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Dragon Age


Best Party in "Dragon Age: Origins"

This is the best party setup I have found. I have played the game a dozen of times so I know how other setups perform.


"Dragon Age 2" (2011) Isabela Is the Best Romance in the Game

Why Isabela is actually the best romance in "Dragon Age 2."


"Dragon Age 2" (2011): Mage Hawke Actually Makes Perfect Sense

Why playing Hawke as a mage makes more sense than anything else.


"Dragon Age" (2009): Oghren, the Companion That Shouldn't Have Been

My musing about "Dragon Age's" least liked companion (that is, before Sera).


"Dragon Age: Inquisition" (2014): Why Dalish Fans Were Angry

I explain why Dalish fans were angry after the release of "Dragon Age: Inquisition."


"Dragon Age 2" (2011): Anders Was Right

An argument in favor of Anders' actions in "Dragon Age 2."


"Dragon Age 2" (2011): Merrill, A Character Analysis

An analysis of Merrill from "Dragon Age 2."


"Dragon Age 2" (2011): Isabela, A Character Analysis

An analysis of Isabela the pirate queen.


Why I Won't Be Playing "Dragon Age 4"

Why I think I'm done with the franchise.


Hawke Should Have Been the Protagonist of "Dragon Age: Inquisition"

Creating a new protagonist for the third installment was a mistake.


"Dragon Age: Origins" (2009): The Mage Warden, An Analysis

An analysis of the mage warden, both her origin and her character.


"Dragon Age Origins" (2009): The Dark Ritual Pros and Cons

An article weighing the pros and cons of The Dark Ritual in the first game of the "Dragon Age" franchise.


"Dragon Age Origins" (2009): How I Eventually Found Alistair Insufferable

After ten years of playing this game, I wound up finding Alistair insufferable.


Top 5 Inner Circle Personal Quests in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

There are many personal quests you can pursue for your companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here are the top five in terms of the storyline. This article contains spoilers.


“Dragon Age: Inquisition” Tips and Tricks

Essential spoiler-free tips and tricks to make the most of your Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough by successfully romancing, finishing quests quickly, and finding essential items.


6 Things We Want to See in “Dragon Age 4”

6 features, places, story plots, and improvements players are hoping to see in the next installment of fantasy roleplaying series Dragon Age by BioWare.


6 Things “Dragon Age: Inquisition” Did Better Than “Skyrim”

Six things that Bioware's latest installment in the "Dragon Age" series did better than Bethesda's "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."


The Actors and Actresses Behind Our Favourite Characters in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

This article is a roundup of the actors and actresses who played our favourite characters in the roleplaying fantasy game "Dragon Age: Inquisition" by Bioware. Each listing includes side-by-side images of the actor and the character they voice in the game.


How to Find and Defeat All 10 High Dragons in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

This guide includes the locations and methods necessary to defeat all ten High Dragons in "Dragon Age: Inquisition."


A Complete Guide to Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

Here's how to get full court approval, all scandalous secrets, Caprice coins and halla statues, and a guide to each ending in the quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.


How to Get Maximum Approval From Cole in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

How to get the highest possible approval from Cole in Bioware's fantasy roleplaying masterpiece, "Dragon Age: Inquisition."


How to Get Maximum Approval From Varric in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

How to get maximum approval from the dwarf rogue, Varric Tethras, in BioWare's fantasy roleplaying game “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”


How to Get Maximum Approval From Vivienne in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

Here's how to get the full approval of Grand Enchanter Vivienne, also known as Madame de Fer, in the fantasy roleplaying game “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”


Who Should I Romance in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”? A Complete Guide

In this article, I will compare the eight possible characters the Inquisitor can romance in BioWare's fantasy roleplaying masterpiece, "Dragon Age: Inquisition."


All LGBT Characters in the “Dragon Age” Video Game Series

A complete list of all LGBT characters in the Dragon Age series, not including mods or downloadable content.


How to Gain Power in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

Power is important for your Inquisition to unlock new areas and develop the story. Here are five ways you can gain Power in "Dragon Age: Inquisition."


"Dragon Age: Inquisition" - Cole Skill Guide

Struggling with how to build your characters? Here's a skill guide for Cole.


"Dragon Age: Inquisition" Vivienne Skill Guide

Struggling with how to build your characters? Here's a skill guide for Vivienne.


"Dragon Age: Inquisition" Dorian Skill Guide

Struggling with how to build your characters? Here's a skill guide for Dorian.


Five Things I Learned From "Dragon Age: Origins"

You'd be surprised at what you can learn from "Dragon Age: Origins." Contains possible spoilers for any who haven't played.


Top 5 "Dragon Age Origins" and "Awakening" Builds

The top five "Dragon Age Origins" and "Awakening" builds.

Oghren from Dragon Age Awakening

Where to Find All Party Members and Companions in "Dragon Age: Awakening"

Here is a list of all party members and companions in "Dragon Age: Awakening." Don't miss out on a single one!


"Dragon Age Origins": Hints, Tips, and Cheats

"Dragon Age" has a built-in cheat console that will help you win some of the hardest battles.