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Top 10 Legendary-Exclusive Signature Attacks in "Pokémon"

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What Are Signature Attacks in Pokémon?

Many Pokémon have unique moves, giving them niche roles in combat. These are particularly common among legendaries; combined with their top-tier base stats, it's easy to see why mythical Pokémon are banned in most tournaments.

Still, for casual play or the rare legendary-legal competition, these attacks grant your superpowered beasts an additional advantage. But with dozens of exclusive techniques available, which reign supreme? These are the ten best legendary-only moves in Pokémon!

Lugia's Aeroblast

Lugia's Aeroblast

10. Aeroblast

Type: Flying

Power/Accuracy: 100/95

Learned By: Lugia

Lugia's signature attack hasn't changed throughout the years, being one of the few dependable Flying attacks in older generations. It strikes with fierce power and accuracy while increasing your chances of a critical hit.

Admittedly, criticals aren't as strong as they once were (now dealing only 1.5x damage), but they're still a prime way to inflict extra pain, and Aeroblast triples the odds of scoring one. Critical hits also ignore your attack-related stat decreases, opposing defense-increases, and both Light Screen and Reflect, ensuring you land a devastating blow. And for a similar Dragon-type attack, use Palkia's Spatial Rend.

Shaymin's Seed Flare

Shaymin's Seed Flare

9. Seed Flare

Type: Grass

Power/Accuracy: 120/85

Learned By: Shaymin

Unlike Hydro Pump and Fire Blast (which were nerfed to 110 power), Shaymin's Seed Flare retains its 120, making it one of Grass's strongest moves. It also has a 40% chance to lower your target's special defense two stages.

That's an unusually high trigger rate, especially for a double-negative debuff, and the lowered special defense makes your next blast deal extra damage. Plus, like most of today's moves, Seed Flare shares its user's Grass type, helpfully activating STAB (same-type attack bonus).

Necrozma's Prismatic Laser

Necrozma's Prismatic Laser

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8. Prismatic Laser

Type: Psychic

Power/Accuracy: 160/100

Learned By: Necrozma

Like Hyper Beam, Prismatic Laser scores a massive blow, but requires its user to spend a turn recharging afterwards. However, Laser is 10 points higher in both power and accuracy, making it a devastating coup de grâce.

Plus, while you have full accuracy, you won't have to recharge if your attack misses or is blocked. Of course, you also avoid the cooldown by simply winning the match, making Laser an excellent finishing blow.

Victini's Searing Shot

Victini's Searing Shot

7. Searing Shot

Type: Fire

Power/Accuracy: 100/100

Learned By: Victini

Just like Ground's infamous Earthquake attack, Searing Shot deals 100 damage with full accuracy, making it a powerful and dependable attack. But this scorching blow also has a 30% chance to inflict a burn condition, damaging foes over time while halving their attack.

Compared to Fire Blast, you've got slightly less power but much more accuracy and burn chance, a fierce upgrade on one of the best generic Fire moves.

Zekrom's Bolt Strike

Zekrom's Bolt Strike

6. Bolt Strike

Type: Electric

Power/Accuracy: 130/85

Learned By: Zekrom, Victini

Bolt Strike provides an advanced version of Electric's Thunder attack. You attack with a brutal 130 power, and while 85 accuracy is questionable, it's much better than Thunder's 70. Admittedly, Thunder has a slightly better chance to paralyze foes (30% against Bolt's 20%), but can't outdo Bolt's superior strength and precision.

Reshiram's Blue Flare

Reshiram's Blue Flare

5. Blue Flare

Type: Fire

Power/Accuracy: 130/85

Learned By: Reshiram, Victini

Blue Flare is Fire's equivalent to Bolt Strike, wielding the same incredible power and average accuracy. You now have a 20% chance to burn foes instead of paralyzing them, which is generally a more detrimental condition.

And if you compare to Fire Blast, you'll see that Blue Flare exceeds or ties it in every area, wielding superior might and burn chance with the same accuracy and PP.

Volcanion's Steam Eruption

Volcanion's Steam Eruption

4. Steam Eruption

Type: Water

Power/Accuracy: 110/90

Learned By: Volcanion

Water sometimes struggles on offense since few of its moves inflict status conditions. Steam Eruption bucks this trend, not only wielding fierce power and fair accuracy, but carrying a 30% chance to burn foes. Steam Eruption also lets Volcanion unfreeze itself (something that usually requires a Fire attack), a handy counter to a rare but deadly status condition.

Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire

Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire

3. Sacred Fire

Type: Fire

Power/Accuracy: 100/95

Learned By: Ho-Oh, Entei

Exclusive to the Fire-type Johto legendaries, Sacred Fire deals nice damage with almost-perfect accuracy and a 50% chance to burn your target. Next to Searing Shot, you've got five less accuracy, but 20% more burn chance, almost certainly landing your status condition within two hits.

Sacred Fire was just as strong upon Ho-Oh's debut as it is now, and Fire Pokémon keep improving with time, countering newer types like Steel and Fairy.

Diancie's Diamond Storm

Diancie's Diamond Storm

2. Diamond Storm

Type: Rock

Power/Accuracy: 100/95

Learned By: Diancie

Diancie's more of a tank than a sweeper (except in her mega form), but she can score some decent damage with her unique attack. Not only does Diamond Storm have impressive power and accuracy, it bears a 50% chance to raise Diancie's defense twice, making her even more resistant to physical techniques.

Again, that's an impressive trigger percentage for a double-positive stat increase, and Storm also benefits from the Rock type, one of Pokémon's best offensive elements. This lets Storm type-trump far more opponents than most signatures, granting Diancie impressive coverage when used in tangent with Fairy attacks (both of which trigger her STAB).

Victini's V-create

Victini's V-create

1. V-create

Type: Fire

Power/Accuracy: 180/95

Learned By: Victini, Rayquaza

We've seen many impressive Fire strikes today, but none compare to this amazing technique. V-Create wields an outstanding power of 180 with dependable 95 accuracy; the only drawback is that your speed, defense, and special defense drop after using it.

Still, you can switch out to reset your stats, and even if you don't, none of the losses will affect the power of your next move—assuming you haven't already won with your unrivaled attack.

Legendary Abilities in Pokémon

In addition to their unparalleled attacks and stat scores, many legendary Pokémon carry unique abilities, like Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre's weather-causing Desolate Wasteland and Primordial Sea traits, making them even more lethal.

When choosing their movesets, don't forget to consider STAB, coverage, and your own stats (should you hit physically or indirectly?) when picking your attacks. But for now, as we await Nintendo's next batch of exclusive moves, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

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Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on June 07, 2020:

@Pokemon Fan

Here are the reasons I personally didn't include those moves (though, like most legendary attacks, they're certainly powerful).

Dragon Ascent (a Flying attack, not a Dragon one) has great power and accuracy, but lowers both your defensive stats. Close Combat does the same thing, but has the superior (at least on offense) Fighting type.

Judgment is basically Earthquake, except it adapts to match Arceus's held Plate item. Admittedly, it's cool to adjust the type of the move, and great for triggering STAB, but using this combo limits your held item slot, and many of the better aggro types are worse on defense, so you could very well leave yourself open to big counterattacks. Still, of all the moves you listed, this one's the one I'm most considering adding to the list

Roar of Time is a Dragon-type Hyper Beam. Powerful, but a big disadvantage with the recharge, and Dragon is a poor offensive type.

Spacial Rend is a Dragon-type Aeroblast, and since Aeroblast made the list, I do like this move. But again, that Dragon type holds it back (other than helping activate STAB).

Pokemon Fan on June 05, 2020:

Has Rayquaza's Dragon Ascent, Arceus's judgment, Dialga's Roar of Time, Palkia's Spacial Rend all been forgotten?

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