Top 10 Strongest Pokemon That Don't Evolve (and Aren't Legendary)

Updated on June 3, 2019
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Strongest Non-Evolving Pokemon

To this day, Pokemon trainers argue which monsters reign supreme. While legendaries have the best stats, they're generally banned in tournaments, challenging players to build competitive teams of "regular" creatures.

But while most Pokemon gain strength through evolution, some automatically arrive at peak performance; which of these units reign supreme? Discounting mega forms and Ultra Beasts, these are the ten best non-legendary, non-evolving Pokemon!


10. Cryogonal

Type: Ice
BST(Base Stat Total): 515

For risk-takers, Cryogonal can pay off big-time—or go down with one hit. His attack and defense are both pitiful, and with Ice's numerous weaknesses (it's the worst defensive element), you'll likely =get type-trumped.

That said, Crygonal's Levitate ability negates Ground damage, he has a solid stat total, and his impressive special attack, special defense, and speed offer both an indirect sweeper and tank. The Ice-type STAB (same-type attack bonus) is also useful, since Ice excels on offense.


9. Kangaskhan

Type: Normal
BST: 490

Kangaskhan carries an excellent mega form, but even in base, she deserves a mention. She's been with us since the original games and has a clear role as a physical sweeper in battle. Her defenses aren't bad, with her only failing being special attack, which only becomes a problem against physical tanks.

Plus, Kangaskhan only has one weakness (Fighting) and her potential Scrappy ability lets her hit Ghosts with Normal and Fighting attacks, ensuring no one can dodge her STAB strikes.


8. Aerodactyl

Type: Rock/Flying
BST: 515

Another physical sweeper, Aerodactyl particularly emphasizes speed, practically ensuring he'll get the first hit. For abilities, Rock Head can negate recoil from Double-Edge, Pressure saps extra PP from opposing moves, and Unnerve prevents foes from eating berries, all decent if not exceptional options.

While Flying adeptly negates Rock's weakness to Ground, Aerodactly still suffers double damage from common Rock and Ice attacks, though he somewhat compensates with numerous resistances and no quad weaknesses. And since Rock is one of the best offensive elements, Aerodactyl gains a useful STAB, potentially one-shotting vulnerable foes with moves like Stone Edge.


7. Pinsir

Type: Bug
BST: 500

One of Kanto's original Pokemon, Pinsir reminds us that Bugs aren't all stat-deficient. His spread favors attack and defense, serving as a physical sweeper and tank, and he carries as many resistances as he does weaknesses (three).

Pinsir learns a surprising number of Fighting attacks while leveling; I just wish he had the actual type so he could use them with STAB. As is, he's slightly overshadowed by...


6. Heracross

Type: Bug/Fighting
BST: 500

Heracross bears a similar stat spread to Pinsir, favoring attack and neglecting special attack. His fierce Megahorn technique offered a nice counters to Psychic foes, who had few weaknesses at the time since Dark and Ghost units were scarce. While they could hit back for double damage thanks to his Fighting element, Heracross slightly prefers special defense over regular, giving him the advantage.

With two helpful STABs plus abilities that can further increase his attack (Swarm and Guts), Heracross still remains a dominating physical sweeper. He takes quadruple damage from Flying moves, but those aren't the most common attacks, making him generally superior to Pinsir.


5. Shuckle

Type: Bug/Rock
BST: 505

Shuckle has the most extreme stat distribution in the game, carrying some of the worst scores in HP, attack, defense, and speed, but enjoying the very best defense and special defense stats (even among legendaries and mega forms).

But you can work around his measly offense with indirect-damage moves like weather condition Sandstorm (which Shuckle's Rock type ignores) and poison-causing Toxic. You can even gamble with Power Trick, which switches Shuckle's defense and attack stats, letting you smash foes with incredible force. Or, for something less risky, use Power Split to average Shuckle's offensive stats with your target's, weakening them while increasing your own.


4. Dhelmise

Type: Grass/Ghost
BST: 517

Dhelmise carries a brutal attack stat, and he's surprisingly capable in other areas too, with speed being his Achilles heel. However, if you're using a Trick Room strategy, or are simply willing to strike second, you're rewarded with a unique and sturdy warrior.

Dhelmise can attack from several angles, as he has both Grass and Ghost STABs, plus his Metalworker ability also boosts Steel moves by 50%. He admittedly carries five weaknesses, but none are quads, his defenses help him endure, and he brandishes six resistances/immunities to offset them.

Wishiwashi School Form
Wishiwashi School Form

3. Wishiwashi (School Form)

Type: Water
BST: 620

In his advanced form, Wishiwashi carries a monstrous stat total of 620, outperforming even pesudo-legendary aces like Salamence (who max at 600). These strongly favor everything except HP and speed, so you'll almost certainly strike last (unless you're using Trick Room), but you can both tank and dish out attacks from either range. Water is also a great defensive type, resisting four types while only being weak to two (Grass and Electric), neither of which are especially common.

As long as your Wishwashi is level 20 or higher, he'll automatically enter School Form at the start of battle, but watch out when his HP dips below 25%, where he'll revert to base, carrying an abysmal stat total of 175.

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Wash RotomHeat Rotom
Wash Rotom
Wash Rotom
Heat Rotom
Heat Rotom

2. Rotom (Alternate Forms)

Type: Varies
BST: 520 (440 in base)

Rotom, who is often mistaken for a legendary, can take various forms by possessing different appliances. Each of these upgrades shares the same stat total and spread, but adopts a different type:

  • Standard Rotom: Electric/Ghost
  • Heat Rotom: Electric/Fire
  • Wash Rotom: Electric/Water
  • Frost Rotom: Electric/Ice
  • Fan Rotom: Electric/Flying
  • Mow Rotom: Electric/Grass

No matter your upgrade, Rotom favors both defenses plus special attack, making him a prime tank. This is especially true in Wash mode, which is only weak to Grass while carrying several resistances, and in Heat form, whose double weakness to Ground is thwarted thanks to the Levitate ability.


1. Snorlax

Type: Normal
BST: 540

True, Snorlax evolves from Munchlax, but that wasn't added until generation four, so I'll give him a pass for the list. His daunting stats neglect speed to offer stellar HP plus strong attack and special defense, making physical Fighting moves the only effective way to pierce his guard. He's also resistance to Fire and Ice when using the Thick Fat ability—and even if you don't have it, foes who think you do may opt for less-optimal strikes.

Available since the classic Red and Blue games, Snorlax has long been one of the franchise's fiercest contenders. Even if his HP gets low, he can fully heal with Rest, and while asleep, Snore or Sleep Talk lets him continue fighting. He's also been one of Ash's strongest allies in the anime.

Which Pokemon do you prefer?

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More of the Strongest Pokemon

Today's units immediately buff your team since they don't need to evolve to access their full power, although many possess potential mega forms, furthering their dominance. But remember that stats aren't everything, as proven by the effectiveness of creatures like Alolan Persian, who has seen widespread tournament use despite a 440 total.

Watching your team gradually evolve is part of the fun, but it's also nice when creatures excel from the onset, mitigating the need for grinding. But for now, as we await Nintendo's next batch of single-stage champions, vote for your favorite Pokemon and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      2 months ago from Louisiana

      @Poisin point

      Seviper can't have Poison Point as his ability; he can have Shed Skin or Infiltrator. I think you mixed up his stats; he favors Attack and Special Attack, Special Defense is only a meager 60.

      This means that both his defense scores and Speed are lacking, so he just can't compare to better sweepers. His signature move, Poison Tail, could also use a buff, it's pretty weak and only has a 10% chance to poison.

    • profile image

      Poisin point 

      2 months ago

      What about Seviper, I know his stat total is low but he has impressive special attack and special defence. And if can set up toxic spikes and has the annoying poison point ability.


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