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Top 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokémon (Generation 6)

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Pokémon is a fantastic franchise that, since the '90s, has become a worldwide craze featuring an anime series, countless merchandise, and several much-loved video games. It is now considered one of the biggest franchises out there.

Each generation of Pokémon gives us new games and new creatures to battle and catch. Players fight to become Champion and try to catch 'em all, a challenge that becomes more difficult, yet just as exciting, with the release of each generation.

Generation 6 Pokémon Starters

Generation 6 Pokémon Starters

Pokémon X and Y in 2013, then Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on Nintendo 3DS brought us an excellent new adventure with new Pokémon, including the exciting mega-evolutions of previous monsters, including fan favorites like Charizard and Gengar.

Of course, Gen 6 bought us a bunch of new Pokémon to encounter, catch, and train! Here are my top favorite ten Shinies from Generation 6.

10. Noibat

Pokédex number: 714

Type: Flying/Dragon

There are many bat-like creatures in the Pokémon series, and Noibat joins the ranks as one of those that appears in caves and underground areas. Noibat, like its cousins Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat, is purple. Noibat's Shiny form is a charming bright turquoise, a rather unusual palette for Shinies and definitely one of the best of Gen 6!

Regular VS Shiny Noibat

Regular VS Shiny Noibat

9. Swirlix

Pokédex number: 684

Type: Fairy

Swirlix is one of the many cute Fairy-type Pokémon that appears in the later generations. This cotton-candy looking creature looks even better in its Shiny form, where its white coat goes a charming pale gold. Definitely an upgrade!

Shiny Swirlix

Shiny Swirlix

8. Fennekin

Pokédex number: 653

Type: Fire

Fennekin is one of Generation 6's starter Pokémon who also appears several times in the anime series. In its Shiny form, its yellow coat goes a beautiful grayish-silver, making it one of the more desirable Shinies that got players restarting their games in hoping to get lucky with one!

Shiny Fennekin merchandise

Shiny Fennekin merchandise

7. Gogoat

Pokédex number: 673

Type: Grass

Gogoat may not be the coolest or the most exciting Pokémon out there, but no one can deny its Shiny form is just adorable. His antlers are gold, the grass-like fur around its neck and back a lime green, and the orange hooves are a cute pink!

Shiny Gogoat

Shiny Gogoat

6. Espurr

Pokédex number: 677

Type: Psychic

Espurr borders somewhere between cute and unnerving. This little Psychic-type kitty's regular form is gray with pink eyes, and its Shiny form is an adorable pale pink with purple eyes. It's definitely special to encounter this charming little lass!

Shiny Espurr

Shiny Espurr

5. Volcanion

Pokédex number: 721

Type: Fire/Water

Volcanion is a very rare kind of Pokémon because it's both Fire and Water type, making it a steam-themed monster. In the anime, it's portrayed as having a hatred for humans, and it also appears as a Spirit in Smash Ultimate.

In its Shiny form, its coat goes from dark red to a bright green-yellow, and its orange toes and face parts are pink. Super different and super cool!

Shiny Volcanion

Shiny Volcanion

4. Trevenant

Pokédex number: 709

Type: Ghost/Grass

Trevenant is a spooky tree-like Pokémon that appears in the anime to capture Ash for his help in saving his friends from Team Rocket.

Though its regular form looks like a dark version of a regular tree, Trevenant's Shiny form is magnificent! Its brown bark goes white and its green leaf-like body parts are bright red.

Shiny Trevenant

Shiny Trevenant

3. Hawlucha

Pokédex number: 701

Type: Fighting/Flying

Hawlucha is a really cool Pokémon that's a rare mixture of both Flying and Fighting types, giving it an advantage against many different types. Though its original design is cool, in its Shiny form, it has purple wings and its body goes from orange and white to black and pink.

Shiny Hawlucha

Shiny Hawlucha

2. Greninja

Pokédex number: 658

Type: Water/Dark

Greninja is one of the most hyped Pokémon of Generation 6. As well as being a major character in the anime, he also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As if the original design wasn't cool enough, Greninja's Shiny form is black instead of blue, and its tongue, wrapped around its head like a scarf, is bright red. What a handsome boy!

Regular VS Shiny Greninja by KrocF4 on DeviantArt

Regular VS Shiny Greninja by KrocF4 on DeviantArt

1. Goodra

Pokédex number: 706

Type: Dragon

Goodra is a cute and chubby Dragon-type Pokémon which is also pretty powerful. Its regular form is a pale purple, and players lucky enough to encounter a Shiny will see its yellow coat and purple markings that make it extra special.

Shiny Goodra

Shiny Goodra

Each new Pokémon game brings us exciting new creatures to discover, catch, and battle with to become the new Champion and find glory online with other players! Shinies are always exciting to find and some people make it their mission to track down as many of these rare drops as possible. What's your favorite Shiny from Generation 6?

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