations if found will follow soon, but for the mean time, as long as you check back in often between major quests, you should be able to hit them all easily.

Note: The character in question is a spirit that changes depending on which class you are currently playing as.

Witch Doctor Achievements Video Guide

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