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Top 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokémon (Generation 5)

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Each generation of Pokémon games brings us new adventures, new teams and challenges, and often a brand new generation of Pokémon! These delightful Nintendo adventures have come a long way since the original Red, Blue, and Yellow editions on Game Boy, and there are now hundreds of these pocket monsters to catch and battle.

Generation 5 brought us a completely new set of original Pokémon, with no babies (like Pichu, Igglbuff, etc.) or additional evolutions of previous monsters. Pokémon Black and White featured this generation.

Generation 5 Pokémon Starters

Generation 5 Pokémon Starters

Since the Gold and Silver games, there has been a chance for players to encounter Shinies, a special different color of Pokémon that are incredibly rare and exciting to find! Here is a list of the top ten coolest-looking Shinies from Gen 5!

Fan art of a Shiny Chandelure by Chaomaster on DeviantArt.

Fan art of a Shiny Chandelure by Chaomaster on DeviantArt.

10. Chandelure

Pokédex number: 609

Type: Ghost, Fire

This candlestick-looking Pokémon is a great mixture of spooky and awesome. Its Shiny edition replaces the iconic and magical purply-blue fire with orange flames. Its lamp turns green and its eyes are bright pink, making it look nothing short of badass!

Shiny Cofagrigus

Shiny Cofagrigus

9. Cofagrigus

Pokédex number: 563

Type: Ghost

Another Ghost-type Pokémon from Gen 5 is the sarcophagus-like Cofagrigus. His Shiny form is much less menacing. It's actually pretty cute, all silver and pink and purple, giving it a look of a sci-fi machine rather than ancient tombdweller.

Shiny Zoroark

Shiny Zoroark

8. Zoroark

Pokédex number: 571

Type: Dark

I just have a weakness for purple Shinies, don't judge. Zoroark is a cute but powerful fox-like Pokémon who can make illusions to manipulate and trick its foes. Its ponytail and claws go from red to brilliant purple in its Shiny form.

Shiny Escavalier

Shiny Escavalier

7. Escavalier

Pokédex number: 589

Type: Bug/Steel

This cavalry Pokémon is just too cool already. Whoever's idea it was to make one based on a European suit of armor, hats off to them! Escavalier's Shiny edition is fabulously pink, but its bright exterior doesn't make it any less badass.

Shiny Musharna fanart on DeviantArt

Shiny Musharna fanart on DeviantArt

6. Musharna

Pokédex number: 518

Type: Psychic

Musharna is a big, squishy, sleepy Pokémon that's pink and purple normally. In its Shiny form, its pink body goes a charming turquoise and its pink smoke it purple. Both are adorable, in my opinion—which do you prefer?

Shiny Zebstrika on DeviantArt

Shiny Zebstrika on DeviantArt

5. Zebstrika

Pokédex number: 523

Type: Electric

Zebstrika is an awesome Pokémon based off a zebra that just looks awesome without much effort. In its Shiny form, Zebstrika goes from black and white to a charming purple and white, and its eyes and ears go green, making it very exciting to encounter!

Shiny Whimsicott

Shiny Whimsicott

4. Whimsicott

Pokédex number: 547

Type: Grass/Fairy

This adorable Fairty-type Pokémon sort of represents a cute tree. Its Shiny form is nothing short of fabulous, with a darker "bark," warm blue "branches," and gold eyes. It's easily one of the best-looking Shinies in Gen 5.

Shiny Reuniclus

Shiny Reuniclus

3. Reuniclus

Pokédex number: 579

Type: Psychic

This evolution trilogy was always kind of "meh" for me, but I always loved Reuniclus' Shiny form! Its usually green shell turns bluish purple which just looks so much cooler.

Shiny Minccino

Shiny Minccino

2. Minccino

Pokédex number: 572

Type: Normal

This adorable chinchilla-looking Pokémon is similar to Jigglypuff as it gets angry when people fall asleep after his Sing move. He also steals Ash's badge case in the anime before Bianca captures it.

In its Shiny form, Minccino's gray fur is replaced with an adorable pink coat, and the insides of its ears go green. Its evolved form, Cinccino, is just as adorable with a coat of light gold.

Shiny Ferrothorn by Muums on DeviantArt

Shiny Ferrothorn by Muums on DeviantArt

1. Ferrothorn

Pokédex number: 598

Type: Grass/Steel

This is, without a doubt, the coolest Shiny Pokémon from Generation 5. Ferrothorn is a favorite of many serious Pokémon players as a proud member of the Steel type. In its Shiny form, Ferrothorn turns from silver and green to a stunning gold and red, making it really look like an upgrade . . . and a dangerous one at that.

Shinies are always exciting to encounter, making an already powerful Pokémon just that little bit more special. Who is your favorite on this list?

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Ozzie Bennett on June 12, 2020:

Great! Who else is exited for Pokémon Journeys!

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on June 11, 2020:

Hi Ozzie! Yes, I'll do Gen 7 and 8! I've already done Gen 6, you can ake a look here:

Ozzie Bennett on June 11, 2020:

@Poppy Are you going to make the best shines of Gen 6, 7, and 8?

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on April 15, 2020:

It's a cutie for sure!

Penny Leigh Sebring from Fort Collins on April 15, 2020:

I love the fairy Whimsicott!