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"Final Fantasy III": Mognet Sidequests

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I am an avid video game player, and the "Final Fantasy" series is one of my all-time favorites.

Help With Late-Game Sidequests in Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III is a fun Square-Enix retro game remastered for the Nintendo DS, now available on iPhone/iPad and Android.

I've got a Final Fantasy III for iPad FAQ with a lot of game tips and help for FFIII, but I realized the Mognet section was getting far too long, so I've moved it to this page.

Getting letters from different FFIII NPCs via the Mognet opens up various sidequests and results in several unlockables: Onion Knight Job Class, Ultima Weapon, Master Cards & Ultimate Weapons for each Job, and a Dungeon where you'll find the Iron Giant bonus boss (ouch!)

Here's how to get the letters, sidequests, and unlockables, plus a map of Eureka Dungeon I drew to help with the last sidequest.

FFIII Mognet Basics

For iPad, Android, Nintendo DS

Mognet is an in-game messaging service, with the mogs (little white bat-cat critters) serving as letter carriers between villages. Walk up to a mog when you get to a new village and see if they've got new mail for you.

At first, there won't be messages very often, but late in the game, it's a good idea to check up on all your messages.

  • Luneth gets letters from Topapa (elder of Ur, the village where he started)
  • Refia gets letters from Takka the smith, her stepdad
  • Ingus gets letters from Princess Sara
  • Anybody can get letters from Cid
  • Anybody can get letters from the Four Old Men
  • Arc gets letters from Alus

In the iPad/Android version, you must use the "Formation" command in your Menu to switch a different party member to the front, in order to receive letters sent to that character. This means swapping between characters and talking to the same mog to get different letters.

In the DS version, you must instead send 7 letters to other RL players with the game (look for recent Final Fantasy Forum posts where players share friend codes) and then keep sending letters to each of the five NPCS (you won't get more than one reply an hour from NPCs, I think).

First Mognet Sidequest: Onion Knight Job

Letters from Topapa

After you leave the Floating Continent, you should start getting letters from Topapa about adventuresome children.

When you get "The Children Are In Trouble!" hurry back to the Floating Continent and go to the village of Ur where Arc and Luneth started. Check-in with Elder Topapa, then go back to Altar Cave north of Ur to rescue the children. Onion Knight Job is your reward.

Onion Knight is great for Final Fantasy gamer nostalgia, and it winds up being the most powerful job of the game: all magic, all equipment, powerful final stats, so that the only hard part is picking and choosing which spells and gear to equip out of an embarrassment of riches.

Unfortunately, Onion Knight stats take a really long time to build. Other jobs like Black Belt will boost permanent stats (BB does Vitality) and have stronger job stats at lower levels. On the other hand, you may just want to dedicate someone to levelling up to Onion Knight for the fun of it. I've heard OK isn't that powerful, but my Level 50 Refia is kicking butt with a Job level 20 Onion Knight...wish I'd gotten her started sooner.

Second Mognet Sidequest: Ultima Weapon

Letters from Sara, Takka, and Cid

This sidequest is a little complicated and has several phases.

You need to have the "Legendary Smith" letter from Takka, first. (That means Refia checking in with Mog.) I think this quest may not open until you've reached the Invincible; I didn't get it until fairly late in the game while I was running around collecting summons and looking for hidden spots on the map.

Sara's Pendant

Start the quest when Sara sends a "Help!" letter to Ingus saying that her Pendant is broken. Fly back to Castle Sasune on the Floating Continent and send Ingus up the tower to console Sara. Take the pendant to Refia's stepdad Takka the smith in Kazus. He can't help, but he knows who can fix it: the Legendary Smith. She will fix the pendant for you in return for a promise that you bring her Orichalcum if you ever find any. Now take the pendant back to Sara.

Cid's Basement Problem

When Cid sends you a "Something in the Basement" letter, head to Canaan and perform pest control. TALK TO CID after the battle, as he will identify the item the pest dropped. Now you have something to barter with!

Find the Legendary Smith

By this time, hopefully, you should also have a letter from Takka about "Orichalcum." Now you're set. Go to find the Legendary Smith, who has wandered to Falgabard Village south and west of Saronia. Board the Invincible, head south of Saronia over the woods, head west, and look for a place you can hop over a mountain to the south.

The smith will be hanging out in the village near the river. She'll forge the Ultima Weapon for you and wander off again.

(Note: I'm 80% sure you can get the Ultima Weapon before you've unlocked the portal to Eureka, but I'm 20% not sure. You may want to wait until you get that far in the game before going to hunt for the Legendary Smith. See the next section for more info.)

Where is Eureka (The Forbidden Land)?

  1. Get keys from Doga/Unei and fly Invincible north, past barriers.
  2. Enter the castle, go through the Ancient Maze.
  3. Enter Crystal Tower, climb GINORMOUS STEPS, then go straight back. Eureka Portal is at end of the hall.
  4. Go back to the top of the big steps, go left, open Syrcus Portal, too.

Legendary Smith Quest (Mastered Jobs/Weapons)

Ultimate Weapons + Master Card

Prerequisite: Open the Eureka and Syrcus Portals, Master ONE job.

Not to be confused with Ultima Weapon, ultimate weapons are the best weapons you can get for each job class. You won't be able to get Ultimate Weapons until very late in the game. You'll also need to have some character raise a job up to level 99, so get started now! (See below for a job-leveling tip.)

Before the Legendary Smith will forge ultimate weapons for you, you must also open the Eureka Portal and (maybe?) the Syrcus Portal. They're right near each other, so I did both on the same trip. See the Stickynote above for the locations of these two portals.

Once you've opened them, exit the Crystal Tower and Ancient Maze, save your game, and go hunting for the smith... assuming you've got someone at level 99 by now.

Finding the Legendary Smith

Unfortunately, the smith apparently has an invisible airship and constantly wanders from place to place. She can be in any of the places mentioned here, but the easiest way to find her is to grab the Nautilus (it's faster) and zip back and forth between Gysahl Village on the eastern rim of the Floating Continent - she shows up in the Chocobo paddock -- and the gnomes' Healing Grove, a forest patch just west of Gysahl on the other side of the water. Sooner or later, she'll be in one of those two spots.

A Few Notes of Caution

Be sure to talk to the legendary smith with the character who's mastered the job, not someone else in the party. I forgot to swap my job lvl99 character to the front, and she wandered off when I spoke to her with somebody else. Then I had to go find her again. Grrrr.

Also: there's only one ultimate weapon per job. So don't bother leveling up more than one person in the same job unless you're a masochist.

Job Leveling Tip

Job points go only to characters that took some kind of action during the battle, including Guard. Get in the habit of stealing/guarding so that everybody gets a turn in.

If a certain enemy or enemy-group keeps dying before everyone gets a shot, have extra characters "Guard," and they will go first.

Click for Map of Eureka - Final Fantasy III

Click for Map of Eureka - Final Fantasy III

Third Mognet Quest: ??? Dungeon

A.k.a "where's my letters from Alus and the Four Old Men?!"

I've found my map of Eureka to be pretty useful. Heads up: Don't bother to enter the Secret ??? Dungeon UNTIL LEVEL 70, or you'll get mowed down. Owie.

This is the FFIII sidequest that drives everybody crazy. The basic requirements are that you need all five letters from the 4 Old Men, including

True Heroes," and you need all five letters from King Alus, including "Saronian Legend."

In the DS version, you just keep sending letters to Alus and the Four Old Men, and eventually, they send you their fifth and final letters, and the secret Underwater Cave unlocks.

However, on the iPad/iPhone (and presumably Android), it takes FOREVER to get these guys to send you their letters. You flail all over the place trying this and that, and then you're not sure which actions finally unlocked the last letter. So I'm not 100% clear if all the things below are necessary, but it's what finally worked for me.

Four Old Men

I believe that they send you their final letter ("True Heroes") after you've gotten your first Master Card and Ultimate Weapon from the Legendary Smith, so see the previous section on how to do that. If the Four Old Men still haven't sent their fifth letter, continue on with the requirements I've put under King Alus, as I forgot to note exactly where in my flailing the Four Old Men letter arrived.

King Alus

I believe you need to...

  • Defeat Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut and get their Summons (by combat, not by cheating and purchasing them in Eureka)
  • Enter the Sunken Cave -- a hidden underwater cave on the se side of that triangle-shaped island at the SW corner of the World Map -- and defeat four monsters that pop out of chests in a hidden room off to the west.
  • Have 80% of your Bestiary complete and 80% of treasures cleared (so I've read; I can't confirm this since I'd already gotten that far while still trying to fulfill the next requirement:)
  • Clear Eureka ENTIRELY, defeating SIX bosses and acquiring the unique weapons they guarded. This is what FINALLY netted me the letter from King Alus: I thought I'd gotten all the Eureka bosses, but there were a few hard-to-find bosses I'd missed. When I finally cleared the last one and fought my way back to the world map, Alus' last letter was waiting for me aboard the Invincible.*

Other people have reported that you also have to talk to each of the letter-senders (Takka, Sara, Alus, etc) with all four party members. Not sure about that since I haven't played a game where I didn't do that at some point. :)

Clearing Eureka

As I said, it took me forever to find all the bosses in Eureka. Check with Mog #2 on the Invincible; you should see monsters #213 through #218 filled in on your Bestiary List. If not, you've missed one of six Eureka bosses.

If you're not aboard the Invincible, but you're bumbling around Eureka and have lost count of how many bosses you've killed, check your inventory to see if you have all six items that they drop. (Easy way to check: use an Onion Knight's Equipment command, since he/she can use all six). The items are Ribbon, Excalibur, Ragnarok, Masamune (yeah, all old friends), Moonring Blade, Elder Staff.

Click my Eureka/Forbidden Lands map above (please don't copy it . . . just link here!) for help finding all the bosses.

Once you've finally gotten the last letter from Alus ("Saronia's Legend,") then make your way back to the Nautilus and prowl the surface of the ocean halfway between the Floating Continent and Doga's Island for a dark shadow. Once you've spotted the shadow, save your game and then submerge.

I think this is actually a cunning ploy on the part of King Alus and the Four Old Men to get rid of us. After I finally got King Alus' letter after hours of trying, I raced right over to the hidden dungeon, dove in, and . . . died almost INSTANTLY from a terminal case of being under-leveled. All party members at level 57, FYI.

Having trouble finding the ??? Secret Dungeon? Here's a video showing its location:

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DellArness on January 18, 2014:

On the Amazon kindle version there are only 4 letters from King Ali's and the 4 old men to unlock the hidden dungeon. I ALSO WAS LEVEL 57 and got shmeared. If u can't take 5800 damage per hit stay away! Thanks for the info!

anonymous on January 09, 2013:

Hello I would like to confirm that for the android version you will only get the two 4th letters from King Alus and the Gramps after getting your jobs master. I tried all other suggestions and this was the only thing that did it for me. I happened to master two jobs at same time so not sure if you'll need two mastery for both letters.

Also I would like to share this saving tip for rooted users. Exit out of game at anytime and your save file is in data/data/(name of game). Copy that whole folder and save it somewhere else (i put it in y external card). When you want to restore it put it back in the data/data replacing the current file. Time consuming but good for crystal tower and changing phones or something.

anonymous on December 12, 2012:

Thanks for the tips. I'm looking for the ??? cave now and I can't figure out why Alus hasn't sent me his last letter yet. I have accomplished everything on your list except my beastiary isn't at 80% so I've decided to go hunting. Also, I want to add that it's not necessary to open the Syrcus tower for the legendary Smith to appear. At least not on Android. Thanks again for blogging this. Online, all the info for this game seems to refer to NES and DS versions!