Top 10 Healing Moves in "Pokémon"

Updated on April 14, 2020
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Recovering HP in "Pokémon"

While you can utilize many strategies in Pokémon battles, the endgoal is always the same—reduces your opponent's health to zero. But once your HP (Hit Points) are lost, they're not necessarily gone for good; a variety of healing attacks can replenish health (up to your usual max value).

Some recover based on damage dealt, others rely on weather conditions—which reign supreme? These are the ten best life-recovering moves in the Pokémon video games!

Chansey using Soft-Boiled
Chansey using Soft-Boiled

10. Soft-Boiled

Type: Normal

Soft-Boiled's usefulness has declined over the years, but it was one of the few early-gen healing techniques available, simply restoring 50% of its user's HP. Plus, unlike moves like Recover, you could use it outside of battle (up through X and Y) to sacrifice HP and give it to an injured party member.

Since Soft-Boiled was often used by Chansey and Blissey (who have an incredible amount of HP), you could often fully-heal a teammate while only spending a little of the user's health.

Throh using Pain Split
Throh using Pain Split

9. Pain Split

Type: Normal

Formerly the signature move of Misdreavus, Pain Split offers a situational but powerful ability. It bypasses accuracy checks to always hit and adds the remaining HP of the user with that of your target, giving half that value to each.

So, save Pain Split for when you're weakened and your opponent is at full health, letting you sap their life while replenishing your own. This works particularly well against HP tanks like Snorlax or Guzzlord, and remember that Pain Split can even affect Ghosts (who are only immune to Normal/Fighting damage attacks, not status ones).

Paras using Leech Life
Paras using Leech Life

8. Leech Life

Type: Bug

This move received possibly the biggest buff in Pokémon history, quadrupling in power from 20 to 80 as of generation seven. And that boost is especially useful for Leech Life since the user regains health equal to 50% of the damage dealt.

While the move only has slightly above-average power, its full accuracy, strong offensive type, healing, and widespread availability make it a formidable technique.

Bulbasaur using Leech Seed
Bulbasaur using Leech Seed

7. Leech Seed

Type: Grass

Leech Seed offers a unique status condition that no other move can provide. The move itself doesn't deal damage and has decent 90 accuracy. Once seeded, enemies lose 1/8 of their max health at the end of each turn, and you regain as much. Even if the user faints, allies can still benefit from the seed (assuming they arrive in the same position).

This move beautifully blends offense with defense, and since it's volatile, you can combine it with standard non-volatile status conditions like poison or paralysis. To prevent enemies from switching out and ending the effect, trap them with moves like Fire Spin, or simply save Leech Seed for your opponent's final Pokémon.

Palossand using Shore Up
Palossand using Shore Up

6. Shore Up

Type: Ground

Moves like Moonlight and Synthesis can restore more than half of the user's health under the right weather conditions, but they suffer penalties in other environments; Shore Up has a potential boost with no depreciation. In sandstorms (which are ideal for Ground-type Palossand), the move recovers 2/3 health; otherwise, you still gain the usual 50%.

The move also contributes to a competitive combo; have an allied Smeargle purposefully attack Palossand using multi-hit Water Shuriken. The move won't inflict much damage, and it'll repeatedly trigger Palossand's Water Compaction, boosting his defense two stages with each hit. Have Palossand hold a Weakness Policy to simultaneously increase his attack and special attack, then use Shore Up if healing is needed. From there, you've got an insanely-boosted warrior to sweep through any threat.

Yveltal using Oblivion Wing
Yveltal using Oblivion Wing

5. Oblivion Wing

Type: Dark

Like most legendary-exclusive attacks, Oblivion Wing is a formidable force, belonging to Y mascot Yvelatl. The move lands 80 damage with 100% accuracy, and unlike most healing attacks (which recover 50% of the damage), Oblivion Wing regains 75%!

Since Yveltal has strong offensive stats and the move triggers his Dark STAB (same-type attack bonus), you should deal and recover a fierce amount of damage with each usage.

Partner Eevee using Bouncy Bubble
Partner Eevee using Bouncy Bubble

4. Bouncy Bubble

Type: Water

Not to be confused with Bounce or Bubble, Bouncy Bubble is a surprisingly powerful technique. Only Partner Eevee (from Let's Go, Eevee!) can learn it as of this writing (through the Move Tutor), but it scores 90 power with full accuracy and regains 50% of the damage as health.

While this won't trigger Eevee's STAB, it provides nice coverage, and in triple battles, you'll hit all adjacent opponents without harming allies.

Snorlax using Rest
Snorlax using Rest

3. Rest

Type: Normal

When it comes to sheer HP recovery, Rest remains king (not counting attacks that knock the user out, like Healing Wish). It regenerates you to full health and removes any non-volatile status conditions.

The price you pay is falling asleep for two turns—but crafty Trainers can mitigate this drawback with sleep-requiring moves like Snore or Sleep Talk. Alternatively, you can immediately wake up using a Chesto Berry held item, essentially giving a single-use full heal. In the story modes of Kanto games, you can also undo sleep with the reusable Poké Flute item, making Rest-bearing companions like Snorlax invaluable allies.

Shiinotic using Strength Sap
Shiinotic using Strength Sap

2. Strength Sap

Type: Grass

Strength Sap is the special attack of Shiinotic's evolutionary line, but can be taught to the Bellsprout, Oddish, and Hoppip families through breeding.

No matter who learns it, the move reduces your target's attack stat by one stage, then heals your HP by their attack value before it was lowered! The stronger your opponent, the more HP you'll restore, weakening their blows in the meantime; try aiming this at physical sweepers to quickly limit their options.

Florges using Grassy Terrain
Florges using Grassy Terrain

1. Grassy Terrain

Type: Grass

Like Leech Seed, Grassy Terrain excels at mixing offense with defense. The user creates a field-wide terrain for five turns that recovers 1/16 HP for all grounded Pokémon (flyers won't benefit from it). Additionally, anyone affected receives a 50% increase to Grass attacks and takes half damage from Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Magnitude.

This sculpts your Grass allies into dominating sweepers who become extra resistant to Ground attacks. And while Grass is normally a bad match-up against Flying, the terrain evens the field, as aerial foes (and allies) won't reap the field's health-regenerating benefit, evening your odds.

Which move do you prefer?

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Healing Held Items in "Pokémon"

In addition to today's moves, you can heal any contender over time using the Leftovers held item, have them recover HP upon damaging foes with the Shell Bell, or refresh them by consuming various Berries. Several abilities also heal you when hit by certain attacks.

Watch out for the recovery-preventing Heal Block technique, but for now, as we await Nintendo's next batch of HP-restoring moves, vote for your favorite attack and I'll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

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