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Zenonia 4 Blader Guide: Stat/Skill Builds

Updated on March 25, 2016

The Blader

Zenonia 4 is the fourth of the five Zenonia games. The Blader in Zenonia 4 is your typical fast damaging but fragile character. Its equivalent in the previous installment of the series was the Shadow Hunter. The difference is that the Blader is a tad clumsier and more rigid in his movements. The Shadow Hunter consistently dodged attacks by disappearing and reappearing behind enemies; the Blader doesn’t have this. This, in addition to Zenonia 4’s reduction of auto-aim, makes this class is a bit more difficult to play than before. Don’t get me wrong—the Blader is still tons of fun, with lots of knock-back and copious damage; it just takes some precision and patience.

Stat Build

Pure DEX: Exactly what it sounds like, this build involves pumping all your points into DEX. This maximizes your damage output, but without any CON, you’re very prone to damage. You can compensate for this weakness with titles that increase your CON/health/defense, as well as with good gear.

Hybrid: Adding 1 CON every 2 levels, and the rest into DEX. This ensures that you get enough HP and defense to avoid dying in a few hits. Also, a level 30 skill, Conditioning, passively increases attack per CON, which means you get a decent amount of attack as well.

Tank: Adding every point into CON. This build is sort of like a faster attacking slayer. With the previously mentioned Conditioning skill, you get large amounts of attack, while boosting your innately low HP and defense. The problem is that you miss out on critical damage ratings.

Note: The rationale for increasing DEX instead of STR is that the critical damage and evasion greatly outweigh the attack and defense gain. Since Bladers don’t have much defense, they need much more evade than Slayers, who can simply tank damage. INT isn’t important because Bladers usually don’t need to use much SP.

Zenonia gameplay on the iPhone
Zenonia gameplay on the iPhone | Source

Skill Build

Here’s a skill build for the Blader up to level 50. After 50, you’ll have a good enough understanding of your skills to finish off your character. Midway down the build, the skills split up into two different paths. Follow the left one as a pure DEX character, or follow the right one as a Hybrid or Tank Blader.

Levels 2-4
Proficiency (1-3)
Levels 5
Windcutter (1)
Levels 6-9
Proficiency (4-7)
Levels 10-14
Malice (1-5)
Level 15
Dance of Wind (1)
Levels 16-19
Forged Edge (1-4)
Level 20
Invisible Technique (1)
Level 21-24
Forged Edge (5-8)
Level 25
Evasion (1)
Level 26
Cloak of Shadows (1)
Levels 27-28
Dark Shadow (1-2)
Level 29
Shadow Move (1)
Levels 30-36
Dark Shadow (3-9) or Conditioning (1-7)
Levels 37-38
Wrath (1-2) or Conditioning (MAX)
Level 39
Conditioning (1) or Conditioning (MAX)
Level 40-41
Vampiric Aura (1-2)
Level 42
Forged Edge (9)
Levels 43-45
Malice (6-8)
Levels 46-47
Malice (9-MAX) or Wrath (1-2)
Levels 48-50
Wrath (3-5)

After level 50, just continue adding points into all of your passive abilities, except for Conditioning if you’re a Pure DEX build. Add points into your 2 or 3 favorite active skills afterwards. The ones I like the best are Invisible Technique (AOE, lots of damage, and you don’t have to aim at all) and Dance of Sura (damage over time + high DPS = enemies die very quickly).


  • When fighting bosses, you usually want to have extra control of your movement. This is because, unlike the previous games, the bosses in Zenonia 4 require lots of “strategic” dodging and moving around instead of just tanking all the damage. To do this, don’t spam your attack button; tap it slowly. You'll keep doing your double-swipe-attack, and you won’t randomly lunge forward.
  • Do your special attack by dashing through an enemy (double tap a directional button towards your target). It costs SP but can stun and damage multiple enemies.
  • The Zenoniac title (+10% to all stats) can be very helpful, and easy to get right off the bat. Just put your iPod/iPhone on sleep without closing your game for 20 hours and you’ll get it.
  • Remember to go to the Abyss. It's free for you to go once a day, so there's no downside. You get a lot of Magic/Epic/Rare gear, as well as coupons, which result in even more good gear. It's actually rarer to get gear that isn't useful than gear that is, which is pretty great. You get stronger and richer: it helps a lot.

More Zenonia Guides

Looking to play a ranger, druid or slayer? I've also written guides for each of those characters, feel free to check them out!


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    • neil christopher 5 years ago

      if by any chance you know where to get space essence and shard of doom. please tell me. because im combing a guardian set. thank you :)

    • neilzzzer 5 years ago

      my IGN name is: neilzzzer

    • Serg 5 years ago

      How do people get high damage and defense? There's a guy in a game [Lvl 40 higher than me I'm lvl 45] that has 5430 damage and 1659 defence.

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      People spend G-Points to increase their stats, as well as getting extra Skill Points. Also, it's likely that you've been investing in your active skills and other people invest in passive skills which increase their attack and defense.

    • Serg 5 years ago

      I only have 1 active skill which is Invisible Technique and the others are passive. Btw, thanks for the guide! Love it

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      Ah they've probably pumped G-points into their stats, skills, and gear upgrades then. & Thanks!

    • CarsonBeast 5 years ago

      What blader build would you recommend

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      If you're not sure, you should probably go with the Hybrid build. It has enough attack to be effective while also ensuring that you won't die too often.

    • Marcel 5 years ago

      Hi guys, which active spell should i skill for pve and which is good for pvp (and which active spell you need to charge)? Or should i skill vampiric aura? im Level 58 and got no active spell yet :). Thanks in advance!

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      Hey Marcel, I'd advise you to get vampiric aura, as well as Invisible Technique and Dance of Sura. A way you can test the active skills is to gain a level, and save. Then, go to a map with monsters, and add an SP into a skill. Play around with it; if you like it, keep it, if you don't, close your game by pressing the home button and ending the game through your dashboard. It shouldn't save and you should have your SP back.

    • Marcel 5 years ago

      Thank you dude! You can get Space essence from the ghosts in deva past (2nd floor dungeon) or from the wizards where also the cyclops are!!

    • Haha 5 years ago

      What does essences do?

    • Melvin 5 years ago

      Would you recommend a 2:1 combination of Dex and Con every level?

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      I recommend the hybrid build, which is 2 CON every 3 Levels. If you find that you're dying a lot, you can up it to 1 CON per level.

    • Bladerr 5 years ago

      Where can I find shards of doom and mithrill please. Thanks in advance

    • danielshah 5 years ago

      im level 32 blader~ and i don't know wht should i do to make my blader stronger... TT_TT .. need help~

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      daniel - if you need more attack, then just keep pumping into Dex. Just keep leveling up and getting your skills up, you'll get there eventually

    • Matiagresor 5 years ago


      Can you tell me where can i get "cup arcana" ? Becouse i'm trying to craft guardian set for my blader :)

    • Matiagresor 5 years ago

      @Bladerr you can get mithrill from mining.

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      melissa - the rest of your points go into DEX. Sorry if it was unclear

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      Nice guide doing a hybrid and i went for 1 con per level and all to dex ,sometimes 2 cons per level and dex lvl 40 now stats are 184/84 dex/con but i went to max out malice and wrath at lvl 3 no ultimatr yet..i also have invi tech at lvl 2 and forged edge at the this ok?im kind of in a mess on what skill and how much to put on it next..thanks man..

    • angela 5 years ago

      Hi you mentioned "Follow the left one as a pure DEX character, or follow the left one as a Hybrid or Tank Blader." I assume you mean follow the right path as a hybrid? Thanks!

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      @Rokharder - your build sounds fine, just keep pumping into passives and the actives that you like.

      @Angela - Typo - thanks for catching it!

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      Thnx man..i was wondering,how could i add another skill slot for my fairy..have been looking for it but can't find it..

    • XIz 5 years ago

      How can I do !! I don't know that Blader don't need to point on STR - -" but I got 20 point for STR

    • adk 5 years ago

      where can i get mithril???

      been searching all over = =

    • Desmond 5 years ago

      Is it me or does blader requires quite a fair amount of potions?

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      @desmond: i think it really does..Im using it a lot too..

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      @Rokharder - you have to keep extracting stones from your fairy until you get one with Skill Slots (3).

      @xlz - It's alright, just don't add anymore and concentrate on DEX.

      @Desmond - yeah, as I said, the blader's a pretty fragile character. you have to use a lot of potions overall in this game anyway, if you're not like a CON build

    • vinz 5 years ago

      Hey all, does anyone know where u can mine mithril? I only get stupid garnet/orihalcon/diamond ones :((

      Btw, faced a lvl 52 blader with 12k atk in the pvp-arena, that's got to be a cheat right?

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      vinz, i think they have many zens and stacked it up for atk and def...either hacked or rich people..haha

    • Bladerr 5 years ago

      Hi, anyone purchase the level 50 guardian set?

      Not sure if i should.

    • Ian 5 years ago

      Hey I want to do the hybrid build but will I suffer against ranged characters.

      And for any of you guys that have tried both the ranger and blader which do you prefer? Thanks.

    • Hybrid blader 5 years ago

      What can I do with all the runes fairy gave ?

    • Yanz1990 5 years ago

      Where can i find Orihalcon??

    • cobbeey 5 years ago

      how do you defeat the boss leviathan

    • cobbeey 5 years ago

      yanz1990 u get orhalcon in the snowy area at the left path where there are two yetis guarding

    • BloRdZ 5 years ago

      Wanna know what is the best active skill to beat leviathan got an lv 52 pure DEX not able to beat him

    • cobbeey 5 years ago

      BloRdz if you are good at dodging then use invisible technique or the skill the gives you clones right after he attacks might work for you or if not use a teleport scroll and get to lvl 60

    • dexslayacor 5 years ago

      im a lvl 46 slayer right now near the end of the game and i did the build correctly minus the dance of wind and windcutter. it's still extremely hard to kill ppl at that level in the coelraum places.. is it supposed to be like that?

      the only way i kill bosses is by using tons of potions and spamming abilities like clone...


    • rickroll 5 years ago

      is the con build for the blader worth going into? it seems like a better slayer and might be more versatile than the dex slayer...? thanks bro nice guide

    • BloRdZ 5 years ago

      Cobbeey - thanks a lot did worked out with a combination of the the both skills :3

    • Matiagresor 5 years ago

      How can I get Skill Reset Stone except buying it for zens?

    • Rjhayyy 5 years ago

      How can i max my stats like others did, they had 5k atack even they are lvl 30? And I has 2.5k of atack im lvl 65... Anyone help?

    • cobbeey 5 years ago

      bloRdz- what level were u when u killed leviathan im only lvl 44

    • TheArtist5 5 years ago

      You flood zen into attack points when u can.

    • Cobbeey 5 years ago

      I was on 52 i only used the clone then invisible tech then wait for the clone to comeback and using dance of sura and invisible tech the only thing is to not get touch use the elicir of health the heal back faster

    • Karu 5 years ago

      I killed leviathan by using the move were you summon shadows of yourself at level 51

    • Derek 5 years ago

      Man the green sword guy is tough I have full Dex blader build lol xD

    • Derek 5 years ago

      I got him. Used clone :D

    • Masuta 5 years ago

      How can I found "gun blade" please? It's for craft my guardian weapon (blader).

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      You have to combine it

    • Masuta 5 years ago

      Combine what & what because I don't find the combine recipe.

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      a sapphire and 2 irons. Don't remember what dropped the recipe though, just grind around places where you can mine sapphire.

    • Masuta 5 years ago

      Ok, thanks a lot

    • Ben 5 years ago

      I've been following a sort of hybrid build but when I attack, my damage doesn't seem to be rising. I'm at level 36 and i've been hitting 400s for awhile now. Is it because different types of enemies have different defense?

    • Mike 5 years ago

      I started the game as a blader but didn't find this guide until i was at lvl 15 so some of my blader has some uneeded STR and INT. should i just start over or should i just go hybrid? im lvl 30 right now

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      Ben- maybe you need some new gear? Stats can only do so much.

      Mike- Your choice. Doesn't really matter if you misplace a few points, it'll still benefit your character some way or another.

    • Conrad 5 years ago

      great guide! as a blader you die way too much, but going to the abyss anytime you can and getting great epic equipment from event coupons really make your blader an unstoppable force. sheathe stones, and thanks ttocs!

    • Sean 5 years ago

      just wondering is blade windmill useful? i can't find any review or comment about this skill in anywhere T_T

      Btw, im an agility lover, so i choose to have a pure dex blader, but there is a skill "conditioning" that make me shaking, should i insist?

      lastly, so far i think most of you guys are support the skill "invisible technique", so i assume that is the best skill for blader so far, am i right?

    • Sean 5 years ago

      oh ya.. 1 more question, how is the ultimate skill call "vampiric aura" work? is it seeking hp every single damage i make? or it just have a few percentage of my attack will seek hp?

    • Lexus 5 years ago

      Lol u left out blade windmill, can't get wrath without it :x

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      sean - i personally don't like it but if you like dance of wind/windcutter then you'll probably like it. Just plan ahead on which skils you're going to max out, and if you have extra points, just add one into blade windmill to try it out.

      Lexus - check again :\ you don't need it for wrath.

    • sean 5 years ago

      emm.. ic... so how about pure dex and hybrid? how much atk can "conditioning" give if i follow your stat which is put 1 con on every 2 lvl?

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      not sure on exact numbers, but pure dex will have the most attack out of all of the builds.

    • Kyujin 5 years ago

      Hello, I'm a blader lvl 55 with 2865 ATT & 811 DEF (Pure dex). I can't kill Shaturu, anybody have some tips for kill him?


    • ndduong 5 years ago

      @Kyujin get to the maximum level in normal mode which is 70, and get some good gears at abyss, spam clone and it should be easy.

      Can someone help me to choose slayer or blader because my last character was a lv 99 ranger and i am stupid enough to accidentally click new game and overwrite the save file, i am going to restart a new class, which class should i choose Blader or Slayer? (i hate druid, not into nature and magic :D) thanks guys

    • Kyujin 5 years ago

      Thank's but to up lvl 70 I go to the Den of the Trial? I can't go at abyss, I haven't the entrance.

      I prefer Blader (for the critical hit and his spells) but I think Slayer isn't too bad.

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      nddoung, Try them both for like 20 levels maybe? It's pretty much between if you want fast attacking vs slightly slower with bigger damage.

      kyujin - you can enter the abyss every day once. to go in, open up your status menu. on the top left, there should be 2 buttons, for PVP and for the abyss

    • JEroo 5 years ago

      Where i can find the cup arcana ??

    • jmal 5 years ago

      @JEroo monster drops

    • Mosh 5 years ago

      Sorry for being a noob but how do I add people

    • Derek 5 years ago

      The Druid is ok but I think If ur gonna have a spell caster a character like Mopice's in Zenonia 3 is great. Totems…ehh…no thanks. But beside that point I play really only as blader. Slayer is to slow for me ranger very inaccurate. Ecne from Z3 had auto lock and firestorm of bullets. Lol

    • Samyueruu 5 years ago

      Slayers is good at Normal Mode, but in not Hard, it receive lots of damage because of CRIT Monsters... Blader will do better because of High CRIT EVADE... But Slayer has higher DAMAGE and DEFENSE...

      I had tried all characters, but I prefer The Blader.

    • Jeff 5 years ago

      is the guardian set worth it to buy?

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      @jeff: better craft coz eventually you'll leave it once you get new weapons when you're on a higher level..

      @ttocs: dude,kinda feel bad coz i can't dodge well,maxed out the evasion percentage per dex and my build is 300 dex 100 con..lvl 69..monsters at snowy outpost keep hitting me...should i max out the first evasion plus?

    • Derek 5 years ago

      @Rokharder max out all the passive skills that will benefit u. They help out a lot in the end I started with Dex increase then waited to 15 and got raised attack then got evasion an I Bearly ever get hit. Plus with all the extra Dex an attack monsters fall so quickly.

    • JEroo 5 years ago

      @jmal Which monster?

    • Where do u get shards of dom 5 years ago

      Where can joo get shards of doom

    • Jeff 5 years ago

      thanks a lot, crafting abit hard cause can't find item

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      Thanks man,im on the process..

    • Rokharder 5 years ago

      Hard mode is until lvl 90 ryt?...

    • Mosh 5 years ago

      I am not getting any pop rewards why Is this?

    • Derek 5 years ago

      You get shards of Doom from hunters

    • Derek 5 years ago

      @RokHarder No problem at all

    • Sean 5 years ago

      sean here again... i decided to play pure dex here, and i already learn "invisible technique", "dance of sura", and "mysterious shadow", other all place to passive skill which is "proficiency[max]", "malice[max]", "forged edge[max]", "evasion[going to max]", "dark shadow[going to max]", "warth[going to max]".. am i going the right way? all comment are appreciated... thanks...

    • Seisetsu 5 years ago

      I got a problem I just found this page and I'm already at lvl 44 with my stats and skills all over the place. What should I do?

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      sean - sounds fine!

      seisetsu - your choice, if you don't feel like your character is significantly gimped or anything, probably just keep playing.

    • Derek 5 years ago

      @Sean I've done all the same cept the dance of sura an it worked out nicely

    • Kvzztr 5 years ago

      ttocs, which build would you prefer, pure DEX or the 2 CON/ 3lvl?

    • Seisetsu 5 years ago

      No,my player is more screwed than to be believed. I barely put any points in DEX and put them all in STR, CON and INT. What I'm trying to ask is, is there anything I can do to fix it.

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      kvzztr - dex for maximum power but way more deaths. start off as a pure DEX and add in CON if it's a bit too difficult

      seisetsu - if you have gpoints you can reset your points, other than that, you can't really do anything

    • Kvzztr 5 years ago

      I see.. so what you're saying, is... if I'm going pure DEX and i'm not dying as much, then I should just go pure DEX and forget about con entirely?

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago


    • Kvzztr 5 years ago

      ayt, thanks..

      oh I've been wondering, is there a way to get back to previous maps? the game seems to be going to different time every chapter and I was thinking, is it possible to go back to previous villages...?

    • ttocs profile image

      Scott Luo 5 years ago

      yeah, use the transport portal thing in each town. That can apparently transcend time haha

    • Jcca 5 years ago

      Any good lvl 70 blader sets? Im still using guardian and im falling behind, which monsters drop level 70 set recipes?

    • Derek 5 years ago

      I beat leviathan with clone lvl 5 had to use them 3 times and had to run round an not get hit.

    • Seisetsu 5 years ago

      What about the other ultimate technique?

    • Kvzztr 5 years ago

      Hi, can anyone tell me what magic dust is for? thanks!!

    • kent 5 years ago

      hi all, when i lv70 i can't lvling any more , how come ?

    • Jcca 5 years ago

      @kent u gotta go to hard mode to level nao

    • EvilH 5 years ago

      EvilH 1 second ago

      Hi, first, I want to think you for that awesome guide on Zenonina 4 (blader, slayer & other, good job).

      But I have notice two things :

      - if you don't use first SP at thé beginning, it stay after choose de class.

      - you don't are really interrested by "Evasion" passive skill, why ?

    • jswag42 5 years ago

      wat do the event coupons (the ones u get from the Abyss) do...?

    • EvilH 5 years ago


      The coupon of event produce a random item when used :)

    • jcca 5 years ago

      hmm i beat shataru (or w/e the final guys is called) but i am still using level 50 gaurdian level 71 :/ what's a good level 70 set?

    • jswag42 5 years ago

      im lvl 51 and can't beat the very first boss in dark realm... help... T.T

    • Bon24 5 years ago

      What do essances do?

    • Douglas 5 years ago

      How do i build a hybrid? Do I use the same skill sets, I'm new at this game help?

    • Bloodsigned 5 years ago

      Hi i have the Problem that my inventar is full with undefined Things. Could you tell me where i can find undefine Rolls (not buying them whith ZEN!)is there an other way? Pls help me...


    • SuicideFaction profile image

      SuicideFaction 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Anyone comment on my build please?

      Level 99 - STR:147 DEX:330 CON:254 INT: 232

      HP:8548 SP:4675 ATT:4127 DEF:1834 HIT:189:72

      CRI:84.99 C.DMG:40.96 EVA:144.49 C.EVA:91.72

      Skills: Proficiency(10), Forged Edge (10), Conditioning (10), Invisible Technique (10), Mysterious Shadow (10), Blade Windmill (10), Area Zero (2), Dark Shadow (9) (Just important skills included)

      Title: Legendary Workhorse - +15% Stats (Complete 96 Sub-quests)

    • Bladder 5 years ago

      What happen if we lost in PVP? Do we lost our item/xp/etc...??

    • EarlForte 5 years ago

      So atm I'm Lv 43 and next to that level it says to get Malice, but I didn't get Forged Edge at Lv 42.

      I have: Lv 1 Windcutter, Lv 7 Proficiency, Lv 1 Evasion, Lv 5 Malice, Lv 8 Forged Edge, Lv 1 Dance of Wind, Lv 1 Cloak of Shadows, Lv 1 Shadow Move, Lv 1 Invisible Technique, Lv 1 Blade Windmill, Lv 9 Dark Shadow, Lv 1 Conditioning, Lv 2 Wrath, and Lv 2 Vapiric Aura.

      I'll probably get Forged Edge for now and fix what I need to when I check back.

      Help is greatly appreciated,


    • Grawlithe 5 years ago

      Is there a recommended level for Frodo? I can't beat him, he can IK me...

    • Mosh 5 years ago

      Just beat shaturu with pure dex it was fun lol grow lithe I usually wait into lvl 20 to beat him go o the den of trails to train

    • Zj 5 years ago

      Is malice the clone thingy?

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      Just want to ask, witch is the best for pvp? Pure dex or hybrid?

    • Grawlithe 5 years ago

      I dunno what's best for PVP. The AI's impossible to kill anyway. And there's boatloads of people with 5000+ attack... Which is nice if you do the arena :)

    • Bladder 5 years ago

      How do u revive ur fairy back after u died? I lost to baki and revived but my fairy wasn't revived

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      So pure dex is better then hybrid for pvp?

    • bb 5 years ago

      Blader needs ATT more than HIT or the opposite?

    • foobeans 5 years ago

      I can't seem to beat Morpice. Any help?

    • Derek 5 years ago

      @bladder no I don't believe anything happens if u lose.

      Verse Baki ur fairy is protecting the baby so she won't be there

      @Anonymus well in PVP with just Dex u will do the most amount of damage but will die very fast specially against the cheaters who buff there stats

      So hybrid won't have as much attack until u get conditioning for the entra boost but u won't die as fast

      @bb with blader Dex gives u the most damage an hit so as long as u use Dex ur good in both. Basically ur Dex is the equivalent to the slayers strength.

      @Foobeans what's ur character

    • Derek 5 years ago

      @Foobeans sorry stupid question ofc ur blader or else why would u be on blader guide xD

      For Morpice hit and dash try ur bed to never get hit and when he summons the evil flames that do a lot of damage move out of sight of them an run back as forth into view and they will diseaper doing no damage to u.

    • jswag42 5 years ago

      ok... so is Leviathan just too weak or wat...? i beat him in less than a minute... and im not even following this guide exactly

    • Jcca 5 years ago

      Hmm any level 80 blader sets? Or should i stay with gaurdian till i get luminous or surabi

    • Carson 5 years ago

      With the reset stat point stone does it reset your 3 stats Attack defense and hit u spent you zen points on?

    • jswag42 5 years ago

      is lvl 60 good enough for Shanturu? or do i need to lvl more?

    • Mosh 5 years ago

      What's the max lvl on hard mode?

    • Mosh 5 years ago

      Also where can I find elixir of health (L) and elixir of mana (L) combine scrolls

    • hex 4 years ago

      im stuck on morpice with my lv 28 blader

    • kemiq23 4 years ago

      @jswag42 - you should be able to beat him at 60 on normal mode.. if not just hit the den of trials

      @mosh - max level on hard is 90.

      I got up to 90 on my blader and beat shaturu easy.. but it was shitty cos I missed out on all the exp from the fight!

    • Jondoe 4 years ago

      I'm level 69, an I'm fighting level 66 mobs. Why am I getting my butt kicked by them. Seems like I get hit twice and I'm dead. I followed the guide for what to put my points into. What am I doing wrong??

    • pascal 4 years ago

      hi can id just like to know if when u buy the gardian set whit zen if its actuly a *set* whit set bonus or they just call it a set cause u buy 3 item at once? cause i don't wonna craft it and not have ne *set* bonus thx

    • Jondoe 4 years ago

      I have 3030 attk and 896 def with 113 evasion. This sound good?? I followed the build from this guide.

    • LUFFY D 4 years ago

      Hi, so I have been looking for this everywhere on the net but never found an answer... my question is How exactly do I get my character to have Attack and Defense boosted? I mean there are players that are at level 30 40 with attack=5000 defence=2000 (approximately)

      I have plenty of zen but does not really help apparently.

      The best I could do is level 48 with attack=3000 defence=700.

      Can someone tell me how to get there please?

      be precise thanks.

    • Derek 4 years ago

      @Luffy D they use a Zenonia Zen and stat point hack so they can get that high amount of att and def u only get alil cuz u can only buff ur stats every couple of lvls

    • ivangene 4 years ago

      Hi I can't beat Shaturu using my blader level 60. I have the following skills:

      Passive Active

      - Proficiency lvl 10 - Shadowstep lvl 1

      - Malice lvl 10 - Windcutter lvl 1

      - Evasion lvl 10 - Dance of Wind lvl 1

      - Dark shadow lvl 5 - Invisible tec lvl 1

      - Conditioning lvl 5 - mysterious shadow lvl 5

      - wrath lvl 4 - area zero lvl 2

      - vampiric aura lvl 2

      When i hit his head, i usually damage him just a tiny portion of his HP then he recovers back. what should i do? please help

    • Dest 4 years ago

      Hi there... leaving your phone for 20hours in game or minimize it ?

    • Fangblade 4 years ago

      Hi ttocs. Umm I have two questions. 1. I am a lvl 51 blader pure dex, each time I pvp I get smashed on. So any suggestions? 2. How come the aybss doesn't drop anymore?

    • wtfhobo 4 years ago

      level 60 is fine i beat him at level 54 atm i am level 74 blader with 5683 att def 1235 hit 149.96 any way to make good gold find it hard to buy better armor ?

    • Devin 4 years ago

      I need some help in pvp i always lose and my build is pure dex... Lvl 31 blader... What skill must i use?

    • axel 4 years ago

      Lvl 30 – Dark Shadow (3) / Conditioning (1)

      Lvl 31 – Dark Shadow (4) / Conditioning (2)

      Lvl 32 – Dark Shadow (5) / Conditioning (3)

      Lvl 33 – Dark Shadow (6) / Conditioning (4)

      Lvl 34 – Dark Shadow (7) / Conditioning (5)

      what does this means?

      can anyone help me out plz?

    • soy 4 years ago

      is pvp dat really hard? i can't barely win im lvl 61 blader with 2.8k att and 800 def. i cud easily get beaten sigh :(

    • austin 4 years ago

      what is the best overall pgrde for the stats, DEX? bcause i want to do good in pvp and still stay alive longer

    • colten 4 years ago

      when i try to make an id it always say unreconiazable id what am i doing ronggggggg plzzz help

    • Noob 4 years ago

      so i just started this game and have been creating a Hybrid without even thinking about it:) But did the guy from Zenonia 3 die in Zenonia 4???? idk so someone tell me???

    • SuperNoob 4 years ago

      Hey I was wondering on how to kill the first boss with my blader cause he keeps spawning demons and attacking me like crazy. Thx in advanced :)

    • mican1917 4 years ago

      i rapidly defeted by 1st boss some1 help me pls haha

    • profect 4 years ago

      Overall in your opinion what's the best class to use in pvp (high damage/ hard to kill)

    • Zeshboh 4 years ago

      Wow. I was hunter and i had lots of fun with it but then i deleted it after i got to 99 and went to blader....I kill every boss first try with no deaths until i got to shaturu.. damn blader is beast!!!

    • JasonTran 4 years ago

      I'm sorry but this guide is kind of confusing about the hybrid guide

      Is CON every 2 levels the same as putting 1 CON every other level?

    • wie2323 4 years ago

      Hi ttocs.

      I like your guide very much. I'd like to add some information regarding the Blader build as to answer some questions here in the comments section as well:

      1. Area Zero OVER Vampiric Aura

      *I have tested with 3 bladers and noticed that Vampiric Aura is negligible come level 58 and above

      * Area Zero makes you spam your skills, which is useful in hard mode and against Shaturu

      2. Sacrifice

      *Sacrifice doubles your NORMAL damage, and it doesn't use up a tad amount of SP as well.

      *Sacrifice doesn't work with Mysterious Shadow

      *Sacrifice's duration is halted(same with Area Zero) whenever you cast a skill, hence it works well if you trigger Area Zero and spam skills (They usually die due to high amount of normal damage)

      3. Pump hybrid style(2DEX 1CON) every 2 levels.

      *Say you just got your first level up (Level 2 in most cases), pump 3DEX. Your next level up(Level 3 in most cases), should be Hybrid(2DEX 1CON), this way you're maximizing damage, HIT, and CRIT with a mediocre amount of HP.

      4. USE SETS(all sets have an "S" marked on them, equipping all sets adds a bonus)

      5. Don't use the normal atk combo, like ttocs stated, press the attack button slowly. This prevents the forward lunge and the attack delay caused by the "thrusts" and "Wind slice".

    • Wobbino 4 years ago

      Search me up in PVP ;)

      Name is Wobbino :D

    • Wheatly96 4 years ago

      Thanks for the Build i have a lvl 40 Blader that does over 1200 damage and over 600 defense and it is a CON Blader which lets me take hits while doing a lot of damage. I also have over 4.5k health and i have 80 dex and i havnt put any points into it.

    • shahab 4 years ago

      How do I pvp... I keep getting an unrecognizable id message... HELP!!!

    • Feyh 4 years ago

      What does those stats mean?

      For example, I got 119.29 Eva, what does this mean? I guess it isn't a 119,20 % chance to evade an attack.

      Same for crit: If i have 95.94 Crit i guess this isn't a 95.94 % chance to crit, isn't it?

      Is there a formula to calculate the %-values?

      Thanks in advance

    • Aqua 4 years ago

      What's the blader skill people use on pvp that kills you in one hit I have done all con and got one hit killed right when I spawned he had lower attack then me

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      @Aqua i don't think theres a blader skill like that... the opponent might hav hacked to get 1-hit KO's, btw the one i faced had over a million in both att and def -__-

    • Ariba 4 years ago

      Query here.. im new to this game.. how do i change the difficulty setting in it? I started as Normal mode how can i make it harder?

    • Feyh 4 years ago

      @ariba, when you have cleared it in normal it will start again in hard mode. Clear it in hard mode and it will start in legendary mode

    • Dan 4 years ago


      Your chances to crit/evade are lowered by the monster's hit rate and critical hit reduction.

    • Anthony 4 years ago

      For the Hybrid build you said "Adding 1 CON every 2 levels, and the rest into DEX" does this mean when I level up to level 2 I add 1 CON and the rest into DEX or do I start doing that at level 3?

    • Melinie 4 years ago

      I'm a noob to Zenonia in general (Started at the 4th zenonia) So I was wondering:

      1) What are the materials for? Like shards, etc? I get they are used to make stuff with the blacksmith, but what do we do with what we make?

      2)how do you play with friends on pvp and other online activities? Or add partners? I searched for my friends user but it keeps saying "no save data."

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      1) The equips that you're trying to combine tells you what materials are needed, some are combined, others are just stuff u can find while fighting monsters.

      2) If you want to battle your friends in pvp, have them tell u their username that they use for pvp, ex. phoenix42 (that's mine, u can play with me if u want to)

      i'm sorry if i wasn't clear with the explainations, i tried my best

    • Lauren 4 years ago

      I have been playing this for a while now and have been doing the abyss every day but what do you mean by a coupon? I have never got anything like that before.

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      coupons are typically rare items that only appear once a while, if u get one, select it, press use and go back to ur inven and u should get some kind of gear

    • Seisetsu 4 years ago

      Ok I see my part of my question was answered. But it is basically about area zero and sacrifice. Is it still smart to invest in these skill or what not? Reason being I kinda started doing so.

    • Seisetsu 4 years ago

      Oh and one other question. Where can I find all of the guardian set equipment scrolls? So far I only have the blade, hood, and armor/cloak

    • Andy 4 years ago

      Hey guys i just don't get how to use abyss. Where can i sign up to get the code? THanks for your answers. And please make a detailed answer ;)

    • DavidG4L 4 years ago

      Yeah I would like to report something strange… I was a lvl 58 Blader n I just met Shaturu, so of course I die a lot at first but on one time I was attacking Shaturu's right back leg (his right) n I destroyed it, completely, so is is this some kind of bug? It was funny cuz Shaturu only got 3 legs then, but I died smh (I played on Samsung Galaxy Ace which is miserable cuz the game is quite slow at complex maps)

    • DavidG4L 4 years ago

      Oh one more thing, since im playing with android, I don't get this abyss thing… everyone sayed that they can only go once to the abyss in a day freely, but I could go into the abyss numerous times without exchanging anything… will someone explain this to me? (Btw I got a legendary ring that adds 10+ to all stats which is pretty awesome :P )

    • Kevin 4 years ago

      I have a blader with 76 str 168 dex and 92 con is this wrong? i'm confussed with the skill build i'm planning to get all passive is this weak for pvp?

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      so i just beat Shanturu in normal mode, and im in hard mode now, but why does the whole thing start over with stronger monsters...?

    • Tart 4 years ago

      Level 27 blader but can't put in a skill point into the Dance of Wind. Help please.

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      u hav to put a skill point into windcutter first, which u should hav done already if ur following ttocs' guide

    • Tart 4 years ago

      Well, darn... I should have searched for the blader's stat guide sooner. I started searching for it yesterday.

    • Shadow Fury 4 years ago

      yeah, like @andy said, I'm using an android tablet and I can go in to the abyss repeatedly without any cost. Is this an android glitch?

    • Zen4 4 years ago

      yo guys this helps a lot i mean a lot

      plus i have a smartphone android and i can go in abiss repeatidly

    • @ruffy 4 years ago


      i'm lvl 40 and "Fave Castle Square(past)". i killed boss from "Relic Room". my Problem is, i can't go to back "Deva Castle Barracks". how can i go to back to "Deva Castle Barracks".

      please help me!

    • alohasoundtrip 4 years ago

      Try to use teleport scroll or warper xD

    • le'mon 4 years ago

      I think it wld be better if u do wut I like to call the blanced build every level ur increasing what's important for ur character. U do 2 dex and 1 con and the next level u switch it and do 2 con and 1 dex tht way ur not leavin out. The 2 main builds same for the druide and the warrior find the 2 main build which is usually dex and con. Except if ur a ranger just go with the int if ur a ranger but if ur usin Druide warrior or blader it wld be better if u this build (blanced build)

    • Sid 4 years ago

      My blader is Level 40 and it can't defeat the Holy Gem boss

      I have to 2 dex 1 con build

    • andysmp 4 years ago

      Hey, just wondering how you activate hard/hell mode.

      i made my first character as a blader in normal mode and I've tried creating new characters in hard mode so i can reach level 90but i can't find the option where you get to choose.

    • Daniel 4 years ago

      that is good question i can't figure out how to change difficulty either. My guess is that you have to beat the game on normal then you restart on hard keeping your level. but im not for sure yet does anyone know for sure?

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      @andysmp, @Daniel

      u have to beat the game in normal mode to unlock hard mode, then beat hard mode for hell mode

    • Lauren 4 years ago

      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I can't for the life of me get past the leviathan, I die every single time I try! What are the best skills to use to defeat him the levels they should be on?

    • Razor 4 years ago

      I have not tried your spec/build sound I like to be even between health and dex. ... Th for this...I have been dieing constantly so I thought to look this up at a bad moment... Now I have to pay to reset mu skills and stats.

    • Lameboi 4 years ago

      Why I can't enter the buy zen shop?

    • deathmoon 4 years ago

      I'm level 29 and following the hybrid but still unable to battle morpice, I already died after one attack from him. How? and how to boost the weapon/ skills etc by using the stones anya produced? I'm still new with zenonia..

    • Momi 4 years ago

      Heyy there I'd like to ask you if you know how to change the difficulty from Normal mode to hard or hell? When I start new game it automatically sets difficulty to normal and then never asks me if I want to chage it so is there a way how to change it? Thanks

    • phonebraver 4 years ago

      Hi i am new in Zenonia i have problem defeating morpice can anyone help me -0-


    • Ganicus 4 years ago

      How do you unseal the sealed blade?

    • danthe man 4 years ago

      how do i get partner in the game and add people

    • Jizner 4 years ago

      I'm a level 70 blader but can't beat shaturu help I have pure dex bulid

    • Mrmanmister 4 years ago

      Im at lvl 67 and i got 5k att and 1k def, is that good?

    • Bennett 4 years ago

      anyone help me...i can't beat level 5 boss...with ATT 2404 DEF 887 Hit 136

      i'm level to up level again

    • jkantiporda 4 years ago

      pls help me im stuck im level 90 my stats build dex2con1 what is the good equipment for lvl 90 to beat last boss shaturu (hard mode ) can't beat him :c

    • Jakemaster 4 years ago

      Hey im a level 33 blader and have balanced skills. 55 con,int, and strength. 70 dex too. I was just wondering wat i should do now?

    • Jakemaster 4 years ago

      Another question what skills should i use while im a low level using hybrid path?

    • tofublader 4 years ago

      i just started only lvl 4 only. very suck right????i do not how to create pvp id haizzzzzzzzzz......

    • Zenoniac 4 years ago

      @Jakemaster although i havenr used it i would recommend passive skills like evasion and forged edge as well as profficiency because you wont get as much in those stats without a pure dex build

      @tofublader after you go to the pause screen go to status then pvp plus have fun playing im around lvl 50 with two different classes snd i can't put it down

    • x10ryu 4 years ago

      what is the best build

    • Serenity 4 years ago

      Guys, i'm a beginner in zenonia 4... please help me... in this game, can we sell an item?

    • Rexy 4 years ago

      Can anyone tell come person get huge atk like 20000++

    • Kaydon 4 years ago

      Hey readin threw the posts, does any 1 know where i can find sword arcana for my blader set and oricalium hilt? -_-

    • Krishna 4 years ago

      I need help.when I try to add someone in den of trails.the first box tells assistance reduces permanently and second one asks me to buy ring for 1000 zen.please help

    • killa975 4 years ago

      hey, im kinda lvl 69 with 7150 hp, 1024 sp,

      21909 atk,

      1066 def,

      118.96 hit,

      43.30 cri,

      73.63 eva,

      32.52 c.dmg,

      25.66 c.eva

      and im not able to beat shaturu he kills me in one of those beam attacks but the normal monsters can only do like 5 - 10 damage to me. any tips???

    • Poker face 4 years ago

      I am a lvl 36 blader why is my Att only 1089???

    • Qaxy 4 years ago

      haiz i got lvl32 blader and Attack is 2,679 Hp 3,890 DEf 980 is that ok?

    • Matt98 4 years ago

      Please I need to know how to add people on pvp. Anyone know? Respond ASAP if u do. Thanks!

    • Zenoniac 4 years ago

      This blader guide is brilliant even though i mixed up the skills a little im a pure dex build lvl 51 and my eva is 85.97 because i fully upgraded dark shadow and my evasion skill is lvl 5 now monsters can't touch me!

    • jopring 4 years ago

      can you level up both area zero and vamp aura? like have them at the same time? i got 2 on vamp aura but i don't really get how it works haha

    • Sam 4 years ago

      Yes man, what is the used of vampiric aura? It says that hp absorb but it didn't absorb any of my hp

    • likesky 4 years ago

      10% just little

      so just absorb for little

      not too much

      need request

      can you all tell me

      how to buy a Zen?

      it's from kredit card or what?

      thanks before :D

    • jc 4 years ago

      Where can i find the guardian armor combine recipe? where does it drop?

    • Baiko 4 years ago

      Nice guide, I'm having trouble with the end boss though, I can avoid his attacks easily so its not a matter of dying but dealing damage, after I got the legs down once and attacked his head, the legs heal up and become a lot harder to kill, I just can't seem to kill all 4 legs before the first ones reset again, endless spiral if you know what I mean. got any hints? thanks in advance!

    • michaelxukong 4 years ago

      @Baiko: I think u don't need to destroy all four legs to kill the head. There's a video on utube of a slaying killing the last boss, check it out.

      I'm a blader. Want to know if I should learn the skill mystereous shadow, the one that makes clones. Because you haven't included it in your list. A big thanks!

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      @Lauren leviathan was easy for me idk why, anyway, run around him a lot, and use dance of sura+invisible technique whenever his atk misses, and just continue to do that. watch out when he summons blackholes, even though those aren't going to be that much of a threat, its extra monsters that are out to get you when you least expect it

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      @deathmoon @phonebraver

      when you fight morpice, you have to be careful of his comet atk (that thing one-hits you if you don't move), other than that, theres nothing to be afraid of. you have to run around a little more when he has low hp

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      @Rexy he probably hacked...


      the beam atk is just wayyyyy too OP, just run around whenever you c the ground light up below you, and also, DO NOT use dance of sura and invisible technique for the legs, save them for that huge head, because bladers don't usually have much sp (area zero really helps the blader, just fyi)

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      for the final boss: first of all, you need to take down all four legs as fast as you can before you can atk the head, and its only a matter of time before the legs regenerate. watch out for the beam atks, as i mentioned above, and save your skills for the head

    • 4 years ago

      Hey off topic question: I've been leveling pure dexterity, yet my crit dmg stat hasn't been increasing for a while, if at all. It's currently at 5.28 and I'm Lvl. 22. I'm playing the game on the kindle fire if that helps at all, I don't know if it's different versions.

    • popo007 4 years ago

      How to get skills for my fairy?

    • michaelxukong 4 years ago

      Add skill stones to her. But adding a new one will destroy the current one.

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      U sure about more stuff being useful than useless than in the abyss cuz every time I go in I get stuff worse than what I'm wearing and they're always a different class if it's better than what I'm wearing.

    • lord.blader 4 years ago

      great guide, im adding every point into CON (tank) and im a level 44 so far, it going pretty good!

    • ThirdBloods 4 years ago

      how do you defeat BAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      lol i had problems with that too, but just get him as close to a wall as u can and spam atk button (don't use skills, it gives him time to atk)

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      Dex doesn't increase crit dmg, theres a skill at lvl 30 or 35 that increases ur crit dmg. just fyi, Dex increases every stat except hp, sp, and crit dmg

    • Vinz 4 years ago

      I don't get it.................... I want a lot of HP and ATT..........

    • Garnet Platoon profile image

      Garnet Platoon 4 years ago from Iloilo, Iloilo City, Philippines

      sir,, need help i csnt find the abyss in the menu. please help

    • jswag42 4 years ago

      @Garnet Platoon

      it should be in the top left hand corner in "status"

    • yall 4 years ago

      I can't beat wizard boss when your at the teleporter to shaturus place

    • yall 4 years ago

      For keltura dark boss just run to lever and press action button

    • Cindy 4 years ago

      I'm Blader lvl 66, but i add my points to STR (nw 92) at earlier stage. nw i still cnt defeat saturu.. my dex only 292, with con 126 and int 73. T.T any idea?

    • Sabyr 4 years ago

      You can also just change your clock through 20 hours and get the zenoniac title that's what I did

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      keep training to lvl. 70 (that's what i did) and i had the same problem as you did except i added too much int in early game, so now i can use every skill i have without having to use a pot lol. i didn't have much dex either and i still killed that annoying spider thing aka shanturu

    • Cindy 4 years ago

      Thx for the advice. Btw, shaturu's legs beccome "immortal" after i attacked his head once.. n tat is annoying T.T

    • Steven 4 years ago

      I have the shadow move and the dance of sura. Would you recommend to max out the +15% for con because I'm a pure dex

    • Shadow9988 4 years ago

      Awesome guide

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      that shouldn't happen, because you are given a fixed amt. of time to atk its head before it comes back and start attacking you again

    • Cindy 4 years ago

      After i attack his head for the 1st time, the hp of the legs become double of that b4.. impossible that i could defeat shaturu if the legs get stronger aft each time of failure to kill fren also facing d same problem..

    • Abalala 4 years ago

      Hey everyone, i tried to play with a friend of mine in PVP i searched his name via 'search' and then results said no save data. What does this mean and is there even a way to play php realtime?

    • Cindy 4 years ago

      Finally i defeated shaturu at lvl 66! I use a lot of sheathe stone to boost up my attack, dex, con n defense!

    • emilai 4 years ago

      Hi need help fast.. Im in level 70 how do i get exp more.. ???

      I don't get in anymore why???

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      lol u need to beat Shanturu (lvl 70) first, and then u can level in hard mode, where you need to beat Shanturu (lvl 90?) again

    • BJCHILLSWAG 4 years ago

      On lvl 32 is att 840 and def 429 good or really bad plz help me out

    • BJCHILLSWAG 4 years ago

      What stats should be set to defeat shataru help me plz using blader

    • X2 4 years ago

      Hey name is Android x2 if you wanna play nd or such just add me and let's pvp and such

    • TheNoob 4 years ago

      So, quick question.. How does the Ultimate attack work? Like, how do you activate/use it? Cause it won't give me the option to add it in a quick slot ._.

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      u can't put Area Zero in quick slot cuz it's a passive skill, but the u can quick slot the other ultimate (depends on ur class)

    • BJCHILLSWAG 4 years ago

      What's best full dex, hybrid or tank somebody help me out cuz shataru is easy but it takes to long to defeat him.

    • jswag42 4 years ago


      i think full dex was easy, cuz u can deal a little more damage on the head

    • Me 4 years ago

      I got exploding sword. It's fun. Kinda like invisible technique but less time. Also causes slow. Along with that I got shadowstep, very useful.

    • Jaedre 4 years ago

      Can shadowstep be used instead of windcutter

    • NothingEnds 4 years ago

      How to farm space essence fast...? Which is the best planet to farm..?

    • thisends 4 years ago

      Guys I just started and I'm on a boss but can't kill him because I'm out of potions and the revive things could anyone send me some money for potions? My name is nathan26 it would really help

    • wait.... 4 years ago

      if i followed the guide exactly..what damage/def/hp should i get by the time im level 70?

    • Xeeoph 4 years ago

      Throw one stat point into Mysterious Shadow and every single boss fight becomes at least twice as fast/easy. Face toward the target and use the skill, and expect a large chunk of the target's health to disappear in seconds. If you are going pure DEX, then you can forgo the 10 points in the +3 DEX skill because 30 of about 350 is minuscule, which lets you get level 10 Mysterious Shadow, five shadows that attack the target for 14 seconds at 100% power, which similar in damage to the player standing in place whacking away at the target for 30 sec or so.

    • Qwerty 4 years ago every 5 lvls I throw a point in CON and the rest in DEX

      Should i follow the pure DEX build but add like 2 or 3 points in Conditioning?

      Also i have a skill stone tht absorbs 5% of my DMG into HP by 50 seconds...should i still use Vampiric Aura? And if i do should i put 1 or 2 points?

    • Unknown 4 years ago

      How do you beat the final boss on hard mode?

    • Unkown 4 years ago

      guys i recommend to replace 35 into mysterious shadow then max the myst shadow to kill bosses fast and also to survive

    • cloud-994 4 years ago

      Add me cloud-994 lvl 37 slayer

    • Someone 4 years ago

      Does the skill build on the works for every boss?

    • marco 4 years ago

      where to get divination blade? tnx

    • andrewx1334 4 years ago

      @ marco : from pvp (little drop rate) or u can craft it by purchasing the recipe from item merchant

      For blader skills :

      Passives : The most important passives are conditioning (for hybrid), forged edge, proficiency (others such as evasion, shadow move, malice, wrath, etc arent really as useful; u can get high crit dmg, crit rate, evasion, and even dex from sheathe stones by using 2 lv 99 epic items)

      Buffs : Sacrifice (the one that doubles ur dmg)

      Actives : Mysterious Shadow (lv 10), Windcutter (lv 10), Invisible Technique (lv 10), Dance of Sura (lv 10)

      that's all important skills, spent ur remaining skill points in other actives/buffs/passives (for passives i would recommend to invent ur remaining skill points in shadow move and the other that increases ur crit dmg; others such as malice and evasion are pretty bad since both of them only give u 10.0 evasion and 10.0 crit rate)

    • mauro 4 years ago

      pleeease. I can't win the statue boss. Do u know? He throw fireball and rocks with ice golens to help. What to do here??

    • andrewx1334 4 years ago

      Are u on the normal or hard mode ?

      The rock binds u for some sec. and keep dodging those fireballs

      Summon ur shadows and let them kill the boss, also the sacrifice skill might be as useful

      If you still can't beat it, go pvp and find a better equips (note that equipment and ornaments from pvp have higher base stat than the regular one)

    • Jerry 4 years ago

      nice guide

    • john 4 years ago

      I can't enter the abbys anymore i only went in there 1 time and can't get back in help me

    • Zenonia lineage 4 years ago

      the cup arcana is a rare drop from PvP. I ' ve gotten it twice on my level 70 character

    • RoBiN 3 years ago

      Hmm , my blader isn't good im lvl 30 and can't beat anyone in pvp mode , my skills are all active . im pure dex should i create another char so i can build good skills?!

    • DN Manticore Nest profile image

      DN Manticore Nest 3 years ago from Cebu City

      how can i get huge dmg to enemies?

    • SHINYTOYGUNS 3 years ago

      a hybrid blader(2dex,1con/lvl) is a good build

    • Potatomine 3 years ago

      Hi,your guide helps me so much! But i always add 1con and 2dex per lvl and it helps me more..i don't die easily but theres one thing bothering me and that's my SP...its so low that i always run out of it so i put all my points on INT (lvl 20-25) can that be?

    • Potatomine 3 years ago

      Tip:For other players that have a hard time on defeating bosses i recommend you add ''anthony0127'' on den of trials...also a blader so high dmg (29000+) and def(9100+)..and my name here is also my name on zenonia..

    • EmoAxy 3 years ago

      Hey, uhm. I followed your instructions and I think there is something wrong cuz i didn't add any points to con and int but i can always be defeated easily by monsters when they attack me but when I attack them, it's easy since i always put points on dex. what should I do?

    • keint 3 years ago

      i like it

    • Aloybaba 3 years ago

      Im here behalf of my friend, he has a blader whose att is 30k+(i knew he uses hacks) said he was unable to attack monsters. Like whenever he tries to attack the monster the damage count doesn't shows up and does no damage. I do not know what's the problem here even though i have beaten hell mode. Someone please help.(pardon my english

    • Emar 2 years ago

      i cannot defeat that giant weird stone face what can i do i am level33

    • harris:D 2 years ago

      How to beat shaturu

      1st- use a guardian set or better

      2nd-use the best sheathe stones

      3rd-only choose Anyas best stone

      4th-its up to youXD

      5th-use your skill points into passive skills to lessen the damage taken or to highen your damage to shaturu

      6th(and the last)-make sure that your active skills are at least 5 points so that you will easily kill him thx XD

    • Meatloaf777 2 years ago

      Thanks For the build dude.. hihi. its kinda tricky but i think you're right.

    • Matmail 2 years ago

      Good guides ttocs, but im following my own desire of building character.

      M4TM41L Blader Level 71 Hard Mode

      Att 2384 Def 1071 Hit 142.16

      CRI 72.22 EVA 64.41

      C.DMG 28.96 C.EVA 40.22

      STR 133 DEX 209 CON 125 INT 113

      HP 5215 SP 2708

      EQUIPS :











      Sheathe stones? Already set up. Using sheathe with dex +22 is very useful. Im on my way to collect Hero Set.

      PASSIVES :


      MALICE 6

      POTION PLUS 10


      EVASION 1


      WRATH 1


      AREA ZERO 2

      ACTIVES :

      Telling the most I use







    • NoobGameplay 23 months ago

      What's the fariy guide for blader??

      I'm doing the tank guide btw

    • Semaj 23 months ago

      How you put dance of wind if you don't have windcutter? @.@

    • Akatshiro 21 months ago

      Hey there i started over again in zenonia 4 and i have 1000 zens should i spent it on attack or defense?im just 11

    • Shadow slayer 17 months ago

      I'm confused on the skill build is the first skill/passive the pure DEX character?? Please help I don't understand

    • danish007 11 months ago

      what do you mean left one and right one?

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