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Dark Souls: Finding the Depths Bonfire and Sewer Key

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Finding the Depths Bonfire

In Dark Souls, after the capra demon is finished, the hero must make his way to the depths and locate the sewer key to enter the depths bonfire and save. This will make the depths exploration much easier. This will guide the hero to find the depths bonfire, the sewer key, and illustrate how to defeat the miniboss the butcher in this area and recover the dark souls ember (needed to ascend weapoons). The depths exploration guide is necessary because this place is full of hidden dangers, and having to start over again and again at other locations bonfire is very demoralizing indeed.

Entering the Depths

In dark souls, to enter the depths, proceed from the lair of the capra demon down the stairs and past the two rogue assassins that were lying in wait for the hero. Go past the two flight of stairs that lead up to the second merchant in the undead burg area, and find a door to the right. Go through this door, and enter the depths.

Be on your guard at all times in the depths. This place is full of hidden monsters and dangers, and the monsters can spring and deal so much damage that the hero cannot cope with fighting the monsters one on one after being surprised attacked or special attacked by the monsters.

First to greet the hero in the depths are the raging zombies. The special feature of the raging zombies in this area is that some of them wield torches which they can use to burn the hero, who will take a lot of damage in the process. Try to jump backwards clear of them, and then impale them with the halberd or other suitable weapons as fast as possible. Try to get rid of these in one attack.

After dealing with these creatures, the hero will see a butcher chopping some meat in a corner of the room. The darkness of the depths hides the rabid dogs and raging zombies on the walls very well.

  • To attack the butcher, first get rid of the rabid dogs that lie in the path to the butcher.
  • There is a rabid dog just to the left of the stairs that leads down to the butcher's chopping block.
  • Without disturbing the butcher, try to lure this dog up to the upper platform and destroy it.
  • Then there is a second rabid dog lying next to the butcher's chopping block.
  • Go to the upper platform and use sorcery and the heavy soul arrow sorcery to target and destroy this rabid dog using one bolt of the spell.

The butcher will be alerted to the presence of the hero when this happens. It's time to defeat the butcher.

The Butcher

The Butcher

Defeating the Depths Butcher

In dark souls, the butcher is a mini-boss who wields two large cleavers and can chop the hero to bits in a matter of seconds. One can use the traditional method of swinging from side to side and then attacking the butcher. However, a more conservative approach will be to use light armor and equip the Grass Crest Shield and try to outrun the butcher. The butcher will chase the hero to some extent and then he will return to the chopping block.

  • When he is at the chopping block or some other suitable locations, use the heavy soul arrow sorcery to take him out. This will take off a huge chunk of his health points.
  • Use this hit and run tactics, and the depths butcher will be defeated easily. If the hero is hit by the butcher's attack and is running low on health, retreat outside the door that leads to the depths and heal up and regroup. The butcher will not chase the hero out here.

The rewards for defeating the depths butcher are:

  • obtaining the dark souls ember required to ascend weapons (in a chest next to the chopping block)
  • rescuing the NPC Laurentius from a barrel in the flooded area in front of the chopping block

Dark Souls 3 dlc Ringed City - Dark Souls Becomes Harder and Harder

After defeating the butcher, head out through a door on the left side of the upper platform above the chopping block platform (if the hero is facing the chopping block) into a flooded area.

Be very careful here. The dungeons and dragons slime monsters and gelatinous cubes have evolved in this dark souls game.

  • Glance cautiously to the left and find a corpse with a treasure in it.
  • Also look up and see (if you can) a slime monster waiting to drop down on the previously unsuspecting hero. This slime monster will take out a large amount of the hero's health points if it engulfs the hero.
  • Use a ranged weapon (or the sorcery spell soul arrow for later) to cause the slime to fall down first.
  • When the slime is in the water, attack it with weapons. Fire is the best attack against the slime.
  • Proceed through the rest of the tunnels leading up to the depths bonfire room with this same caution.
  • Look up and see a long long row of slimes in the ceiling leading up to the room with the bonfire.
  • Cause them to drop down, and chop them to bits or use firebombs or equivalent to destroy them.
  • Then defeat the raging zombie standing outside the door to the bonfire room.

If the hero has the master key, then this door will be unlocked and the depths bonfire will be reached. Congratulations! Save the game immediately.

Finding the Depths Sewer Key

In dark souls, if the hero does not have the depths sewer key, the hero must travel a little bit more before resting.

  • Turn left and walk down the tunnel from the locked door, descend into a smaller tunnel and see a GIANT rat on the left.
  • Ignore the rat, and head straight through the tunnel.
  • On the right, glance in and see five smaller giant rats (in comparison) in one corner.
  • The hero can just jump in chop all the rats to bits, but risk being poisoned. (Remember the last bonfire location is a long way away).
  • If the hero has the purple moss clumps from the bush tree monsters in the darkroot basin and darkroot garden, then chew on this antidote and attack the rats. Otherwise use the sorcery spell Soul Arrow to lure the rat one at a time out of their cozy little corner and use melee attacks to finish them one at a time.
  • Following this, turn left and head down a tunnel with some fungal looking pods. One can swing the halberd in a power swing and destroy the pods without getting too near the pods.
  • At the end of this tunnel, the hero can overlook a corner with more smaller giant rats and then the giant rat just beyond the iron fence.
  • Either take out all the rats at once, or use the lure and finish the rat one at a time tactic.
  • When the rats are all finished and the pods destroyed, head to the corpse lying just beyond the iron fence.
  • Grab the depths bonfire sewer key from the corpse, return to the locked room, and enter the depths bonfire chamber.

Explore the depths from this bonfire chamber. When all are vanquished in the depths, it's time to face the Gaping Dragon.