Top 10 Male-Only Pokémon

Updated on April 17, 2020
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Gender in Pokémon

Most Pokémon exist in both male and female forms, and while gender doesn't directly affect stats, it influences things like breeding, susceptibility to the Attract move, and interaction with the Rivalry ability, so don't discount its role when battling. But some Pokémon only exist in a single-gender—which boys reign supreme? These are the ten best male-only Pokémon!


10. Sawk

Type: Fighting

Sawk bears a pitiful Special Attack stat but great physical Attack, similar to classic Hitmonchan (another male exclusive). He was especially powerful when he debuted in Unova, which was right before the Fairy type would add a new weakness to Fighting.

Sawk's only glaring flaw is his poor ability pool, with Sturdy and Inner Focus doing little to increase his competitive value.


9. Braviary

Type: Normal/Flying

Braviary takes an unusual amount of time to evolve from Rufflet, requiring level 54, but rewards you with a powerful beatstick who heavily favors Attack over Special Attack. The potential Sheer Force ability also increases damage by removing added effects of attacks, and HP is also surprisingly high.

That said, Braviary's typing is weak to common Rock and Ice attacks, making him something of a glass cannon.


8. Hitmonlee

Type: Fighting

Hitmonchan's kicking-based counterpart, Hitmonlee also favors Attack and Special Defense. His physical Defense is lower than Hitmonchan's, but this lets him allocate more points towards Attack and Speed, making him a more reliable physical sweeper.

Hitmonlee is a high-risk high-reward powerhouse; his Hi Jump Kick deals a whopping 130 damage, but hits Hitmonlee for recoil if it misses. Still, it's usually worth the gamble, especially if you give him the Reckless ability, which empowers moves with recoil or crash damage by 20%.


7. Ash-Greninja

Type: Water/Dark

Like other starters, most Greninja are available in either gender, but this special event Pokemon can only be male. It wields the unique Battle Bond ability, which transforms it into Ash-Greninja in battle after it defeats an enemy.

Ash-Greninja receives dramatically-boosted stats similar to a Mega evolution, so he's a beast if you get him, but watch out for Greninja's numerous elemental weaknesses.

Tornadus Incarnate and Therian Forme
Tornadus Incarnate and Therian Forme

6. Tornadus

Type: Flying

Legendary Tornadus offers a rare singular-Flying Pokémon (most have Normal as a secondary type). Tornadus has two forms, each with an impressive stat total of 580; Incarnate Forme has superior offensive stats, but Therian Forme has better defenses and Speed. Tough call which is better; I would normally prefer Incarnate's Prankster ability (giving priority to status moves) over Therian's Regenerator, but Tornadus is already fast enough to outspeed most foes.

But like Braviary, Tornadus suffers weaknesses to two common offensive types (Rock and Ice), limiting his endurance.


5. Latios

Type: Dragon/Psychic

The male counterpart to female Latias, Latios wields higher Special Attack, making him a more reliable-sweeper, and a better special move: Luster Purge. Latios can also benefit from the Soul Dew held item, which once boosted his Special Attack by 50%, but has since been nerfed to now only increase Dragon or Psychic moves by 20%.

Still, that's a considerable buff, especially since both move types will also receive STAB (same-type attack bonus). Or, spend Latios's held item slot to give him a mega stone and evolve him into Mega Latios, further increasing Special Attack.

Landorus Incarnate and Therian Forme
Landorus Incarnate and Therian Forme

4. Landorus

Type: Ground/Flying

Legendary Landorus has several awesome aspects with one fatal flaw. His Therian Forme trades Speed and Special Attack for great physical Attack, and he wields the Attack-lowering Intimidate ability. That said, Incarnate Forme can have Sand Force or Sheer Force, both of which empower his moves, so either's a respectable choice.

Ground/Flying gives strong STAB coverage and several weaknesses/resistances, with Ground conveniently negating Flying's weakness to Electric. However, the duo suffers four times damage from Ice attacks, making them fatal to Landorus. In short, he's amazing—if he can avoid Ice.

Mega Gallade
Mega Gallade

3. Gallade

Type: Psychic/Fighting

Kirlia's original evolution Gardevoir can be either gender, but Gallade is exclusively male. Unlike his counterpart, Gallade heavily emphasizes physical Attack. His typing is average in terms of defense, but it gives great coverage on offense, with Psychic and Fighting covering many of each other's weaknesses.

Gallade can also Mega evolve into Mega Gallade, where he gains some Speed, Defense, and even more Attack. Both Gallade and Mega Gallade suffer a terrible ability pool emphasizing lackluster flinching-preventing traits, but he's still a respectable party member throughout Hoenn.


2. Grimmsnarl

Type: Dark/Fairy

Grimmsnarl has the best defensive typing of all today's Pokémon, only carrying three weaknesses, two of which (Poison and Steel) are very rare offensive types. Grimmsnarl has great Attack, but his Special Attack is decent enough to switch into when needed (perhaps against physical tanks).

His defenses are mediocre and Speed is poor, but this lets him take advantage of the Prankster ability, letting Grimmsnarl move first when he selects a status move as his attack.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Thundurus Therian FormThundurus Incarnate Form
Thundurus Therian Form
Thundurus Therian Form
Thundurus Incarnate Form
Thundurus Incarnate Form

1. Thundurus

Type: Electric/Flying

Thundurus has an interesting type pairing. It's weak to common Ice and Rock attacks, but other than that, it's a strong combo, resisting several types and having Flying negate Electric's weakness to Ground.

I especially recommend Thundurus's Therian Forme, which trades a little Attack and Speed to heavily pump Special Attack, making him a dominating special sweeper. This also gives him the Volt Absorb ability, not only making Thundurus immune to Electric attacks, but having him gain health when hit by them.

Which Pokémon do you prefer?

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Other Male Pokémon

Today we examined the best boys around, but a few missed the cut, like Nidoking, Hitmontop, and Tauros. Not Mr. Mime—despite his name, he's actually available in both genders (his original Japanese name doesn't imply one way or the other). It's also worth mentioning that many Pokémon can technically be either gender, but heavily lean towards one; for instance, most starters are male.

Girls also get their own exclusives that we'll tackle another day, but for now, vote for your favorite ♂ Pokémon and I'll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

© 2020 Jeremy Gill


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