Zenonia 4 Slayer Guide: Stat and Skill Builds

The Slayer

As the most straightforward character in Zenonia 4, the Slayer is usually (along with the Slayer-like choices in the previous games) labeled as a “beginner” class. While this is slightly true, using the Slayer definitely doesn’t immediately turn Zenonia 4 into “easy-mode” (unless you decide to use G-Points to overpower yourself). You do die a lot less than the other characters though, as well as retain way more money. Strong 1v1 attacks, as well as some awesome AOE’s make the Slayer... well, good at slaying things.

Stat Build

Pure STR – This build is surprisingly fragile, especially to bosses. Pumping all your points into STR ensures maximum damage, but leaves you without a lot of HP. With this build, you probably want to skip out on the offensive passive skills and buffs until the later levels, as you won’t need them.

Hybrid – This build consists of adding 2 CON every 3 levels, or if you’re having any trouble with mobs/bosses, adding 1 CON per level. A great mix of damage and defense; this is probably one of the easier builds of any class in Zenonia 4 to play, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Skill Build

This is a skill build up to level 40ish for the Slayer. It’s geared towards the hybrid build, but can basically be applied to all of them. If you’re a pure STR, go for defensive/evasive passive skills first, and if you’re a tank, you can skip out on “Defense Skill” and other passive skills of that kind.

LvI 2 – Armor Break (1)
LvI 3 – Potion Plus (1)
LvI 4 – Potion Plus (2)
LvI 5 – Concentration (1)
LvI 6 – Concentration (2)
LvI 7 – Concentration (3)
LvI 8 – Concentration (4)
LvI 9 – Concentration (5)
LvI 10 – Sword Skill (1)
LvI 11 – Sword Skill (2)
LvI 12 – Sword Skill (3)
LvI 13 – Sword Skill (4)
LvI 14 – Sword Skill (5)
LvI 15 – Sword Skill (6)
LvI 16 – Sword Skill (7)
LvI 17 – Sword Skill (8)
LvI 18 – Sword Skill (9)
LvI 19 – Sword Skill (MAX)
LvI 20 – Earth Break (1)
LvI 21 – Explosiveness (1)
LvI 22 – Explosiveness (2)
LvI 23 – Explosiveness (3)
LvI 24 – Strengthening (1)
LvI 25 – Whirlwind (1)
LvI 26 – Explosiveness (4)
LvI 27 – Explosiveness (5)
LvI 28 – Explosiveness (6)
LvI 29 – Sacrifice (1)
LvI 30 – Power Link (1)
LvI 31 – Power Link (2)
LvI 32 – Power Link (3)
LvI 33 – Power Link (4)
LvI 34 – Power Link (5)
LvI 35 – Power Link (6)
LvI 36 – Power Link (7)
LvI 37 – Power Link (8)
LvI 38 – Power Link (9)
LvI 39 – Power Link (MAX)
LvI 40 – Defense Skill (1)
LvI 41 – Dragon Aura (1)
LvI 42 – Dragon Aura (2)

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of where to add the rest of your skill points. Basically just max out all the passive abilities, sans Furious Speed (I don’t like this skill because I usually like to group up enemies, and moving too quickly loses aggro on a lot of mobs). Your main attacks are Armor Break, Earth Break, and Whirlwind – they’re much more effective than the other active skills. Sword Wave is too one-dimensional and Battle Howl does the opposite of what you want. Blackhole Sting can be useful, but lacks the pull-power that you’d ideally want out of it until investing a lot of skill points. Avatar is really only useful for the HP up 50%, to tank a boss or to run away from a sticky situation.


  • Just a small tip: Armor Break is a skill that you’ll be using a lot in the beginning of the game. It hits twice, each hit knocking the enemy back a bit. Try to pin your enemy against a wall so both hits land, or your second one may miss. If you can’t do that, then run up as close as you can.
  • Pick your Fairy’s rune and skills according to your Slayer’s build. If you’re a pure STR or hybrid, odds are you’re lacking a bit of defense. Get skills that compensate for stats like HP and CON.
  • If you’re finding your Slayer a bit too easy, mix it up by adding some DEX. You’ll get more avoid and critical rating without having too much attack/defense.

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Alex 4 years ago

Its says to get strengthing at lvl 2? And the passive requires you to be lvl 15? I'm confused :/

ndduong 4 years ago

hello ttocs, can you post a guide for ranger please? cause my ranger sucks against other rangers thanks

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

I'm working on it. Mine is still a pretty low level so it may take a few days.

Serg 4 years ago

So what do you recommend? Pure str build or hybrid build?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

Pure STR if you don't mind a bit of a challenge, Hybrid if you don't want to die a lot

Serg 4 years ago

Pure str it is. I want to die a lot lol. Thanks for the guide!

Mosh 4 years ago

Can you help please I can't choose between Druide and slayer which would you personally recommend I keep using blader class but I always die

Nam 4 years ago

What a good skill for slayer in pvp ?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

@mosh - if you don't want to die a lot definitely pick slayer.

@Nam - gear matters a lot more than stats for PVP. A pure str would be able to kill their enemy quickly, but die quickly as well, as opposed to the tank which could take some damage.

Nam 4 years ago

Im level 82 in hell mode i got 9.5k att and 2.4k def and 13k health but i keep dying in pvp

Rogerywy 4 years ago

Hi ttocs, I can't pump my power link skill without one skill point on sacrifice. I followed your guide so I'm stuck at this point now. What should I do?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

My bad, I edited it. Just add a point into sacrifice and then add into Power Link.

Ccrivera86 4 years ago

So does this game not end? I just beat shaturu or what ever his name is but the game just restarted in hard mode. What's up with this?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

I don't like the format either - you have to beat the game again in hard mode to get the "real" ending

Facepalm 4 years ago

Hi ttocs, do you recommend using avatar skill?? And if I want to focus on that skill do I boost int?? Thanks

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

I personally don't use avatar, but you can try it out (save before you add the skill point, and if you don't like it, restart Zenonia). Nope, you still focus on STR/CON

Ccrivera86 4 years ago

Thanks Ttocs, I guess I'll just have to keep on playing. At least we get to keep all stats and gears.

That guy 4 years ago

Just a quick question, why do you have potion plus in the skill build list? Is it beneficial if I'm going for the full CON build?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

It saves TONS of money no matter which build you use. If you want to be OPTIMAL, you could skip the skill, but I don't recommend it.

Bubblez 4 years ago

U say adding 2 con every 3 level.. So that rest goes to STR?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author


Poweeer 4 years ago

Hi, sorry for my bad english ^^ it's because i'm french ...

I wanted to know what is the class that is fun and is strong in PVP.

Nosrac 4 years ago

I love your guide! Helped me a ton.

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

poweeer - they all have their perks, in my experience, slayers are pretty great in PVP. I don't suggest you choose a class based on PVP though

nosrac - no problem :)

dongybear 4 years ago

what are the g-points and what do you mean by 'overpowering' your charc?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

oops i meant ZEN. You can straight up buy stats with zen... which will make your character pretty overpowered if you had a lot.

Dougy 4 years ago

I made a slayer he's at lvl 24 I'm following the guide with the skill sets, in every level im adding 2 to Str and one to Con/dex/int. Should I keep doing this?

SuicideFaction profile image

SuicideFaction 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

Is 2 INT and 1 DEX per 2 levels and rest to CON a good build?

ttocs profile image

ttocs 4 years ago Author

dougy- if it's working out for you, keep going. Dex and Int aren't great for slayers though, look at the stat builds for more info on that.

SF- Eh I hesitate adding too much into INT for a slayer. Dex is alright though, for some crit, but I prefer just sticking with con and str

elve94 4 years ago

yea am the same with stefandos2, when will our slayer be able to defeat the forgotten hidden temple 2 ?

it's just too hard to tank the boss, especially when he dragged us like DK in WoW , *lol*

Zj 4 years ago

Why can't I find malice anywhere in the skill list?

kingpiwi1 4 years ago

slayer full CON with "POWER LINK" level max seems to be great!

Killingmachine 4 years ago

hi, great guide, but I thought strengthening was a good skill? It seems that you could up the attack like a boss with it, so wouldn't it be good to invest more points in it? And anyway, if I replace it with something else, what would you recommending replacing?

Tuft64 4 years ago

Hey ttocs, think you could post guides for Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story? I've managed to get to lvl 21 with my shadow assassin, due to overuse of passives, but I'm having a lot of trouble fighting bosses, and have already used both Origins you start with, and I don't like using IAPs.

Killingmachine 4 years ago

Oh, and I have a problem here, won't your char's SP be super low? XP

Tavan991986 4 years ago

I can't seem to get good stuff in abyss helP? I killed proneus but im still pretty weak any ideas?

Ak-47 4 years ago

How to kill necro o only got like 2k att & 500 def

Sekobo 4 years ago

Wow I love this guide I defeated Leonard when I was 4 lvls down

but rangers are awesome


Loso 4 years ago

Hey ttocs, my slayer's build is pure str. Do you still recommend on learning power link to level10?

Tuft64 4 years ago

I wouldn't recommend it, because a pure STR build is really strong ATK wise on its own, and that's a total waste of ten skill pints if you do. Maybe invest in something that adds CON or DEF. both would be good.

Loso 4 years ago

Thanks tuft64!

Tuft64 4 years ago

Glad I could be of help. Also, you may want to invest in Potions+, because it'll save a STR slayer a lot of health, since they don't have very high max hp, plus it saves you a ton of money. It's a skill basically any slayer should have, and for you who don't know what passives to invest in past 42, I would suggest Potion+, because ttocs' guide only has it at lvl 1, and it's a WAAAAAYY better skill than that. Also, try to max out your actives and buffs if you're a CON slayer, because a CON slayer needs all the extra attack that he or she can get

kidrobot 4 years ago

just wondering, does potion plus also works with hp/mo ELIXERS?

Mary 4 years ago

Hey, I'm playing since 2 days and I'm currently in Hell Mode. I'm wondering what could happened in the Hell Mode Ending.. but I'm still not Lvl 99, because there are no quests or something.. grinding is so boring x.x Any lvl tips for Hell Mode? Nice Guide between. (:

calvin cece 4 years ago

hey, just wanna ask.. where is sheathe stone?? please reply asap

choolit 4 years ago

men thanks for your guide .hope ill finish it .

creul2 4 years ago

Uhm I am thinking that im gonna do pure con build and then every few levels put a few in str is that a good or bad idea

Flamin 4 years ago

It's me or when you lose in pvp you lose stats point like atk?

Zhihui 4 years ago

What can I do with the rune that the fairy produce? :/

jswag42 4 years ago

@Zhihui either eqiup them (only if they have good stats and helps ur character) or get rid of them (i personally sell it)

Zhihui 4 years ago

@jswag42 thanks for the reply haha got that figure out ytd :)

Zhihui 4 years ago

anyone have good tips for beating Leviathan ? :(

adnan94 4 years ago

My slayer sucks,in 7 pvp, have won only 1 time , there are my stats:

lv 26,att 1115, def 341,hit 111,00,cri 13,96,c.dmg 23,10,eva 7,79, c.eva 4,38,

and my fairy is :

rune:fire (xtreme att tendency) and skill heaven's blessing(str increas) att:135, def:fire 25 and others 5

PLEASE CAN HELP ME ANYONE ??? cause i die often also in the single play storyline

adnan94 4 years ago

i know that i've upgrade so much att and not trust def, but what i can do without create a new pg ? (sorry for my bad english,i'm italian)

danny 4 years ago

Hey dude where or how do I get the id number...???

Iagg 4 years ago

Hey its saying i have too many items. How do i get rid of some weapons? I don't see an option to select and get rid of any?? Please help??

Bumby 4 years ago

@lagg here's what you need to do.on the menu, go to inventory. tap the item you want to dispose or throw away and it should show 4 options. one of those options is to drop the item. but if you're just in town, i recommend selling that item you wanted to dispose. this'll help especially on the early stages of game.

Mk 4 years ago

Yes... I am same here...

I m now stuck in hard mode leviathan...

Any suggestion to beat it?

I m hybrid, 2str&1con per level... Lvl 82

Attk 5.7k def 1.8k

Hp 8k but 1hit KO by leviathan...

Moontear 4 years ago

I got a lvl 51 slayer with 122 str, 101 dex, 116 con and 56 int, is that good?

LS 4 years ago

My S liv 58 hv:


Mix str/con 7-2

MechanicHeart 4 years ago

I am lv 44 and I add a skill point to avatar, is that ok??

MechanicHeart 4 years ago

And I stuck with the skill points, I don't know what skill to choose anybody help me :(

Knowell 4 years ago

Got a level 86 blader and 4 Uniques. Do you have an idea of where to farm good items in hell mode? Most of the mobs are taking a while to beat in hell,, Grrrr. Too bad I was not able to farm materials for a level 95 weapon. I currently playing my slayer level 22. I wish players can trade items here, that'll be cool

ZenMaster 4 years ago

Quick tip for people finding the start difficult with fragile characters:

You can destroy the crates in the town you start in to get health and mana potins (s) and then if you go to the forest and straight back to town without completing the quest the crates are back so its an easier start to the game :)

jswag42 4 years ago

is shanturu easier on slayer or blader?

jdejdhdh 4 years ago

what about a build like each level 2con and 1str? because you get att from power link. is this viable?

gnuen 4 years ago

You can mix it anyway you like I'm playing s full con slayer got over 11k health 5xxx atk and25xx defence and bosses can hurt a tiny bit but not to much

alejandro57 4 years ago

Anyone knows why I can't obtain material from the rocks anymore. I try to hit them but nothing happens. Please heelp!!!

Teddyboy 4 years ago

Leviathan is the hardest boss in the game ( in hard mode )


sikichi 4 years ago

i can't pass leviathan so i made new slayer again with gpoints i bought 15% gpoints now my defence is thick and waiting to be at lvl 50++ again btw what is max defence?

sikichi 4 years ago

i still have 20k zen how can i buy stats for con?

A1fa S1ayer 4 years ago

Thx so much for the guide it really helped...lvl 40 slayer pure CON...5k health 1.5k att 700 def and avatar skill isn't that bad and i havnt used any gpoints :)

iznabero 4 years ago

yeah leviathan is the hardest...i deafeated him in my blader lvl 87 tahaha...just wait him to attack then go closer and skill then run again..that's my takes sometime but just relax and u will defeat him tahaha

Teddyboy 4 years ago

@iznabero : When i comment on this board , I already defeat him with my slayer.

@sikichi : In the normal mode , u can beat it easy if u have good item set. I don't recommend to buy stats. U should use your skill to defeat it.

tyler 4 years ago

Wat is da "real" ending of da game

Wtfdude 4 years ago

Dude I'm pure CON and all I do is miss..... And die quickly AND do low damage... And I followed the guide.

Finn 4 years ago

Would this be a decent idea? What If I followed a pure STR build but got avatar? Would I not give me 50% more HP and I could still have the massive ATK stat of a pure STR Slayer. So would this be a valid build?

Teddyboy 4 years ago

@Wtfdude : u can make a sheath stone and use it. it give u a bonus status such as +Dex , +Str , + Con. It is very helpful for your character.

@Finn : Avatar have a time limit so u gain 50% more HP for a few sec. but it u want to build pure STR Slayer. U can do it and U can use a sheath stone for your extra Con status.

pown94 4 years ago

So guys, i've beat the game in hard modec and is in hell mode... There is nothing for me to do except running around killing stuff... Any suggestion would make my day ^^ thanks

Javi21 4 years ago

What stats should build up when leveling up I'm a lv.53 slayer with 1.98 k Attk and 780 def. Anyone have a clue???

Jabberwock 4 years ago

pure con or hybrid? and what skills do you recommend for pure con?

Slayer 4 years ago

Great guide helped me a lot. Tank build helps get so much money fast. To those saying they die to quickly with "tank" slayer, did you expect to be able to just stand there and take on damage from boss's with no challenge at all. Try moving away from the attacks. If you still think tank build dosnt work play a druid and you will see the difference.

Sam 4 years ago

HEY TOCCS so if u use hybrid what's the other point for? Coz u use it only for con right

aguares 4 years ago

Hi all,

Even if i am in hybrid lvl 24 i don't know how i can win Squash draca :/ someone know ??

enigma 4 years ago

There was this one character i fought in pvp mode and his attack was well over 14000 and he was a lower level than me. How did he do that?

Goruko 4 years ago

What are str and con points appose to be at on lvl 40(for hybird)?i messed up somewhat and need to compensate and even out.

Jacky 4 years ago

I am using a full CON Slayer. Is it a good idea to use charged attacks? Also, sometimes, when I use a charged attack, he damage is still the same as normal, does this happen to anyone else?

Help 4 years ago

I can't beat the Levathan boss. I'm lvl 50 pure CON.

Remgo 4 years ago

How long is the den of trials or how many floors is it and what is the reward?

AzViktor 4 years ago

Enigma -zen points pumped into their stats "usually" brought with real money Goruko- usually gear dependant so personally don't worry about it i mean u don't have to follow giudes exactly experimentings more fun imo however this giude is a good start. Jacky- depends on the charged attack? Some say they do 300% dmg etc otherwise not a clue. . Imo reasonable gear comes from winning in pvp the weapons n such seem so much better Than the stuff u can made noting this is only at the beginning not sure on higher lvl gears but my blader n driud got better around lvl 45 with gear won in pvp (won gear was lvl 45) Finally gona start a slayer!!

AzViktor 4 years ago

Re:jacky. On i think i c wat u mean now maybe its the distance u are away from the enemy

BJCHILLSWAG 4 years ago

What should be my skill guide pure str or hybrid

jswag42 4 years ago


pure str if you want some challenge, but then again, slayer isn't a challenging class to begin with

Erika 4 years ago

Can anybody tell me all the slayer active skills that i should max out? Please and thank you. :)

jswag42 4 years ago


max out whirlwind, dragon aura, earth break and armor break.

for armor break, u have to get really to the enemy.

earth break u have to round the enemies up to get the full effect of its AOE

Jaw 4 years ago

Would you recommend slayer for fun powerful character also pvp class

Skygen 4 years ago

I setted all on Condition because theres one ultimaskill that gives you permantly Attackpoint per

Condition. Im lvl 90 in hardmode and have 13.000 HP. Its very hard an you need a good Equipment. Sry for my bad english. Im from Germany.

Solaris-6 3 years ago

hey sweet guide preshiate all the time you invested in these guides could you make a money making guide??? :D

generation99 3 years ago

hey thx for the guide pal it's very useful 2 many players though

Jesse The Noob Slayer 3 years ago

Hey I think this is my plan for this game.The stats is every 3 level you up CON by 2 and 1 point again for STR.This is because I choose hybrid and also I always thankful for your guide....:) Thks!!!

Jmcnally 3 years ago

Why can't I buy anymore stats with zen. The button is darkened.

dade 3 years ago

help im stuck at lvl 90, how can i lvl up again?

james 2 years ago

Has any blader ever killed shaturu in normal mode?

If no 1 did.....I am the 1st then !!!!!!!!!

david 2 years ago

put all your points in CON its is the best too high defence and also attack because of power link skill

gabriel 2 years ago

How and what I do to pass the eighth story of the castle?

JupZ 22 months ago

If I put 3 con and 3 str at next level is good? Nice Build man

ultimatex245 8 months ago

People. For bosses, just use Dragon Aura, activate Sacrifice and Avatar, and see the carnage.

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