"Borderlands 2": How to Defeat Wilhelm

Updated on May 17, 2019
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In Borderlands 2, you meet yet another terrifying foe. This time, it is another robotic boss belonging to the Hyperion Corporation. Wilhelm is the name of the enemy. This fearsome robot reportedly took out an entire squadron of the Crimson Raiders and is much feared by the rebellion. It's the vault hunter's time to stop this juggernaut. This will guide you on how to defeat Wilhelm, and what equipment or weapons to bring into the fight.

Defeat Wilhelm in "Borderlands 2"

Borderlands 2 use electrical rocket launches to take out the shield and then corrosive weapons to take out the armor in defeating Wilhelm.
Borderlands 2 use electrical rocket launches to take out the shield and then corrosive weapons to take out the armor in defeating Wilhelm.

Dobby Droog

Borderlands 2 Dobby Droog - an example of a corrosive weapon.
Borderlands 2 Dobby Droog - an example of a corrosive weapon.

Where to Find the Corrosive Weapons

To understand the fight against Wilhelm, it is necessary to know the odds that you are facing. In this fight, you are not just facing Wilhelm alone. He must also defeat the gun loaders and shielded surveyors that are all over the place. These added mobs make an already tough fight almost impossible. Well, that is, unless you prepare and bring the correct combinations of weapons into the fight.

The weapons to bring into the fight should include at least one electrical elemental type weapon (outside of a rocket launcher) and at least one corrosive elemental type weapon. For this character, he was able to bring along:

  • the Dobby Droog (a corrosive sniper rifle)
  • the Zooks Jericho (an electrical elemental type sniper rifle)
  • the Parelectronomic Prowler (an electrical elemental type sniper rifle)

The question to ask is where you should go in Borderlands 2 to get the corrosive weapons. Some of these weapons were dropped randomly during the fight with Wilhelm and his minions. Others were bought from the weapons shop in Sanctuary. Your level will affect when corrosive weapons start appearing in the game, with the merchant, and in the vending machines.

From the start point in the fight against Wilhelm, it is possible to fast travel back to Sanctuary to get the few essential items listed above. However, the way back to defeating Wilhelm is more challenging, as you will have to restart at the fast travel point in Tundra wastelands and must go through familiar hordes of bandits and mobs (such as the EXP loaders and the gun loaders) again. One alternative way is to simply speed run through everyone, using deception mode selectively along the way to distract enemies and clear a path back to Wilhelm.

Zooks Jericho

Borderlands 2 Zooks Jericho - an example of an electric elemental weapon to take down shields.
Borderlands 2 Zooks Jericho - an example of an electric elemental weapon to take down shields.

Parelectronomic Prowler

Borderlands 2 Parelectronomic Prowler
Borderlands 2 Parelectronomic Prowler

Tactics to Defeat Wilhelm

Once you have the necessary equipment, weapons, and ammo, then it's time to attack and finish off Wilhelm. The following tactics should be observed:

  • from the starting point in the narrow icy corridor of the Terminus Plateau, head gingerly forwards and pray that the shielded surveyors do not appear.
  • If the shielded surveyor does appear, then go into deception mode and use the electrical Zooks Jericho sniper rifle to defeat them.
  • near the exit from the icy corridor, spot Wilhelm and go into deception mode.
  • aim and fire the best corrosive weapon (for this case—a corrosive sniper rifle) at Wilhelm repeatedly. To do this effectively, it may be necessary to use iridium to increase the ammo slot for sniper weapons to, say like 72.
  • once Wilhelm is engaged, be careful not to let the opportunity pass you by. If you run out of ammo, switch to the next best weapon, which in this case is the Parelectronomic Prowler. Launch a few well-placed rockets at Wilhelm. Some may prefer to use the rocket launcher to get rid of the shield first, and then the corrosive effects to get rid of the armor.
  • If you concentrate fast and effective firepower at Wilhelm, then he will be defeated.

Only when Wilhelm is defeated should you concentrate on the loaders. The surveyors are different though, as they can heal Wilhelm and annoy you by discharging electrical attacks. One should dispatch the surveyors immediately with electric weapons when they start attacking.

When Wilhelm is defeated, the Crimson Raiders do not get the Vault Key. Instead, they find a Hyperion power core, which drastically affects the location of Sanctuary. In the aftermath, you need to find Sanctuary again.

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