Top 10 Pegasus Knights in "Fire Emblem"

Updated on March 19, 2019
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Pegasus and Falcon Knights in Fire Emblem

Originally a Japanese exclusive, Fire Emblem's surge in overseas popularity made it one of Nintendo's strongest franchises, tasking players to strategically maneuver units around a battlefield. A character's power depends on their class and innate traits, with some specializing in range, mobility, or defense.

One of the the most versatile classes is the Pegasus Knight (and its upgraded Falcon Knight form). These female warriors ride winged mounts across the field, offering incredible movement and rescue potential. They're weak to arrows and lack in defense, but they're agile combatants with worthy dodge ratios and magical resistance. But with dozens of riders available, which champions reign supreme? These are the ten best Pegasus Knights in Fire Emblem!

Random Level Ups in Fire Emblem

FE games utilize semi-random stat growths, meaning characters fluctuate in each playthrough. However, they have general trends that let us rank their overall usability.

Florina FE7
Florina FE7

10. Florina

Game (initial appearance): Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

As FE debuted in America with its seventh entry, Florina was the first Pegasus Knight many of us encountered. And she's a pretty solid unit—assuming the player uses her in Lyn's prologue-like story.

If you skip this portion and jump right into Eliwood or Hector's tale, Florina's low level becomes an issue, but otherwise, you'll have plenty of time to train her. Even for a Pegasus Knight, Florina is pretty frail, but her strong availability and early-game transport of ground troops make her a stalwart ally.

Fee FE4
Fee FE4

9. Fee

Game: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

While she may be unfamiliar to English-exclusive players, Fee was a prime force in this unusual title that implemented many gameplay changes, some of which would resurface in much-later games.

For instance, you can marry your characters, and their unions result in children with various stats (based on how you paired up) that you'll control in part two. Fee is such a character, so she'll fluctuate based on who sired her, with Jamke and Naoise offering the best strength growths. It's also worth noting you can deploy as many units as you like, but you have fewer overall, making Fee invaluable among your limited units.

Vanessa FE8
Vanessa FE8

8. Vanessa

Game: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

In the second game for American players, Vanessa is the new and improved Florina. She's available early on, and like most members of her class, emphasizes the skill, speed, and luck stats. Remember, Pegasus Knights can eventually wield both swords and lances, letting them weapon-trump axe and sword users.

Vanessa's strength is rather low, and she's not quite as tempting as alternative fliers Cormag and Tana, but her early access and respectable stats remind us how useful an aerial mount can be.

Tanith FE9
Tanith FE9

7. Tanith

Game: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Unlike many pre-promoted units (who typically have lower stat totals when maxed out), Tanith remains a competent force throughout Ike's adventure. While her stats might not match a trained Marcia, Tanith starts play with an impressive A-rank in swords, granting access to top-tier weapons, and she also arrives with the ranged Sonic Sword.

But it's Tanith's unique Reinforce skill that sets her apart, calling in a total of six computer-controlled allies each chapter. These are great for distracting enemies (remember, your main units are gone for good if they die) while landing a few points of damage. Tanith returns in sequel Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, where her availability is poor, but she carries the highest offensive potential among your Falcon Knight options.

Frau TearRing Saga
Frau TearRing Saga

6. Frau

Game: TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga

While not technically a Fire Emblem game, TearRing Saga is considered by many a spiritual successor to Fire Emblem Gaiden, even resulting in a lawsuit due to their similarities.

No matter how you categorize it, Frau offers an exceptional Pegasus Knight. She takes a bit of training, but numerous monster battles make this easy, and she's surprisingly sturdy. While her luck is lower than alternative rider Mahter, Frau wields better strength, skill, and magic, making her the superior choice.

Fiora FE7
Fiora FE7

5. Fiora

Game: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

The elder sister of Florina, Fiora offers a sturdier combatant who doesn't depend on having played Lyn's chapters. Her speed and luck are lower than Florina's, but Fiora can still easily double most enemies in the game, and her superior attack, defense, and resistance make her better-suited for the frontlines.

Even if you played Lyn's story, you can exploit arenas for unlimited experience, and Fiora still joins fairly early, providing a generally-superior aerial combatant.

Shanna FE6
Shanna FE6

4. Shanna

Game: Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Like many Pegasus knights, Shanna excels in skill, speed, and luck, but her HP, strength, and defense are lacking. However, despite her lower power, she's fast enough to double attack, generally killing foes in a single round if given a suitably powerful weapon.

Shanna is also available much sooner than alternative Thea, and she can promote early with Chapter 8's Elysian Whip. Her biggest failing is a mediocre support pool, but that's forgivable on such a versatile warrior.

Est FE1
Est FE1

3. Est

Game: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

In the original version of Shadow Dragon, Est offered the strongest Pegasus Knight in the game, narrowly beating out Catria. That said, her late recruit time and low level require a chaperone until she's up to speed, but it's definitely worth the investment.

However, in the DS remake, Est's sisters have increased growth rates while Est does not. Therefore, they're superior for modern players, but original Est fans carry fond memories of her one-time dominance.

Tana FE8
Tana FE8

2. Tana

Game: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

One of the best units in FE8, Tana is obtained later than Vanessa, but the game's rare access to unlimited monster battles makes leveling her a breeze. Beyond that, she enjoys slightly higher stat totals and offers several useful supports, including with protagonist Ephraim and Wyvern Knight Cormag (who can match her movement).

Sacred Stones offers multiple promotion routes, letting you sculpt Tana into either a Falcon or Wyvern Knight, both respectable options. And as long as you have at least two other Falcon Knights, you can utilize the powerful triangle attack (see below), so don't feel pressured to ignore Tana's Wyvern path.

Catria FE1
Catria FE1

1. Catria

Game: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Catria is one of few units to excel in not just one but multiple games. In her first appearance, she's the classic "late-game high-potential" rookie, taking some effort to level but rewarding you with amazing stats.

In her Fire Emblem Gaiden appearance, Catria is technically just below Est in stat totals, but it's a narrow margin you could easily argue is compensated for by Catria's much-superior availability. Both are exceptional units worth adding to your team and some of the best Pegasus Knights in Fire Emblem.

Which unit do you prefer?

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How to Perform the Triangle Attack in Fire Emblem

In addition to their mobility and rescue potential, Pegasus Knights enjoy a unique "triangle attack". To utilize it, first position two valid units (generally Pegasus or Falcon Knights) next to the same enemy. Then, move into melee and attack with a third to initiate a special strike that deals triple damage, similar to a critical hit. Thus, unlike other classes (where you'll avoid duplicates for diversity), Pegasus Knights work well together, further demonstrating their prominence in the series.

While vulnerable to wind magic and arrows, high resistance combats the former while items like the Delphi Shield guard against the latter, fortifying your riders against their weaknesses. But for now, as we await Nintendo's next batch of aerial combatants, vote for your favorite character and I'll see you at our next Fire Emblem countdown!

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