Top 10 Strongest Mythical Pokémon

Updated on October 1, 2019
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

What's the Difference Between Mythical and Legendary Pokémon?

Mythical and legendary Pokémon share many similarities, like being genderless, banned in most tournaments, and having large stat totals. Both types are pretty rare, but players can catch at least a few legendaries by exploring a region; mythical Pokémon usually require unique real-world events to obtain.

Mythics tend to be smaller and cuter than most ferocious-looking legendaries, and their stats are generally a bit lower (often 600), but they still pack a powerful punch—which reign supreme? These are the ten best mythical Pokémon!


10. Zeraora

Type: Electric
Ability: Volt Absorb (ignores and is healed by Electric attacks)

Zeraora holds the distinction of being the only Electric mythical as of this writing. This means he has three resistances and only one weakness (Ground), making him hard to type-trump.

Like most of his kind, he carries a 600-base stat total, favoring both offensive stats and Speed over his defenses. And while Volt Absorb may seem like a lame trait (few opponents would attack with Electric), Zeraora's signature Plasma Fists move converts Normal attacks into Electric for the turn, making foes think twice before selecting a Normal move.


9. Victini

Type: Psychic/Fire
Ability: Victory Star (boosts accuracy of self and allies by 10%)

Victini's perfectly-balanced stats (100 in each) provide no glaring strengths or deficiencies. That said, he does suffer five type weaknesses, but none are quads and he somewhat compensates with six resistances.

More than that, having two types grants access to two STABs (same-type attack bonuses), and Victini wields a terrific ability that raises your entire team's hit ratio. He's also got powerful signature moves like Searing Shot and V-create.


8. Genesect

Type: Bug/Steel
Ability: Download (raises Attack or Special Attack based on foe's defenses)

Other than a quad weakness against Fire moves, Genesect has impressive fortitude, immune to one type (Poison) while resisting eight. His stats are fairly balanced but favor Attack and Special Attack, and his power is further boosted by Download, which automatically ups the offensive stat of whatever your opponent's lower defense is.

Throw in a formidable signature attack (Techno Blast) and you've got an aggressive mythic who still maintains respectable endurance.


7. Marshadow

Type: Fighting/Ghost
Ability: Technician (moves with 60 or less power are boosted 50%)

Marshadow's typing is average defensively, carrying four weaknesses but three resistances and two immunities. However, Fighting and Ghost are both great offensive elements to have STAB for and cover each other's weaknesses well.

Marshadow's 600-stats slightly favor Attack and Speed, giving a fast and versatile physical sweeper. Make the most of his Technician ability by utilizing moderately-damaging moves that have secondary effects (like Force Palm and Shadow Punch).

Deoxys in Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed Formes
Deoxys in Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed Formes

6. Deoxys

Type: Psychic
Ability: Pressure (opposing moves spend an extra PP)

Deoxys's type and ability are both underwhelming, carrying more weaknesses than resistances. However, his four modes let you customize his 600 stat total as desired; here's a quick run-down of each:

  • Normal Forme: Great offensive stats and Speed, but low HP and defenses
  • Attack Forme: Even better offensive stats, but dreadful defenses
  • Defense Forme: Great Defense and Special Defense, but mediocre otherwise
  • Speed Forme: Terrific Speed (the best of all Pokemon), but average otherwise

The one constant is a low HP score of 50, so even Defense Forme isn't a perfect tank, yet Deoxys's extreme stat distributions access risky-but-rewarding strategies for players willing to push their luck.

Diancie and Mega Diancie
Diancie and Mega Diancie

5. Diancie

Type: Rock/Fairy
Ability: Clear Body (Diancie), Magic Bounce (Mega Diancie)

Diancie's a rare mythical Pokémon to have a Mega form, and both her modes impress. Regular Diancie has bad Speed and HP, but decent attack stats and great defenses. Conversely, Mega Diancie lowers both defenses, but drastically improves each attack stat and Speed, meaning she can serve as either a tank or a sweeper.

Either way, Diancie has a strong typing with two useful STABs, and both her potential abilities offer extra protection (Clear Body prevents stat reduction while Magic Bounce reflects status moves).


4. Magearna

Type: Steel/Fairy
Ability: Soul-Heart (raises Special Attack when another Pokémon faints)

Magearna provides a fantastic tank who can still score some damage. While somewhat slow, her stats favor both defenses and Special Attack. Plus, her two weaknesses (Ground and Fire) are more than justified with nine resistances and two immunities, severely limiting which elements your rivals can effectively use against her.

Throw in a fantastic signature move (Fleur Cannon) that lands huge damage while reducing opposing Special Attack, and you've got a walking fortress whose only shortcoming is her so-so ability.

Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound
Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound

3. Hoopa

Type: Psychic/Ghost (Confined), Psychic/Dark (Unbound)
Ability: Magician (steal the held item of a damaged opponent)

I appreciate how both of Hoopa's forms have a clear role as an indirect tank/sweeper, favoring Special Attack and Special Defense (but having low regular Defense). Plus, once Unbound, Hoopa raises his stat total from 600 to 680, outperforming almost every other mythical Pokémon.

Still, he does harbor some downsides, like the interesting but unpredictable Magician ability. Even worse, both of Hoopa's typings have bad match-ups; Psychic/Ghost has two quad weaknesses (Ghost and Dark) while Psychic/Dark has one (Bug) plus a Fairy weakness, and neither pairing carries many resistances.


2. Melmetal

Type: Steel
Ability: Iron Fist (increases the power of punching moves by 20%)

First things first; Steel is arguably the best defensive type in the franchise, carrying three weaknesses but ten resistances and an immunity to Poison, granting Melmetal several shields. While pitifully slow and having meager Special Defense, Melmetal brandishes fantastic HP, Attack and Defense, showcasing yet another worthy tank/beatstick.

Although Steel is a poor offensive type, Melmetal can really pump out some hurt with his Double Iron Bash move. Not only does it hit for 120 (two attacks of 60) with full accuracy, it receives the power boost from both STAB and Melmetal's ability (it can also flinch foes if you somehow attack first).


1. Arceus

Type: Normal
Ability: Multitype

Probably not a big surprise to see Arceus at number one; his base stat total of 720 not only outperforms every other mythical Pokémon, but also all legendaries (excluding upgraded forms like Mega and Primal).

That said, Arceus isn't perfect—his stats don't favor any area. And sure, Multitype lets him become any element by giving him a corresponding Plate item, but this consumes both his ability and held item slots. Still, he's definitely a powerhouse often considered the creator of the Pokémon universe.

Which Pokémon do you prefer?

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More Legendary Pokémon Types

In addition to today's mythics, trainers can catch traditional legendaries and extra-dimensional Ultra Beasts to further overwhelm foes, but remember these creatures are rarely allowed competitively.

I'm glad that mythical Pokémon have diversified over the years, no longer mass-producing the always-Psychic balanced-stat creatures (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, etc.) of early generations. But for now, as we await Nintendo's next set of mythical monsters, vote for your favorite Pokémon and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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