Top 10 Non-Legendary Dragons in Pokémon

Updated on October 4, 2019
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What are the Best Dragons in Pokémon?

Dragons were arguably the strongest Pokémon for several generations, weak only against themselves and Ice attacks. The Fairy type later helped balance them, but they still resist more elements than they're weak to.

Dragons are rare and often don't evolve until later levels, but compensate with dominating stats that hold their own even against legendary opponents. But with dozens of beasts available, which titans reign supreme? These are the ten strongest non-legendary Dragons in Pokémon!


10. Flygon

Type: Ground/Dragon

Flygon's stats aren't quite as impressive as his brethren's, but a 520 total still impresses, slightly favoring attack and speed. Flygon was also the first three-evolution Dragon to swap out Flying for something new, adopting Ground as a second element.

This sadly retains the typical quad weakness against Ice, but lets you utilize STAB (same-type attack bonus) with powerful Ground moves, and the element shields Flygon from the Sandstorm weather condition.


9. Kingdra

Type: Water/Dragon

Kingdra's 540 stats are almost perfectly balanced, letting her adopt any role. More than that, she was one of few Dragons available in generation two and enjoyed the best typing at that point—before Fairy, only Dragon moves (scarce at the time) could strike her for double damage.

Even now, Water/Dragon is a strong pairing that offers two quad resistances (Water and Fire) and few weaknesses. Kingdra also offers several interesting abilities, letting you double her speed in rain with Swift Swim or increase the power of critical hits with Sniper.


8. Haxorus

Type: Dragon

Haxorus also carries a 540 stat total, but strongly favors attack over special attack, giving a clear role as a physical sweeper. He's also one of few fully-evolved Dragons to maintain his singular typing; while this reduces your STAB options (Dragon isn't great on offense), it provides relief from common quad weaknesses.

Though I wish his abilities were better (Rivalry and Unnerve do have situational uses), Haxorus offers dominating offense with less vulnerabilities than many of his peers.

Mega Charizard X
Mega Charizard X

7. Mega Charizard X

Type: Fire/Dragon

Nintendo finally remedied Charizard's odd Dragon shortage with his Mega X form (Mega Charizard Y retains Fire/Flying). Not only does X look awesome with his black sheen and blue flames, he shreds foes with a brutal attack stat bolstered by the excellent Tough Claws ability.

Swapping out Flying for Dragon makes Charizard more vulnerable to Ground moves, but lessens his weaknesses to Water and Rock. And Fire is one of few Dragon dual types that actually weakens Ice, finally letting you stand against frigid adversaries without fear.


6. Hydreigon

Type: Dark/Dragon

Like Flygon, Hydreigon negates Ground despite lacking the Flying type thanks to his Levitate ability. Unfortunately, he still suffers five weaknesses, including common offensive types Fighting, Ice, and an especially crippling quad weakness to Fairy.

That said, he also packs six resistances, two immunities, and a base 600 stat total. Unlike most dragons, Hydreigon prefers special attack, providing an indirect sweeper with impressive speed. His weaknesses make him risky, but his numerous resistances, unique typing, and powerful stats prove useful against many teams.


5. Dragonite

Type: Dragon/Flying

Dragonite long reigned supreme as the premiere dragon king. With a 600 base stat total that favors attack, Dragonite can tank hits while dishing out punishing blows. Like many Dragons, he can learn several elemental moves, making him an unpredictable warrior that can unleash Fire, Electric, and Ice attacks.

Dragonite launched the classic quad weakness against Ice, but you can improve his endurance with hidden ability Multiscale, which reduces damage when HP is maxed—a prime defense against Ice one-shots.


4. Kommo-o

Type: Dragon/Fighting

Kommo-o wields another 600 stat total, favoring physical attack and defense. Special defense isn't bad either, so Kommo-o can absorb just about any attack, especially since his three possible abilities all prevent certain kinds of damage; Bulletproof shields against ball/bomb attacks, Soundproof against vocal ones, and Overcoat against weather damage.

He also offers a powerful Z-move, "Clangorous Soulblaze", which deals heavy damage and raises all stats. Plus, the Fighting element lets him utilize STAB with one of the game's best offensive types.


3. Garchomp

Type: Dragon/Ground

Garchomp shares Flygon's type, but offers a superior 600-stat total that emphasizes attack and speed, offering another physical sweeper. While his typing again suffers that pesky quadruple weakness to Ice, it guards against Sandstorm damage, and Garchomp's handy Sand Veil ability increases his evasiveness during them, making him hard to hit. Alternative ability Rough Skin instead punishes physical attackers with damage, both worthy options.

Additionally, his powerful mega evolution further ramps attack and acquires the Sand Force ability, boosting the power of Rock, Ground, and Steel moves by 30% in a sandstorm. So whether you use Mega Garchomp or his base form, you've got a brutal attacker who works especially well in arid conditions.


2. Goodra

Type: Dragon

With careful timing, Goodra offers the best defensive Dragon yet. While her physical defense is poor, she offers incredible special defense, good special attack, and a rare singular Dragon element, preventing any double weaknesses.

Her regular abilities aren't amazing, but the hidden Gooey trait reduces the speed of attackers, helping compensate for her below-average agility. She also naturally learns many Grass and Water attacks, letting you type-trump numerous foes even without TMs.


1. Salamence

Type: Dragon/Flying

Salamence essentially offers a deadlier Dragonite. He evolves slightly faster and has more aggressive stats, favoring attack but also emphasizing special attack and speed. And while his defenses are lower, his excellent Intimidate ability cuts enemy attack when entering battle, helping him survive.

Furthermore, Mega Salamence offers a well-balanced upgrade that slightly tweaks each trait, and his new Aerilate ability turns Normal moves into Flying ones (activating STAB) while buffing their power. With this in hand, Double-Edge becomes lethal—just watch out for Salamence's classic Ice-type Achilles heel.

Which Pokémon do you prefer?

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How to Beat Dragons in Pokémon

With incredible stats and numerous resistance, Dragons have served on many competitive teams, but they often carry quad weaknesses to Ice and Fairy—both common offensive types. They don't resist Rock, and since many carry the Flying element, they can also struggle against Stealth Rock strategies.

Thus, Dragons aren't invincible, but they're formidable opponents and common type-changes among mega evolutions; Charizard, Sceptile and Ampharos gain the Dragon element in their final forms. But for now, as we eagerly await Nintendo's next batch of winged beasts, vote for your favorite Dragon and I'll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

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