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"Final Fantasy X" Secret Locations & Airship Coordinates

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I am an avid video game player, and the "Final Fantasy" series is one of my all-time favorites.


Find All the Hidden Secrets in "Final Fantasy X"

Included in this article are the airship coordinates for all the secret locations on Spira's world map.

I'll also point you to easy-to-miss places throughout Spira not on the map! In particular, I'll tell you about places you can't get back to later.

Note: I haven't tested all of these in the FFX HD remaster, but so far, everything seems to be the same.

"Final Fantasy X" Airship Coordinates

X = 11-16 means "click around where the x coordinates are between 11 and 16."

WhereWhatSearch This Range

Baaj Temple

Boss, aeon, treasures

X = 11-16, Y = 57-63

Omega Ruins

secret dungeon

X = 69-75, Y = 33-38

Besaid Falls

Kimahri's Dragoon Lance

X = 29-32, Y = 73-76

Sanubia Desert

Tidus' Ascalon

X = 12-16, Y = 41-45

Djose Beach

Lulu's Phantom Bangle

X = 39-43, Y = 55-60

Mi'ihen Highroad

Rikku's Sonar

X = 33-36, Y = 55-60

  • Dragoon Lance: Evade & Counter, Mag Counter, 2 free slots
  • Ascalon: Double AP
  • Phantom Bangle: Eater: attacks from all elements HEAL (useful for self-healing)
  • Sonar: (Initiative, Poisonstrike, free slot)

FFX Airship Passwords: Hints and Solutions

There's hints scattered around Spira in Al Bhed. Want to solve them on your own? Here's an online Al Bhed Translator to help.

Besaid Riddle:

On a blue plaque near where Kimahri pounces Tidus in the ruins between the village and harbor:

Kilika and Bikanel/join as one.

This refers to two Al Bhed inscriptions which must be combined to get a password. Kilika's inscription is just north of the save sphere in the woods. Bikanel's is in the Central Desert.

Here's the two ciphers, once you translate them from Al Bhed to English:


t e p s w r s


h a s o d i

Solution: Take first letter from Kilika: "t" second letter from Bikanel: "h" third letter from Kilika: "e" and keep alternating, Kilika, Bikanel, Kilka, Bikanel, until you spell out something. Do same with bottom line.

This gives you a great Targe for Rikku.

Baaj Ruins Riddle:

Swim to the ruins right and south of Save Sphere for a blue plaque on a tiny island:

Al Bhed Inscription

Eh dra myht frana pumdc uv mekrd
emmisehyda dra pmylgacd hekrd
Fedr Macalania pareht
dra vuindr bemmyn oui cekrd
muug hud uh dra mavd
pid uh dra nekrd.

English Translation

In the land where bolts of light
illuminate the blackest night
With Macalania behind
the fourth pillar you sight
look not on the left
but on the right.

Solution: Enter Thunder Plains from Macalania. Go to the fourth pillar to the south. Look to Tidus' right (which will be your left) and search pillar for password.

Password leads to a weapon with a classic FF name for Auron. Unfortunately, its not-so-useful power is 1MP Cost.

Calm Lands Riddle:

This is the hardest, but the best reward. You'll need to walk, because it's like a pirate map treasure hunt. The D-pad and/or holding down O will constrain Tidus to walk in straight lines.

1) In the Calm Lands, there is a spike overlooking the Scar with an inscription not marked by the usual blue plaque. Hit X to search for it:

Al Bhed: Fedr dra jyma yd ouin pylg ku vundo-heha, drah cajah du dra nekrd eh dra dniacd meha.
English: With the vale at your back go forty-nine, then seven to the right in the truest line.

2) Follow those instructions exactly and search again to see:

Fedr sa yd ouin pylg ku dfahdo, drah dfahdo du dra nekrd.
Nekrd ceqdaah yht nekrd vuin.
Luhdehia uh. Veht sa.

Translation: With me at your back go twenty, then twenty to the right. Right sixteen and right four. Continue on. Find me.

3) Follow instructions. Ignore "Continue on." Just look for a white spot on the ground. Clicking on it gives you the password.

But What Are the Passwords?


Al Bhed Home: Things You Can't Easily Go Back for

Unless you've got the international Version with a bizarre bug, you'll never go Home again! There are three Al Bhed Primers here and some nice items in Home that you don't want to miss.

Note: Remember those weird Compilation Spheres that don't seem to do a thing? Actually, they let you get Al Bhed primers you missed! They search all your other saved games and add primers from those saved games to your current game. So if you have a saved game from before Home, load that saved game, go back for the primers you missed, save again (maybe in a new slot), and use a compilation sphere (I think there's one in the Lake Macalania Agency) to pick up those missing primers.

So, uh, where were those primers again?

The Primer outside Home is easy to find, but the other two are well-hidden. After Rikku announces you need to get to the "Summoner's Sanctum!" there's a Guado + Dual Horns battle, then you go down a flight of stairs after her. Then backtrack to a room on the left side of the corridor. Primer XX is in there. Leave, go down the stairs again, and this time take the right-hand branch of the Y. Primer XXI is on the floor outside another room whose door is marked by blue lights.

Both these rooms have fiends and some goodies locked behind Al Bhed combination locks.

After Tidus' "If guardians do their job, then summoners will be safe...right?!" speech, there are two chests at the bottom of the stairs before you go through the door into the Sanctum: Level 2 Key Sphere on the right, Level 4 on the left, well hidden.

Finally, there's a chest with 10,000 gil in the Summoners' Sanctum.

The following video shows all Al Bhed Primer locations. Fast forward to 4:25 for the three Primers hidden in Home. You may also want to double-check Bevelle, the fourth primer that's in a location you can't go back to (but again, the Compilation Sphere trick lets you add it if you found it in a different saved game).

Final Fantasy X - Via Purifico Map

Final Fantasy X - Via Purifico Map

Assault on St. Bevelle: Don't Miss These!

Places You Can't Go Back to in Bevelle

You'll never return to 90% of Bevelle, so during the dramatic rescue sequences, be sure to stop and hunt for goodies:

  • Al Bhed Primer on floor outside Cloister of Trials. Split Infinity's screencap: Primer #22
  • When solving Cloister of Trials, after you place the Destruction Sphere, go BACK and pick up a Bevelle Sphere before you leave. This lets you solve a puzzle on the way out (left side of T intersection at top of steps) for Knight Lance, great weapon for Kimahri.
  • In the underwater Via Purifico, there are several chests, including a shop and Counterattack weapons for Wakka, Tidus.
  • In the catacombs of the Via Purifico, there is an optional puzzle with teleport panels, yeah, I get lost, too. Here is a large-size Via Purifico Map I've made to help.
Remiem Temple - Chocobo Racetrack

Remiem Temple - Chocobo Racetrack

Easy-to-Miss Places

You Can Go Back to These:

  • A broken hut in Besaid Village (just gil).
  • The engine room of both ferries.
  • When you first get to Kilika, there's a little girl crying in a broken hut on the far left side of the village. She's the sister of the barkeep. Return to the pub after you save her.
  • Mi'ihen Highroad: While riding chocobos, hit X wherever you see a yellow feather (3).
  • Mushroom Rock Road: after you finish the looooong winding road and go up a level, there's an obvious lift you take up to the third level (where Luzzu and Gatta are arguing). But there's also an easy-to-miss second lift in this area to a hidden item. There's also a curlicue side-path with an Al Bhed primer.
  • Guadosalam: Return again and again throughout the game for different cutscenes in Farplane. No great items (apart from a Key Item for Lulu), but some bits of backstory.
  • Calm Lands: Monster Arena, Remiem Temple (need chocobo to access), place where Tidus' Celestial Weapon is blocked by a sentry, path down into the Gorge (and Cavern of the Stolen Fayth).

Get Out of My Way!

People Blocking Paths

You run into a number pf places blocked by people.

After being branded a traitor, you can't get into any temple. How do you re-enter the temples? The answer is simple: you have to wait until late in the game when Lady Yuna is no longer considered a traitor! In the meantime, stand in the entrance to Macalania for slow but infinite level grinding.

On the north side of the Calm Lands, a man is blocking a path, watching the gorge. His speech gives you a clue:

"Hey, hey! You can't go down there!

Even if I don't know what I'm watching for, duty's duty. I'm not moving. Well, unless something really unique happens, that is."

What is there to see in the Calm Lands? Tip: Chocobo training! Show him a good race. But don't bother until you have the Celestial Mirror. See my Celestial Weapons Guide for more info!

Clasko is blocking a chest outside of Macalania Inn the first time you pass. You probably didn't notice. You can come back after the fiasco in Bevelle to pick up the money you missed (I think it's $; It's been so long I've forgotten).

Return to the Chambers of the Fayth! It's Worth It!

Late in the game, after you talk to Bahamut, you can visit the other Chambers of the Fayth as well. Most have rare spheres. Also, I just enjoy meeting the fayth and seeing who they were.

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