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"Borderlands 2": Find Holding Cells in Wildlife Preserve

 Dome-Shaped Structure in the Wildlife Preserve: The domed shaped structure in the Preserve serves as a key location in finding the holding cells and rescuing Bloodwing.

Dome-Shaped Structure in the Wildlife Preserve: The domed shaped structure in the Preserve serves as a key location in finding the holding cells and rescuing Bloodwing.

How to Get to the Holding Cells

In Borderlands 2, the hero must head for the dome-shaped structure in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. From there, the hero will battle stalkers and more loaders released from Jack's lunar station. Only when these monsters are defeated will the gates leading into the holding cells for Bloodwing open.

This will guide the hero on how to get to the dome-shaped structure and how to defeat the stalkers and the super badass loader to get into Specimen Maintenance.

Get to the Dome-Shaped Structure in the Preserve

From the room mentioned previously, the hero needs to cross more dangerous grounds in the preserve and get to the dome-shaped structure in the preserve. This dome-shaped structure contains health and ammo vending machines. However, to get to these comfort items, the hero must run past skags and stalkers.

Some deadly species of stalkers now start to appear and include larger and more difficult versions of stalkers (badass stalker and pimon) and skags (tumbaa). Some of these creatures are a nightmare to defeat. In addition, the hero needs to shorten this already very long mission. The best way to do so is to run through the preserve and reach the dome-shaped structure.

Within the dome-shaped structure, the hero will encounter more stalkers as he tries to head out of a broken wall in this area. The hero needs to clear the area of stalkers, as the next area involves trying to defeat scores of loaders and a super badass loader. The hero needs to use this area as cover to defeat the super badass loader. So arm the hero with an electrical elemental weapon, and try to take down all the stalkers here.

Apart from the needle stalkers, spring stalkers will phase in and out and spring out to claw and damage the hero. Use deceptions and melee attacks to defeat the stalkers once their shield has been depleted by the shock weapon. In some situations, a badass stalker and a pimon will appear to challenge the hero.

Defeat the Super Badass Loader to Open the Gates to the Holding Cells

Once the stalkers are defeated, head out through the broken wall and note several blazing balls of fire come down from the lunar station. Loaders arise from the ashes of the fiery balls. They attack the hero. The vault hunter can add to the chaos of this battle by sparing and then luring some of the stalkers from the dome to the loaders. Watch as everybody tries to put down everybody. It will be absolute pandemonium when this happens. Eventually, all the loaders (and stalkers) will be wiped out, save for the nasty super badass loader.

To defeat this monstrosity, head back to the broken wall in the dome and use this as cover. Use the best corrosive weapon at this stage, and fire off a few well-placed shots at the super badass loader's arms. The arms can fire off multiple rocket missiles, which will set the hero on continuous fire, so the sooner the arms come off the better it will be for the hero. If the rockets do launch, slip back behind the broken wall and wait for the rockets to finish.

Once the arms are off, the hero should focus on the head. The head and its eye can fire off a laser bolt which can scorch the hero and defeat the hero in one stroke. So the hero needs to slip in behind the wall, then come out again and fire at the head, and then slip back behind the wall when the laser bolt is launched.

With this series of tactics, the super badass loader will be defeated. Go pick up some great loot. Great loot is very often released when badass monsters are defeated.

The gates leading to Specimen Maintenance for Bloodwing will open. However, when the hero reaches the holding cell, there are only feathers and no sign of Bloodwing. The vault hunter must now head for the observatory, but only after he has defeated the elemental skags that have been released at this point by Handsome Jack ...