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"Final Fantasy X" Boss Guide

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I am an avid video game player, and the "Final Fantasy" series is one of my all-time favorites.

Learn the best strategies to deal with each boss in "FFX"!

Learn the best strategies to deal with each boss in "FFX"!

Final Fantasy X Boss Battle Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy X Bosses are usually easy if you over-level, but there are still a few challenges to overcome. Several FFX bosses have secret Achilles' heels that may surprise you—for instance, did you know there's one boss that's scared of Auron?

This FFX boss strategy guide will help you play the game without having to backtrack or level grind. You'll learn how to achieve overkill; therefore collecting more AP and loot. Be warned: some of these tricks make certain battles too easy!

So here are all of the regular FFX bosses—ones you absolutely must fight in the storyline—plus Lord Ochu and Yojimbo. For each one I give vital stats, strategy, and (sometimes) suggested preparations that will make the battle easier.

Before we get started

Geosgaeno: Submerged Ruins

  • HP: Lots
  • Elements: Weak to all four
  • Immune: All but Poison (Resist: 90%)
  • Stats: MP: 128, Str: 36, Mag: 40, Def: 50, MDf: 50, Agl: 48, Acc: 50
  • Drop: N/A


Thwack twice and run away! Cutscene interrupts after the boss takes 90HP, so don't waste a potion.

Klikk: Submerged Ruins – Hall

  • HP/MP: 1500 (400) / 5
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Sleep, Poison, Sensor, Scan
  • Stats: Str: 14, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 4, Eva: 0, Acc: 50
  • Drop: Ability Sphere Steal: Grenade(s) Equipment: None


Hit and heal, hit and heal. Your ally should steal and toss grenades (each time you steal, there is a chance of another steal drops). If you want the overkill, delay until your ally's overdrive builds, then Mix Grenades x2.

Notes: I think Klikk's HP may reset to full when a new ally joins the battle.

Tros: Underwater Ruins

  • HP/MP: 2200 (600) / 10
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All status effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks, Slow, Sleep, Scan, Delay
  • Stats: Str: 0, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 12, Eva: 0, Acc: 20
  • Drop: Power Sphere Steal, Grenade Equipment, None
  • Special Attacks: Nautilus Charge whole party for ~150HP, Tentacles ~100HP


For overkill, fight extra piranas first to charge Rikku's overdrive a bit.

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Use steal grenades by throwing them when it goes to the far side of the room. Heal when HP drops below 200. After its second retreat, use Trigger Command "Pincer Attack." Cheer helps increase damage.

Sin's Fin: The Ill-Fated S.S. Liki

  • HP/MP: 2000 (1000) / 100
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All status effects except Delay/Sonic Wings
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks and Scan, Sensor, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 1, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 6, Eva: 0, Acc: 50
  • Drop: Mana Sphere Steal: Can't
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Icestrike / Elemental wards


Use Tidus' Cheer three to four times until you're killing Sinscales with one hit. Bash them until you get bored. Then use Kimahri's Lancet, Wakka's ball, and Lulu's spells to hit Sin. When it's below 1000, charge Valefor's overdrive with Sinscales and then have her overkill Fin.

Tip: Heal Wakka and Tidus before finishing this battle.

Notes: Endless Sinscales—390HP, 200 overkill—means endless AP and up to 99 Power Spheres.

Sinspawn Echuilles: S.S. Liki (Underwater)

  • HP/MP: 2000 (400) / 20
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Sleep, Petrification, Zombie, Death, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Darkness, Poison, Breaks, Slow, stuff you don't have yet
  • Stats: Str: 10, Mag: 15, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 5, Eva: 0, Acc:15
  • Drop: Ability Sphere Steal: None
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Waterstrike / Water Ward
  • Special Attacks: Every third turn, "Blender" does ~ 110HP damage to the party.


When you first get on S.S. Liki, kick the suitcase in the hold for potions! (Not essential, just handy.)


Wakka's Dark Attack makes "Blender" miss and lasts three turns. Tidus' Cheer for five times boosts defense and strength enough for a probable overkill; or wait to charge overdrives.

Lord Ochu: Kilika Forest

  • HP/MP: 4649 (800) / 39
  • Elements: Fire-Weak
  • Immune: Darkness, Poison, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Everything else, including Valefor's Sonic Wings/Delay
  • Stats: Str: 15, Mag: 23, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 8, Eva: 0, Acc: 10
  • Drop/RareDrop: MP Sphere / HP Sphere Steal: Potion
  • Bribe: 92,980 Gil for Remedy x80
  • Weapons: 1–3 of Piercing, Poisontouch, Str +5%, Mag +5%
  • Armor: 1–3 of Darkness/Silence/Sleep/Stone/Confuse/Berserk Ward
  • Special Attacks: Poisontouch, Earthquake to party when it wakes up.


Charge Valefor's overdrive with random battles, chat up Luzzu for Antidotes, and SAVE.


Lulu's Fire does the bulk of the work. After Ochu falls asleep, it regens, so summon Valefor to hit it. She's immune to Earthquake. Then Dismiss her and bring her back in when he drops below 1200 for overdrive/overkill and rare spheres.

Notes: 40 AP (60 for overkill) means be sure to swap in everybody. You could wait until after you get Ifrit from Kilika Temple to use his Fire, but if you beat Ochu on the way, Luzzu and a few Crusaders in the forest give extra items.

Sinspawn Geneaux: Steps of Kilika Temple

  • HP/MP: 3000 (900) / 30
  • Elements: Fire Weak; Absorbs Water
  • Immune: Sleep, Petrify, Dark, Poison, Zombie, Death, Provoke, Doom, Demi
  • Vulnerable: Silence, Slow, Delay/Sonic Wings, All Breaks
  • Stats: Str: 15, Mag: 10, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 7, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Power Spheres Steal: Nothing
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 slots: Piercing, Darktouch/Dark Ward
  • Special Attacks: Sigh (Mag damage to party), Staccato (Physical damage to party), Venom (damage + Poison to target). Once the shell is open, Water and Poison spells.


Kill tentacles with physical damage, then swap in Lulu to crack the shell. Use Wakka's Silence Attack if you've got it, or Yuna's NullTide. Summon Valefor at 1200 for overkill (She can take a few hits from it to charge up.)

Notes: Geneaux starts out ARMORED, nearly impregnable to physical damage, and its two tentacles—450HP (500 overkill!)—absorb magic.

Oblitzerator: Luca Dock Four

  • HP/MP: 6000 (600) / 10
  • Elements: Lightning Weak; I/W/F Half
  • Immune: Silence, Sleep, Dark, Pois, Petrify, Zombie, Threat, Death, Provoke, Doom
  • Vulnerable: Breaks, Slow, Delay, Demi, Scan
  • Stats: Str: 16, Mag: 10, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 1, Eva: 0, Acc: 10
  • Drop: Elixir Steal: Can't
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 slots: Piercing, Lightningstrike/Defense +3%
  • Special Attacks: Blitzball Rush (party damage); often counterattacks with Dark or Silence.


Buy a few Echo Screens and Eyedrops from O'aka on the way.


Haste Lulu. Have her zap the crane with Lightning three times to jump start it. (Boy, I wish the AAA agent looked like Lu.) Tidus operates crane for amusing/effective damage. Have Lulu Focus four to five times so she can overkill or use her overdrive.

Notes: Agility increases each turn. Crane will lower HP to 1/16.

Chocobo Eater: Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency

  • HP/MP: 10,000 (800) / 5
  • Elements: Fire Weak (*Armored)
  • Immune: Silence, Sleep, Petrify, Zombie, Threaten, Death, Demi, Doom
  • Vulnerable: Darkness, Slow, Delay, 50% resist to Breaks, Poison
  • Stats: Str: 25, Mag: 20, Def: 25, MDf: 35, Agl: 12, Eva: 0, Acc: 25
  • Drop: Lvl 1 Key Spheres ONLY if falls over cliff Steal: Potion
  • Weapons: 1–2 slots: Sensor, Piercing, Str or Mag +5% or +10%
  • Armor: 1–2 slots: Any elemental ward (items ONLY if push over the cliff)
  • Special Attacks: Push Back whole party + damage; "You're Next" means Fist of Fury (1000HP, 1 target) next turn, Blizzard when on back.


On Highroad to S, Lancet a Dual-Horn so Kimahri has Fire Breath ready.


Start with Dark Attack. Haste Lulu for Fire, Auron for his Breaks. The first time he falls over, Focus Lulu and Cheer to buff attacks. It's hard to push Eater off the cliff before killing him: cheat by healing him! You can overkill with Ifrit, but I'm not sure you get the key spheres without pushing him off the cliff.

Notes: *He is armored while on feet, ao knock over or use Piercing weapons. It takes 1201 cumulative dam to knock him over, 501 more to push him back. You get Lvl 1 Key Spheres if he goes over the cliff!

Sinspawn Gui: Mushroom Rock Road

  • HP/MP: Body: 12,000 first battle, 6,000 second (800) Head: 4000, 1000 (800) Arms: 800, 800 (500) / 30
  • Elements: Normal (Armored)
  • Immune: All status effects and breaks except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Power Break, Provoke, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 29, Mag: 20, Def: 1, MDf: 30, Agl: 10, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Lvl 1 Key Spheres x3 Steal: Potion
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 of: Piercing, Sleepstrike or -touch/ Sleepproof
  • Special Attacks: Body alternates between Punch (~600HP) and Demi; Head between Thunder and Venom (500+Poison)


Charge up aeons on the way to Command Center and level Lulu to have at least 1 -ara spell.


Haste Lulu to nail its arms and Auron to Power Break and pound it. Use Wakka's ball or spells to stop the head. Use one aeon in each battle for overkill and lots of Key Spheres. In the second battle, "ally" will take Lulu's place with -aras. (And no, his overdrive isn't worth waiting for umpteen turns to see.)

Notes: Armored arms protect it; Lulu's -aras will lop them off with one spell each.

Extractor: Moonflow (Underwater)

  • HP/MP: 4000 (800) / 10
  • Elements: Lightning Weak; I/W/F Half
  • Immune: Dark, Silence, Sleep, Poison, Petrify, Zombie, Doom, Death
  • Vulnerable: Slow, Breaks, Provoke 50%, Threaten, Delay, Scan, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 23, Mag: 15, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 15, Eva: 0, Acc: 30
  • Drop: Mega-Phoenix Steal: Potion
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–3 of: Piercing, [Element]strike / SOS Nul[Element]
  • Special Attacks: Two turns of Aqua Shooter for ~200; on turn four does Depth Charge, ~350 + Dark.


How nice of O'aka to be selling Lightningstrike weapons on the way here!


Haste Tidus and Wakka, Slow the Extractor, and Cheer or try to get two lightning hits from Wakka's overdrive to overkill.

Notes: Provoke cancels Depth Charge but increases Str for two rounds. 500 damage will also cancel it.

Spherimorph: Macalania Woods

  • HP/MP: 12,000 (2000) / 100
  • Elements: Variable**
  • Immune: Scan, Sensor, Slow, Sleep, Silence, Dark, Petrify, Death, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Breaks, Zombie, Demi, Threat (75% resist) Poison (90% resist)
  • Stats: Str: 20, Mag: 20, Def: 100, MDf: 1, Agl: 15, Eva: 0, Acc: 30
  • Drop: Level 2 Key Sphere Steal/ Rare Steal: Ether/Turbo Ether
  • Weapons/Armor: 2–3 of: Piercing, [Element]strike / [Element]ward
  • Special Attacks: Press does massive damage to the party.


Switch to non-elemental weapons. Get Ixion's and Ifrit's overdrive charged. Save.


Haste Yuna and Lulu, get your Nulls up and Steal. Have Lulu Focus about four times to increase her power and party's defense. Then bring in someone to poke it with a stick (sword, etc.), which causes it to give away its current element. Lulu counters with the opposite. Rinse and repeat.

For overkill and rare spheres, keep running tally of damage in your head, since you can't scan. When it gets down below 2000, use Lulu's -ara Fury or Ifrit's or Ixion's overdrive when it's the right element.

Notes: Always vulnerable to one element, it absorbs/heals the rest. Each time it takes magic damage, it phases to a new element at random. It counters physical attacks with the current element.