Bloodborne Level-Up Guide

Updated on June 27, 2018
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In Bloodborne, level up is very important if the hunter is to defeat all the bosses of the game and emerge victorious as the supreme hunter of all time. At the beginning, the hunter is given nothing to fight the wolf with in Iosefka's clinic. The result - immediate demise of the hero. With the death of the hunter comes a yearning for victory and to resume the hunt. What better place to do so than in the Hunter's Dream. This is therefore the ideal place to level up, as soon as the hunter gets some Insight.

This will provide a guide on how to level up, including what attributes to select for what build of hero and how to get Insight.

Bloodborne Character Customization Guide

At the character customization screen, the hero can choose his or her gender, and then the name of the character, and how to the character looks. This is followed by a choice which determines the amount of blood echoes, vitality, endurance, strength, skill, bloodtinge and arcane that the character has. This is reflected in the table below.

Blood Echoes
Lone Survivor
Trouble Childhood
Violent Past
Military Veteran
Noble Scion
Cruel Fate
Waste of Skin

Bloodborne Attributes and What to Level Up

Attributes in Bloodborne are important, and the description below explain why -

  • Vitality - the more the hunter has, the more health he gets.
  • Endurance - determines stamina and resistances.
  • Strength - determines the physical weapon ATK. At the beginning, the hunter should invest in vitality and strength to make each battle as long as possible (health for the hunter) and as quick as possible (defeat the enemies with as much damage as possible)
  • Skill - determines more nuanced physical weapon ATK. Also determines if hunter can use certain equipment.
  • Bloodtinge - determines governing ower of weapons that use quicksilver bullet. Determines whether or not the hunter can use certain equipment.
  • Arcane - determines governing power arcane ATK, and whether the hero can use certain equipment or not. Arcane comes into play later in the game, so invest in the above attributes first.

These basic attributes will determine the following -

  • HP - health, self explanatory, without this, the hunter dies again and again.
  • Stamina - needed for various actions. The more attack action you build into the stamina bar, the more the damage.
  • Discovery - governs chances of enemies dropping items when defeated. The higher the attribute, the more you will find.

Attack is determined by the weapons in the right and left hand.

Defence is divided into -

  • physical - ability to defend against physical attack
  • slow poison - resistance to slow poisoning
  • rapid poison - resistance to rapid poisoning
  • frenzy - resistance to lure of frenzy
  • Beasthood - the higher this attribute, the closer the hero is to beasthood when transformed.

Initially, the way to level up fast for the low level character is to go to the bridge with the rolling flaming stone and repeatedly "kill" the zombies.

  • Later this is replaced by the rather silly white werewolf, which is really easy to kill and gives about 980 blood echoes each time. In additional, the white werewolf will drop either the bloodstone shard, or the beasthood pellet. Awesome!

Damage Reduction

In addition to the above attributes, actual numbers determine the following damage reduction -

  • physical
  • blunt
  • thrust
  • blood
  • arcane
  • fire
  • bolt

Choose the right armor to allow for specialized reduction of damage or general reduction of damage.

Bloodborne Runes

The hunter is a complex character. He is also covered by various runes such as the Caryll Rune Effect.

Bloodborne Get Insight to Level Up

Unlike in Dark Souls, the hero cannot simply level up in Bloodborne. The hunter needs to collect Insight.

  • Get the first insight by approaching the first boss - the cleric beast.
  • Each time you meet some bosses, you get some points of Insight.
  • Scattered throughout Yharnam are Madman's knowledge, skulls which increase Insight.

Bloodborne How to Level Up Attributes, Weapons and Armor

Once the hero has Insight, go to Hunter's Dream. The rag doll has become a lady, and can be used to level up the character. Choose one attribute to level up. At the beginning, choose vitality and strength. Once you are set on the path of finding the Holy Chalice, then start choosing arcane attributes.

Note that leveling up the attributes of the character is not enough to get through the game. The hero needs to find and purchase better weapons, and then fortify these weapons, so that they will become more powerful. Blood echoes are needed, and also blood stone shards, and later blood gems of various types are needed too. The hero is given a free item at the beginning of the game, but can buy other weapons at the bath messenger in the Hunter's Dream.

The same applies for the hero's armor. Initially, the garb that the hero wears is quite light and allows the hero to run freely. However, this armor provides little in the way of protection. Later, the hero will find better armor, but this sort of armor is heavy and can slow down the hero.

In the first stage of the game, the zombies at the large bonfire provide an ideal sort of blood echoes pool to harvest. Use the whip weapon to mass attack the zombies. Later, this means of farming blood echoes become tiresome and the hunter will choose to harvest blood echoes from werewolves. Trap the werewolves before attacking them, as their pounce and claw attack causes a lot of damage.

Level up is not the only way to become more powerful. The hero needs to stock up on valuable items such as

  • blood vials
  • molotovs
  • throwing knives
  • oil urns
  • quicksilver bullets

These items, although not upgradable, provide the difference between life and death in crucial situations. One less of the above item could mean triumph or agonizing close to victory sensation. Blood vials can be collected from monsters, or purchased from the bath messenger. Quicksilver bullets and the pistol are invaluable. In emergency situations, use the up button to get more quicksilver bullets.

Bloodborne Learn from Multiplayer

Sometimes, the key is not so much the level up, but the dodge and attack skills of other players. For that matter, it may be better to go into multiplayer and learn from other gamers. It's also more fun to tackle that sinister boss that just keeps killing the solo hunter.

The hunter needs 10 insight, and needs to purchase the small resonant bell to help others. The Beckoning Bell is free near the beginning of the game, and is used to summon for help.

Bloodborne Upgrade Weapon with Twin Blood Stone Shards

Later on, the hunter needs twin blood stone shards to level up his weapon. This is where to get the first two shards.

Bloodborne the True Value of Strength

As one can see, learning from other hunters is of vital importance. Here, to power up the character effectively, one learns the true value of strength.

  • Strength - one blow, or one blow and then a bit more, one kill. Clearly demonstrated in how the pig hog monster gets shredded to mincemeat due to the attribute Strength and the upgraded Axe weapon.

Once you defeat the Shadow of Yharnam, the Forbidden Grave area is a good area to level up for 25+ characters up to the mid 40 levels. And you get blood vials too.

  • The Nightmare Lecture Building and the Nightmare of Mensis area near the second lamp save point serves as good level up points for mid 40 levels and beyond. You can use this to test the strength-endurance ratio on how to defeat monsters without them retaliating.

  • After you defeat the Nightmare Host Micolash at the Nightmare of Mensis, the fun part starts. Here you will find the infamous pig hog monster, this time mutated to have many eyes. And there are three of them. Then there are the shadows of Yharnam, Now keep luring the pig monsters towards the shadows of Yharnam, and make them slaughter each other.

Each pig monster at this stage is worth 10000 blood echoes approximately, and each shadow about 2000 to 5000 blood echoes. Happy level up!


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    • profile image

      Demonic Demon 

      3 years ago

      I'm reading this guide to help a friend, and I wanted to let you know something. They are "beasts" not "zombies". Big difference.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Kayla hover of the attribute then press right on the d pad. Then hit x

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I'm having trouble I have insight to use and echoes to boost and attribute but every time I try and select I literally tells me no attribute selected ugh I'm so aggravated I'm new this game

    • supreme gamer profile imageAUTHOR

      supreme gamer 

      5 years ago

      Bloodborne is order of toughness - 1) Dark Souls 2 DLCs 2) Dark Souls 3) Bloodborne 4) Dark Souls 2

    • Zakmoonbeam profile image

      Michael Murchie 

      5 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Some great advice, have to admit, Bloodborne is kicking my ass right about now !


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