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Top 10 Characters to Use in "Final Fantasy Type-0"

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"Final Fantasy Type-0" Characters

"Final Fantasy Type-0" Characters

Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

Before we rank our playable characters, is this game (not even a numbered FF entry) worth our time? Yes—mostly. Zero wields some of the worst English voice acting and story I've seen, a let-down for such a prominent franchise. However, it compensates with entertaining gameplay that focuses more on action than most FF titles, strong graphics (at least on PS4; the PSP port suffers in this department), and a spectacular musical score.

If you're looking for engaging plot and well-developed characters, Class Zero will live up to their name. But if you care more about gameplay and aesthetics, I definitely recommend this title, especially since it's dropped substantially in price since release, now costing well under $15!

Character Guide for Final Fantasy Type-0

Below are the ten best characters in the game, ranked using my own preferences as well as general fan consensus. Many of the best wield ranged weapons, as their long-distance tools simply grant them a fierce edge against common melee enemies.

Beyond that, speed, magic, and AP abilities (which use a refillable meter) also contribute to our aces. But with 14 different cadets available, which troops reign supreme? These are the ten best characters (and tips on how to play them) in Final Fantasy Type-0!

Jack in "Type-0"

Jack in "Type-0"

10. Jack

Weapon: Katana

Class clown Jack has the slowest movement speed with his weapon out, making it difficult for him to traverse the field and dodge. However, his attacks hit like a truck, draining huge chunks of an enemy's life bar with just a few slashes, and if you have good timing, his Reflex counterattack helps make up for his poor mobility.

To move Jack around more quickly, sheath his weapon, use dodges, or switch into him from more agile characters.

Deuce in "Type-0"

Deuce in "Type-0"

9. Deuce

Weapon: Flute

Yes, Deuce is so skilled that she combats evil with a dang flute. And she's surprisingly good with her odd mid-range weapon: it continuously spits out orbs that automatically home in on and slam opponents.

However, rather than controlling Deuce yourself, I recommend using her as a support; her party-wide HP-recovering and attack-boosting AP moves adeptly buff your main unit, even in the hands of the game's lousy AI. Plus, compared to several of her dumb or cold allies, Deuce's compassionate nature makes her one of the more likable characters.

Seven in "Type-0"

Seven in "Type-0"

8. Seven

Weapon: Whipblade

Team mom Seven is a well-balanced melee combatant whose sweeping attack ranges let her reliably land hits even if you're a few paces away from an enemy. Her magic is decent and she has a nice variety of AP moves, including the thorn-summoning Sadistic Spikes and the HP/MP recovering Drainlash and Osmoselash.

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Eight in "Type-0"

Eight in "Type-0"

7. Eight

Weapon: Fists

In retrospect, this would be much less confusing if Eight were eighth and Seven seventh. Hey, I'm not the one who named the cast after card values. Regardless, Eight has a low MP pool, terrible range, and attack commands that take some time to master. However, he compensates with swift and powerful melee strikes, rapidly throwing jabs that quickly decimate a foe's life bar.

Eight takes some practice, and his AI isn't worth much, but he's a great choice for lead member or for soloing a mission (which increases your score thanks to the "One-Man Army" bonus).

Nine in "Type-0"

Nine in "Type-0"

6. Nine

Weapon: Spear

The dumb jock Nine is a somewhat slow but sturdy melee combatant, bearing impressive defense, and he has the highest Hit Points in the game. His default Jump AP ability is a nice way to both move forward and attack across a wide range, and he later learns ranged options like Javelin Throw and Laser Lance.

Boost Nine's HP even further with accessories like Silver and Gold Bangles to morph him into a worthy tank who dishes out hits almost as well as he absorbs them.

King in "Type-0"

King in "Type-0"

5. King

Weapon: Twin Revolvers

King's stoic nature makes him appear uncaring, but he's really just a quiet, kind person, one of the few cadets I truly. Luckily, he's pretty good in battle, wielding twin handguns whose bullets travel faster than other projectiles and across a longer range.

King also wields several potent AP moves, from the melee-geared Point-Blank Shot to the rapid-fire Endless Waltz. However, bear in mind that he uses an ammo mechanic that forces him to reload occasionally (he has infinite bullets, but will need to briefly pause). He'll later learn abilities that increase his magazine size and lessen the issue, but exercise caution during his vulnerable reload state.

Trey in "Type-0"

Trey in "Type-0"

4. Trey

Weapon: Bow

Trey's a bit of a know-it-all, but he's well-intentioned and not as cold as Queen. He wields a long-range bow, and he's the slowest ranged character. However, he makes up for it with great range and impressive power, especially with his charged shots. These are key to playing Trey, as they travel faster, deal more damage, and you can still move around (if a bit slower) while charging; he's not rooted in place as with some charge attacks.

Ace in "Type-0"

Ace in "Type-0"

3. Ace

Weapon: Cards

Perhaps our lamest FF protagonist yet (and you thought Tidus was bad), Ace's playing cards (hey, is it really less believable than a flute?) deal weak damage, but he tosses several at once and they attack from a distance. Ace also learns a melee attack and charge move to further round out his arsenal, and his AP techniques let him from draw cards that heavily damage foes or recover HP/MP, making him a surprisingly versatile warrior who also enjoys healing capabilities.

Since Ace can heal without the Cure spells, he's a good candidate to give a different defensive magic to, perhaps the status ailment-recovering Esuna or the auto-dodges of Avoid.

Rem in "Type-0"

Rem in "Type-0"

2. Rem

Weapon: Twin Daggers

Like Deuce, Rem is someone you'll probably want as a support rather than your controlled leader, although her excellent Magic and MP stats make her a tempting mage. Still, her weapons have odd, short-range animations that make her regular strikes a bit unwieldy.

That's okay—give her the fantastic Manalchemy AP ability and her AI will consistently use it in battle, recovering your entire team's MP. This is simply the best MP recovery in the game, letting you access your valuable spells and heals far more often.

Cater in "Type-0"

Cater in "Type-0"

1. Cater

Weapon: Magitek Pistol

Cater is spunky without being nearly as brainless as Cinque or Nine, but her real treat comes from her battle capabilities. She's simply the fastest character in the game, rapidly traversing the field and dodging attacks with ease. Her ranged pistol roots her in place as she fires, but she naturally shoots a powerful, enemy-piercing combo finisher that also pushes her back (distancing herself from melee units), and she charges shots naturally over time.

This makes Cater an excellent solo warrior who can dance around enemies until they stagger, fire her charged volley, then quickly begin dodging and charging once more. Despite unimpressive AP moves (it's often better to spend AP on the Triad Maneuver team attack anyway), Cater's speed, range, and auto-charging make her my preferred character for nearly any situation.

The Future of Final Fantasy

While not the thunderous return to the RPG glory days fans are still hoping for, Type-0 is still an engaging title that shares FF13's lore but allows much more freedom in exploration. Despite a lackluster cast, Type-0 sold well and warranted a sequel, showing Final Fantasy fans are still very much invested in the series.

While it may never return to the incredible spotlight it once had, Final Fantasy is slowly getting back on the right track, and I hope it continues its positive trend. But for now, as we eagerly await Square's next title, vote for your favorite Type-0 character and I'll see you at our next FF countdown!

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