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"Final Fantasy X" Boss Guide

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I am an avid video game player, and the "Final Fantasy" series is one of my all-time favorites.

Learn the best strategies to deal with each boss in "FFX"!

Learn the best strategies to deal with each boss in "FFX"!

Final Fantasy X Boss Battle Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy X Bosses are usually easy if you over-level, but there are still a few challenges to overcome. Several FFX bosses have secret Achilles' heels that may surprise you—for instance, did you know there's one boss that's scared of Auron?

This FFX boss strategy guide will help you play the game without having to backtrack or level grind. You'll learn how to achieve overkill; therefore collecting more AP and loot. Be warned: some of these tricks make certain battles too easy!

So here are all of the regular FFX bosses—ones you absolutely must fight in the storyline—plus Lord Ochu and Yojimbo. For each one I give vital stats, strategy, and (sometimes) suggested preparations that will make the battle easier.

Before we get started

Geosgaeno: Submerged Ruins

  • HP: Lots
  • Elements: Weak to all four
  • Immune: All but Poison (Resist: 90%)
  • Stats: MP: 128, Str: 36, Mag: 40, Def: 50, MDf: 50, Agl: 48, Acc: 50
  • Drop: N/A


Thwack twice and run away! Cutscene interrupts after the boss takes 90HP, so don't waste a potion.

Klikk: Submerged Ruins – Hall

  • HP/MP: 1500 (400) / 5
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Sleep, Poison, Sensor, Scan
  • Stats: Str: 14, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 4, Eva: 0, Acc: 50
  • Drop: Ability Sphere Steal: Grenade(s) Equipment: None


Hit and heal, hit and heal. Your ally should steal and toss grenades (each time you steal, there is a chance of another steal drops). If you want the overkill, delay until your ally's overdrive builds, then Mix Grenades x2.

Notes: I think Klikk's HP may reset to full when a new ally joins the battle.

Tros: Underwater Ruins

  • HP/MP: 2200 (600) / 10
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All status effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks, Slow, Sleep, Scan, Delay
  • Stats: Str: 0, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 12, Eva: 0, Acc: 20
  • Drop: Power Sphere Steal, Grenade Equipment, None
  • Special Attacks: Nautilus Charge whole party for ~150HP, Tentacles ~100HP


For overkill, fight extra piranas first to charge Rikku's overdrive a bit.


Use steal grenades by throwing them when it goes to the far side of the room. Heal when HP drops below 200. After its second retreat, use Trigger Command "Pincer Attack." Cheer helps increase damage.

Sin's Fin: The Ill-Fated S.S. Liki

  • HP/MP: 2000 (1000) / 100
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All status effects except Delay/Sonic Wings
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks and Scan, Sensor, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 1, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 6, Eva: 0, Acc: 50
  • Drop: Mana Sphere Steal: Can't
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Icestrike / Elemental wards


Use Tidus' Cheer three to four times until you're killing Sinscales with one hit. Bash them until you get bored. Then use Kimahri's Lancet, Wakka's ball, and Lulu's spells to hit Sin. When it's below 1000, charge Valefor's overdrive with Sinscales and then have her overkill Fin.

Tip: Heal Wakka and Tidus before finishing this battle.

Notes: Endless Sinscales—390HP, 200 overkill—means endless AP and up to 99 Power Spheres.

Sinspawn Echuilles: S.S. Liki (Underwater)

  • HP/MP: 2000 (400) / 20
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Sleep, Petrification, Zombie, Death, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Darkness, Poison, Breaks, Slow, stuff you don't have yet
  • Stats: Str: 10, Mag: 15, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 5, Eva: 0, Acc:15
  • Drop: Ability Sphere Steal: None
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Waterstrike / Water Ward
  • Special Attacks: Every third turn, "Blender" does ~ 110HP damage to the party.


When you first get on S.S. Liki, kick the suitcase in the hold for potions! (Not essential, just handy.)


Wakka's Dark Attack makes "Blender" miss and lasts three turns. Tidus' Cheer for five times boosts defense and strength enough for a probable overkill; or wait to charge overdrives.

Lord Ochu: Kilika Forest

  • HP/MP: 4649 (800) / 39
  • Elements: Fire-Weak
  • Immune: Darkness, Poison, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Everything else, including Valefor's Sonic Wings/Delay
  • Stats: Str: 15, Mag: 23, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 8, Eva: 0, Acc: 10
  • Drop/RareDrop: MP Sphere / HP Sphere Steal: Potion
  • Bribe: 92,980 Gil for Remedy x80
  • Weapons: 1–3 of Piercing, Poisontouch, Str +5%, Mag +5%
  • Armor: 1–3 of Darkness/Silence/Sleep/Stone/Confuse/Berserk Ward
  • Special Attacks: Poisontouch, Earthquake to party when it wakes up.


Charge Valefor's overdrive with random battles, chat up Luzzu for Antidotes, and SAVE.


Lulu's Fire does the bulk of the work. After Ochu falls asleep, it regens, so summon Valefor to hit it. She's immune to Earthquake. Then Dismiss her and bring her back in when he drops below 1200 for overdrive/overkill and rare spheres.

Notes: 40 AP (60 for overkill) means be sure to swap in everybody. You could wait until after you get Ifrit from Kilika Temple to use his Fire, but if you beat Ochu on the way, Luzzu and a few Crusaders in the forest give extra items.

Sinspawn Geneaux: Steps of Kilika Temple

  • HP/MP: 3000 (900) / 30
  • Elements: Fire Weak; Absorbs Water
  • Immune: Sleep, Petrify, Dark, Poison, Zombie, Death, Provoke, Doom, Demi
  • Vulnerable: Silence, Slow, Delay/Sonic Wings, All Breaks
  • Stats: Str: 15, Mag: 10, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 7, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Power Spheres Steal: Nothing
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 slots: Piercing, Darktouch/Dark Ward
  • Special Attacks: Sigh (Mag damage to party), Staccato (Physical damage to party), Venom (damage + Poison to target). Once the shell is open, Water and Poison spells.


Kill tentacles with physical damage, then swap in Lulu to crack the shell. Use Wakka's Silence Attack if you've got it, or Yuna's NullTide. Summon Valefor at 1200 for overkill (She can take a few hits from it to charge up.)

Notes: Geneaux starts out ARMORED, nearly impregnable to physical damage, and its two tentacles—450HP (500 overkill!)—absorb magic.

Oblitzerator: Luca Dock Four

  • HP/MP: 6000 (600) / 10
  • Elements: Lightning Weak; I/W/F Half
  • Immune: Silence, Sleep, Dark, Pois, Petrify, Zombie, Threat, Death, Provoke, Doom
  • Vulnerable: Breaks, Slow, Delay, Demi, Scan
  • Stats: Str: 16, Mag: 10, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 1, Eva: 0, Acc: 10
  • Drop: Elixir Steal: Can't
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 slots: Piercing, Lightningstrike/Defense +3%
  • Special Attacks: Blitzball Rush (party damage); often counterattacks with Dark or Silence.


Buy a few Echo Screens and Eyedrops from O'aka on the way.


Haste Lulu. Have her zap the crane with Lightning three times to jump start it. (Boy, I wish the AAA agent looked like Lu.) Tidus operates crane for amusing/effective damage. Have Lulu Focus four to five times so she can overkill or use her overdrive.

Notes: Agility increases each turn. Crane will lower HP to 1/16.

Chocobo Eater: Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency

  • HP/MP: 10,000 (800) / 5
  • Elements: Fire Weak (*Armored)
  • Immune: Silence, Sleep, Petrify, Zombie, Threaten, Death, Demi, Doom
  • Vulnerable: Darkness, Slow, Delay, 50% resist to Breaks, Poison
  • Stats: Str: 25, Mag: 20, Def: 25, MDf: 35, Agl: 12, Eva: 0, Acc: 25
  • Drop: Lvl 1 Key Spheres ONLY if falls over cliff Steal: Potion
  • Weapons: 1–2 slots: Sensor, Piercing, Str or Mag +5% or +10%
  • Armor: 1–2 slots: Any elemental ward (items ONLY if push over the cliff)
  • Special Attacks: Push Back whole party + damage; "You're Next" means Fist of Fury (1000HP, 1 target) next turn, Blizzard when on back.


On Highroad to S, Lancet a Dual-Horn so Kimahri has Fire Breath ready.


Start with Dark Attack. Haste Lulu for Fire, Auron for his Breaks. The first time he falls over, Focus Lulu and Cheer to buff attacks. It's hard to push Eater off the cliff before killing him: cheat by healing him! You can overkill with Ifrit, but I'm not sure you get the key spheres without pushing him off the cliff.

Notes: *He is armored while on feet, ao knock over or use Piercing weapons. It takes 1201 cumulative dam to knock him over, 501 more to push him back. You get Lvl 1 Key Spheres if he goes over the cliff!

Sinspawn Gui: Mushroom Rock Road

  • HP/MP: Body: 12,000 first battle, 6,000 second (800) Head: 4000, 1000 (800) Arms: 800, 800 (500) / 30
  • Elements: Normal (Armored)
  • Immune: All status effects and breaks except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Power Break, Provoke, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 29, Mag: 20, Def: 1, MDf: 30, Agl: 10, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Lvl 1 Key Spheres x3 Steal: Potion
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 of: Piercing, Sleepstrike or -touch/ Sleepproof
  • Special Attacks: Body alternates between Punch (~600HP) and Demi; Head between Thunder and Venom (500+Poison)


Charge up aeons on the way to Command Center and level Lulu to have at least 1 -ara spell.


Haste Lulu to nail its arms and Auron to Power Break and pound it. Use Wakka's ball or spells to stop the head. Use one aeon in each battle for overkill and lots of Key Spheres. In the second battle, "ally" will take Lulu's place with -aras. (And no, his overdrive isn't worth waiting for umpteen turns to see.)

Notes: Armored arms protect it; Lulu's -aras will lop them off with one spell each.

Extractor: Moonflow (Underwater)

  • HP/MP: 4000 (800) / 10
  • Elements: Lightning Weak; I/W/F Half
  • Immune: Dark, Silence, Sleep, Poison, Petrify, Zombie, Doom, Death
  • Vulnerable: Slow, Breaks, Provoke 50%, Threaten, Delay, Scan, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 23, Mag: 15, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 15, Eva: 0, Acc: 30
  • Drop: Mega-Phoenix Steal: Potion
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–3 of: Piercing, [Element]strike / SOS Nul[Element]
  • Special Attacks: Two turns of Aqua Shooter for ~200; on turn four does Depth Charge, ~350 + Dark.


How nice of O'aka to be selling Lightningstrike weapons on the way here!


Haste Tidus and Wakka, Slow the Extractor, and Cheer or try to get two lightning hits from Wakka's overdrive to overkill.

Notes: Provoke cancels Depth Charge but increases Str for two rounds. 500 damage will also cancel it.

Spherimorph: Macalania Woods

  • HP/MP: 12,000 (2000) / 100
  • Elements: Variable**
  • Immune: Scan, Sensor, Slow, Sleep, Silence, Dark, Petrify, Death, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Breaks, Zombie, Demi, Threat (75% resist) Poison (90% resist)
  • Stats: Str: 20, Mag: 20, Def: 100, MDf: 1, Agl: 15, Eva: 0, Acc: 30
  • Drop: Level 2 Key Sphere Steal/ Rare Steal: Ether/Turbo Ether
  • Weapons/Armor: 2–3 of: Piercing, [Element]strike / [Element]ward
  • Special Attacks: Press does massive damage to the party.


Switch to non-elemental weapons. Get Ixion's and Ifrit's overdrive charged. Save.


Haste Yuna and Lulu, get your Nulls up and Steal. Have Lulu Focus about four times to increase her power and party's defense. Then bring in someone to poke it with a stick (sword, etc.), which causes it to give away its current element. Lulu counters with the opposite. Rinse and repeat.

For overkill and rare spheres, keep running tally of damage in your head, since you can't scan. When it gets down below 2000, use Lulu's -ara Fury or Ifrit's or Ixion's overdrive when it's the right element.

Notes: Always vulnerable to one element, it absorbs/heals the rest. Each time it takes magic damage, it phases to a new element at random. It counters physical attacks with the current element.

Crawler: Lake Macalania, Al Bhed Ambush

  • HP/MP: 16,000 (4000) / 1
  • Elements: Lighting Weak, Half I/W/F
  • Protected by Negator: 1000 HP, 1000 overkill
  • Immune: All Breaks and status effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Slow, Scan, Sensor, Delay/Sonic Wings, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 25, Mag: 30, Def: 100, MDf: 50, Agl: 20, Eva: 0, Acc: 30
  • Drop: Elixir Steal/ Rare Steal: Lunar Curtain
  • Weapons/Armor: 2–4 of: Piercing, [Element]strike / [Element]ward
  • Special Attacks: Gatling Gun (damage party), Mana Beam (massive damage to 1), Assault counterattacks spellcasts


Charge Ixion's overdrive and hope you stole some lightning marbles in Thunder Plains!


Haste Rikku and Lulu, Slow the Crawler. Have Wakka knock down Negator. Rikku can use Lightning Gem even while Negator is up. Once it's down, Lulu Thundaras. (You might have Auron Guard her from Counterattacks). If it's about to unleash Mana Beam, bring in Ixion and Shield to soak damage, then have aeon cast Thundara on himself to heal. Ixion's overdrive, Lulu's Thundara Fury, or a Lightning Gem should overkill.

Notes: Negator blocks summons and spells—and Crawler's mana beam! Mana beam takes 4 turns to charge; Negator regenerates three turns after being hit. Do the math.

Seymour (and Anima): Macalania Temple Antechamber

  • HP/MP: 6,000 (1400) / 100
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Power Break, Silence, Sleep, Dark, Petri, Zombie, Threaten, Provoke, Demi, Death, Doom, Delay/Sonic Wings
  • Vulnerable: Slow, Mental/Armor Break, Magic Break (50% Resist) Poison (40% Resist), Scan, Sensor
  • Stats: Str: 20, Mag: 25, Def: 1, MDf: 25, Agl: 20, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop/Rare Drop: Black Mag / Special Sphere Steal/ Rare Steal: Turbo Ether / Elixir Equipment: 2–4 of: Piercing, Silencestrike/-proof
  • Special Attacks: S. multicasts ice, lightning, water, fire in that order; after Anima uses -ara spells which HURT.


Talk. If available, use Kimahri's Stonebreath, Rikku's Petrify Grenades, or Stonestrike weapons to remove guards. Meanwhile, Haste Yuna and get up all four Nulls. Once she is ahead of Seymour with Null spells, Auron Magic Breaks and thwacks him until he calls for Mommy.

Mommy is Anima: 18,000 (1400) HP, Holy-weak, immune to all Breaks and Status Effects. The gang will remind you of your new aeon (scroll down in summons menu). Summon her to attack, heal her with Blizzara, or Shield when Anima unleashes overdrive. New aeon's overdrive kills Anima.

Now get back to Magic Break and pounding Seymour; the Nulls you cast earlier will save you from nasty multicasts. It won't take long to kill Seymour; one of your aeons can overkill.

Notes: Guado Guards are 2000HP kill/overkill and self-heal until you overkill or steal from them. Talking to Seymour raises Tidus' Str, Yuna's, and Wakka's MDef.
After Seymour's down to 3000HP, summons Anima; his HP reset afterward

Wendigo: Lake Macalania

  • HP/MP: 18000 (1432) / 32
  • Elements: Fire-Weak
  • Immune: Poison, Petrify, Slow, Zombie, Death, Reflect
  • Vulnerable: Breaks, Threaten, Provoke, Doom, Sleep/Silence/Dark ( 20% resist)
  • Stats: Str: 40, Mag: 1, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 18, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: Power Sphere Steal/Rare Steal: Hi-Potion/X-Potion
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–2 of: Piercing, Counterattack/SOS Haste, HP+10%
  • Special Attacks: Nasty Counterattack once he drops below 50% HP


Charge Ifrit while fleeing the temple.


Remove Guado guards with Stonebreath/Petrify Grenades if possible, or steal their potions then kill them (2000HP; 1432overkill). Try Wakka's Sleep Attack and then tiptoe around beastie while Lulu burns him to a crisp. Auron's Threaten will cancel Berserk, and his Breaks are handy (but will wake Wendigo up). Haste helps, as usual, and Ifrit can deliver the overkill.

Notes: Guado guards cast Berserk, Shell and Protect on him when killed, UNLESS they're petrified.

Evrae: Fahrenheit

  • HP/MP: 32,000 (2000) / 500
  • Elements: Half Damage all elements
  • Immune: Armor/Magic Break, Sleep, Silence, Poison, Petrify, Zombie, Demi, Threat
  • Vulnerable: Power Break, Mental Break, 50% resist Slow/Dark, Doom (30 turns)
  • Stats: Str: 36, Mag: 30, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 20, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Black Magic Sphere Steal: Water Gem
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–3 of: Piercing, Stonetouch/Stone Ward
  • Special Attacks: Breath Attack in melee does 1000HP to party + Poison; Photon attack at distance not so bad. Swooping Scythes to close in and smack party hard.


Equip Stone/Poison ward Armor, remove elemental weapons. SAVE.


This battle would be bad if Rikku didn't have Al Bhed potions curing poison and party damage. (Hopefully Kimahri too; I always start him on Rikku's path long enough to get Steal and Use). Start with Auron's Mental Break, then tell Cid to move off. Slow Evrae. Plink Evrae with spells, Wakka's ball, and gems so Cid can get off three rounds of missiles. Once Evrae refuses to stay away or Cid's out of ammo, Power Break Evrae and use someone's overdrive to finish Evrae off.

Notes: Keep away for three turns and Cid fires missiles. Also, use no Poison/physical attacks while away. Evrae tends to cast Slow on Hasted characters.

Isaaru's Aeons: Via Purifico

I'm not giving the full write-up because they're easy, but Grothia (Ifrit) is 8000 HP and ice-weak, Pterya (Valefor) is 12,000, and Spathi (Bahamut) is 20,000.

Forget Overkill; there's no AP bonus or drops.

Tip: as with any aeon duel, shield when the other aeon's about to overdrive; heal elemental aeons with their element. I use Bahamut vs. Grothia and Pterya, then Shiva dances with Spathi.


Did you get all the rare spheres in the Via Purifico? Here's a Via Purifico Map with directions on unlocking the teleport puzzle. Finding Lulu adds to Isaaru's cutscene.


This is where I plug my award-winning alternate universe sequel to FFX in which Yuna chooses the Final Summoning. Thirteen years later, Isaaru resumes his pilgrimage with Auron's grudging help.

Evrae Altana: Via Purifico

  • HP/MP: 16,384 (2000) / 500
  • Elements: Normal (Zombie)
  • Immune: Sleep, Silence, Poison, Petrify, Demi, Threaten, Provoke
  • Vulnerable: Breaks, Darkness/Slow resist 50%, Delay, Doom (30turns)
  • Stats: Str: 32, Mag: 27, Def: 1, MDf: 1, Agl: 25, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Black Mag Sphere Steal/Rare: Water Gem/Stamina Spring
  • Weapons: 1–3 of: Piercing, [Element]Strike, Str+3%,Str+5%
  • Armor: 1–3 of: Zombie/Stone/Silence/Dark/Sleep/Slow/Poisonproof
  • Special Attacks: Stone Gaze, shattering punch, Photon Spray on party


Take 20 seconds to ponder: what hurts Zombies? Stumped? Okay, here's the spoiler. Toss two Phoenix Downs at it and collect your overkill.

Notes: This would be hard, if he weren't a ZOMBIE.

Seymour Natus and Mortibody: Bevelle Highbridge


  • HP/MP: 36,000 (3500) / 200
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Demi, Delay, All Breaks and Status Effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Poison, Power Break, Provoke (10% resist)
  • Stats: Str 30 Mag 25 Def 1 MDf 1 Agl 21 Eva 0 Acc 100
  • Drop: 2x Lvl 2 Key Sphere Steal/Rare: 2x Tetra Elemental
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–3 of: Piercing, [Element]Strike,/SOS Shell


  • HP/MP: 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000 / 50
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Demi, All Breaks and Status Effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Power Break, Armor Break (50% resist)
  • Stats: Str: 22, Mag: 20, Def: 50, MDf: 1, Agl: 28, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Special Attacks: Mortibody often uses Desperado, major damage to party + Dispel, if anyone's got multiple defensive spells up.


Run around save sphere beforehand and charge Bahamut's overdrive in random battles.


KO Mortibody so it uses its turn to suck HP from Seymour instead of hitting you. If you can put Reflect on Tidus, Provoke Seymour into bouncing his spells off Tidus.

This battle has three phases:

  1. Elemental Phase: Mortibody casts Fire/Blizzard/etc., wiping out the Null for that element, then Seymour multicasts the same element as -ara. Sometimes Mortibody hits party hard with Desperado doing damage + Dispel to cancel Haste, Reflect, etc. Haste Yuna, get up Reflect if you have it, or use Shell/Protect/Lunar Curtain. Have Lulu Bio Seymour so he's taking damage every turn. Talk to increase Strength or Mag Df. Steal from Seymour. Power Break and pound Mortibody as your primary target, Seymour with area spells/attacks/overdrives. Also cast Reflect on Seymour.
  2. Petrify Phase: When Seymour drops below 24,000 HP, he Protects himself (or you if you Reflected him), then starts casting Break which petrifies 1 character.
    Strategy: Un-petrify with Al Bhed Potions and/or "kill" Mortibody before it uses Shattering Claw, which not only removes a petrified character from battle, but won't let anyone take his/her place! Keep pounding Mortibody as primary target, or do area attacks.
  3. Flare Phase: When Seymour drops below 12,000, he starts casting Flare for 2000–2500HP damage on one target. Reflect will save you. Mortibody casts Cura on Seymour or on the party if you've put Reflect on Seymour. Bring in aeons with overdrives ready when he gets below 5,000 (or below 10,000 if you've got Bahamut ready).

Notes: When you KO Mortibody, it drains its new max HP from Seymour and regenerates. First it drops to 3000HP, then 2000, then sticks at 1000.

Defender X: Far Side of Calm Lands

  • HP/MP: 64,000 (4060) / 1
  • Elements: Normal (Armored)
  • Immune: Power Break, Status Effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Provoke, Dark (resistant), Armor/Mental/Magic Break, Doom (10)
  • Stats: Str: 42, Mag: 5, Def: 30, MDf: 1, Agl: 20, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: Lvl 2 Key Sphere Steal: 4x Lunar Curtain
  • Weapons: Piercing, Str or Magic +3/5/10% Armor: SOS Protect
  • Special Attacks: Blast Punch halves target's HP; Haymaker major damage to one target; SlowgaPrep: An aeon or two in overdrive. Aspirin and Ben-gay.


Hastega, Dark Attack and Protect your party—this thing's attacks are brutal. Haymaker usually misses if it's blind. If you're really in a jam, Provoke it and it'll just keep Blast Punching Tidus (how satisfying!) which simply halves his HP. Normally, I settle in with Yuna healing Lulu and Auron while they take turns smashing the thing. "Peel the fruit" for Lu with Mental Break. Once Yuna gets charged up for a Grand Summon, Dispel its Mighty Guard and bring in Bahamut.

Notes: Armored so only piercing weapons do much. Mighty Guard (Protect, Shell, Nulls) when critical.

Yojimbo: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

  • HP/MP: 33,000 (4080) / 2000
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All Breaks, all status effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Doom in five turns.
  • Stats: Str: 34, Mag: 35, Def: 80, MDf: 1, Agl: 32, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop/Steal/Items/AP/Gil: None
  • Special Attacks: Daigoro 1 target for 500; Kozuka 1 target for 1000 + Poison and MP drain; Wakizashi 1000 to everyone, and Zanmato = 9999 to party.


Charge your aeons' overdrives with Magic Urns on the way in; have aeons plunk them for prizes until they blow up. (if explosion kills aeon, go to aeons menu and improve their Def/HP.)


Hastega and hammer away. Lulu's -agas do plenty damage. If you get frustrated, Doom works, but aeons should trounce him.

Notes: His overdrive Zanmato is almost certainly Game Over unless you bring in an aeon to shield.

Biran and Yenke: Mt. Gagazet


  • HP/MP: 1⅓ Kimahri's (2500) / 200
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All Status Effects except Doom
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks, Demi, Doom (20 turns)
  • Stats: Str ⅔ Kimahri's Mag ½ Yenke's Def 30 MDf 50 Agl Kimahri's - 4 Eva 0 Acc 100
  • Lancet: Thrust Kick, Self-Destruct, Doom, Mighty Guard


  • HP: 1⅓ Kimahri's (2500) MP: 200
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All Status Effects except Doom
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks, Demi, Doom (20 turns)
  • Stats: Str ½ Biran's Mag ⅔ Kimahri's Def 30 MDf 50 Agl Kimahri's - 4 Eva 0 Acc 100
  • Lancet: Fire/Stone/Aqua Breath, White Wind


  • Drop: Return/Friend Sphere Steal: Lvl 3 Key Sphere
  • Weapons/Armor: 1-3 of Piercing / MP + 40%
  • Special Attacks: Bulldozer: hits Kimahri but separates them; Each Guards the other when side-by-side, reducing damage.


Make sure Kimahri has STEAL ability. Optionally, improve chances of stealing by acquiring Master Thief auto-ability (see callout below). It's a prize in the Remiem Temple Chocobo race.


If Kimahri has Use, Chocobo Feather (Haste) will make your life easier. Then start Lanceting all their Ronso Rages: each has four, but Kimahri may already have some. Use Hi-Potions or Al Bhed Potions. Be sure to use an Overdrive EVERY time you Lancet (Mighty G and White Wind to heal are good ones). Finally, Steal many Level 3 Key Spheres from one of them. Each time you steal, the chance of stealing goes down, but you can probably get up to five. Once you've stolen all you can from one Ronso, kill him, then Steal the other. Use area attacks like Aqua Breath or Grenades when they're together, or Fire Breath and single attacks when they're apart.

Notes: Lancet all four Ronso Rages from each one of them before killing either; they don't use Ronso Rage after their buddy is down.

Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis: Mt. Gagazet Prominence


  • HP/MP: 70,000 (3500) / 512
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Demi, All Status Effects / Breaks except . . .
  • Resistant: 50% to Silence, 90% to Poison
  • Stat: Str: 30, Mag: 15, Def: 40, MDf: 40, Agl: 38, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Drop: Lvl. 4 Key Sphere Steal: Elixir


  • HP/MP: 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000 (N/A)* / 512
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All Status Effects, Breaks, Demi
  • Stats: Str: 40, Mag: 40, Def: 100, MDf: 1, Agl: 38, Eva: 0, Acc: 100
  • Weapons/Armor: 1–3 of Piercing, Darkstrike / SOS Shell


Special Attacks: (1) Seymour casts Zombie, Reflect on self then Flare Mort casts Full-Life to kill one target; (2) Seymour casts Reflect on self then Flare; (3) Mort casts Dispel, then Seymour Cross-Cleaves party for 2500 (Defend with Triangle button to halve this); (4) Seymour unleashes magical attack Total Annihilation which kills almost anyone without Shell.


Get all aeon overdrives charged; buy Holy Waters from Wantz. Equip any Silencestrike or Poisonstrike weapons you have; Seymour's vulnerable to those. If someone has Master Thief, steal lots of Remedies from Grats on the way up Gagazet and customize two to three character's armor with Auto-med (takes 20). Then they'll cure Zombie status instantly.


Poison Seymour, then keep attacking Mortichoris so it's sucking HP from Seymour instead of hitting you! For most of the battle, I suggest Tidus to Haste and use Holy Water, Lulu for attacks, and Auron because his Piercing weapons can damage Mort or Seymour. Yuna backing up.


  1. Hastega to start and cast Bio on Seymour. (Silence may also be useful.)
  2. Seymour casts Lance of Atrophy to Zombie a character. Get Holy Water or Remedy on him/her before Mortichoris follows up with Full-Life, which kills a Zombie.
  3. Steal, keep trying to Poison Seymour and/or use magic and Rikku's items to KO Mortichoris before . . .
  4. Starting three turns in, Mortichoris often casts Dispel on party, then Seymour Cross-Cleaves whole party for ~2500 damage. If Mort casts Dispel, hit triangle so everyone defends against Cross-Cleave.
  5. Seymour follows up by casting Reflect on self + Flare, killing anyone not healed up. If someone gets a turn before he does, Dispel his Reflect and he'll Flare himself!
  6. Also Dispel if Seymour casts Shell, Protect.
  7. Keep bashing Mortichoris as the primary target with Seymour as secondary (Poison + Mortichoris will be hurting him). Cut loose with aeons, but save Bahamut.
  8. GET READY when Seymour starts charging: you'll need everyone with Shell up or else bring in an aeon to block the TOTAL ANNIHILATION attack which tends to kill the party.
  9. Once Seymour's down to 15,000 or so, bring in Bahamut with overdrive to get the overkill.

Notes: Kimahri can raise Str with Talk command (not worth it); Yuna can raise her MDef (worth it). Every time you KO Mortichoris, it sucks HP from Seymour. (Its Max HP drop 1000 each KO until it reaches 1000). Seymour Banishes aeons on his turn, so...

Sanctuary Keeper: Peak of Mt. Gagazet

  • HP/MP: 40,000 (6400) / 256
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Silence, Sleep, Petri, Zombie, Death, Provoke, Doom, Demi, Delay
  • Resists: Dark (100), Poison (90), Power Break (50), Magic Break (50)
  • Vulnerable: Slow, Armor Break, Mental Break, Reflect, Threaten
  • Stats: Str: 37, Mag: 40, Def: 100, MDf: 100, Agl: 32, Eva: 0, Acc: 50
  • Drop: Return Sphere Steal: Turbo Ether
  • Weapons: Piercing, Half MP Cost Armor: MP +10%
  • Special Attacks: Mana Breath usually kills target (esp. an aeon); Tail Sweep damages party + Delay; Photon Wings damages party + Dark, Poison, Curse (blocks overdrives; cured by Holy Water)


An aeon or two in overdrive for insurance, Holy Water, and equip any Curseproof, Darkproof, Poisonproof armor you've got.


Hastega, Bio the beastie and let Auron rip with Power/ Armor/ Mental Breaks or Banishing Blade while Yuna keeps him alive (sort of). Be aware: Keeper is SMART, and will often counter these with Protect and/or Shell (but this wastes its turn). Likewise, don't cast Slow, or it'll cast Haste. It may Dispel if you cast Reflect on it, but worth it if you can get it to bounce Curaga on you! Aeon overdrives can whittle it down, but it mashes them like bugs.

If you're really in trouble, stop, take a deep breath, and scan through Auron's special abilities. There's one we never use that will turn this thing into a bunny rabbit. (Highlight if stumped: Threaten) It makes this battle far too easy, but proves again that Auron is Made of Awesome.

Notes: This battle would be hard, if not for a secret: this beast is SCARED OF AURON. When Keeper gets below 50% HP, it casts Curaga on self—or on the party, if you put Reflect on it!

Spectral Keeper: Zanarkand Dome – Cloister of Trials

  • HP/MP: 52,000 (8000) / 500
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All (including Demi) except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Silence, Mental Break, Provoke
  • Stats: Str: 36, Mag: 1, Def: 100, MDf: 100, Agl: 36, Eva: 0, Acc: 8
  • Drop: Lvl 4 Key Sphere Steal: Ether/Turbo Ether
  • Weapons: Piercing, [Element]strike Armor: [Element]proof


I recommend charging overdrives for Valefor and Ifrit, but it's not essential.


Hastega really helps. Mental Break and hit it with Flare (it's immune to Ultima/Demi). Take your time: keep moving characters behind it and out of the way of mines. Don't let more than one person get Berserked; Esuna/Remedy cures it. Berserk on Auron, Wakka, or Tidus is okay: it makes them stronger. Just Life and Re-Haste them when they go down. You'll probably need an aeon overdrive to kill it. Try Valefor.

Notes: You'll need aeons charged for next battle, so use them sparingly; however, Valefor dominates this guy because mines can't reach her and she dodges well.
Special Attacks: Sets "Glyph Mines" on platforms at random that blow up a turn later. Berserk Tail causes Berserk (duh). Counterattacks by slashing three characters in front of it.

Yunalesca: Zanarkand, Hall of the Final Summoning

  • HP/MP: 24,000, 48,000, 60,000 (10,000) / 500
  • Elements: Weak to Holy
  • Immune: All but Threaten (75)
  • Stats: Str: 20, Mag: 30, Def: 50, MDf: 50, Agl: 40, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: Lvl 3 Key Shpere Steal: Mega Potion/Farplane Wind
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Zombiestrike/Zombieproof
  • Special Attacks: See Strategy below.


If Yuna's close to Holy on the Sphere Grid, go back to Dome and level her up for Holy. Charge aeon overdrives. Equip any Confuseproof armor you have. Silenceproof on mages also a good idea. Holy Water is useful but not essential (steal it from the Y-machinas in Zanarkand). Teach aeons Dispel if you can.


Form 1: Really Big Hair: Warm-up. Don't use aeons. Hastega everyone, Steal, Cheer and use Reflex/Focus to boost defenses. It's not hard to kill this form. She often counters physical attacks with Blind, magic with Silence, and skills with Sleep, so have Esunas, Remedies, or appropriate item ready.

Form 2: Snake Monster: It takes a while to whittle her down—quicker if Yuna's got Holy—but save overdrives for last form. Yunalesca starts using Hellbiter on the whole party to Zombie them (200 HP damage each). Sometimes she casts Cura or Regen on Zombied characters, hurting them. But wait! Zombie is useful later, so leave tougher characters like Auron in Zombie mode. If Yunalesca casts Regen on them, Dispel it. Have Zombies ready with HP near full before killing this form.

Alternatively, remove Zombie status with Holy Water and watch Yunalesca's HP carefully to summon an aeon to knock off form two.

Form 3: Medusa EWW: The first thing she does is cast Megadeath which will kill anyone who's not a Zombie. Aeons are also immune to Megadeath. Then she casts Curaga, so if there's only one Zombie standing, that will KO him/her. Yunalesca will continue to Hellbiter/Megadeath fairly often, so try to keep a balance of new Zombies who are still at high HP, and weak ones whom you can save with Holy Water. Or just let them KO and resurrect them. Even if you're using aeons, you need a few Zombies in case she kills an aeon and then casts Megadeath.

Her Mind Blast also Confuses + Curses people, stopping their overdrives.

Once you get Form 3, unleash every overdrive and aeon in your arsenal. Yunalesca Curses aeons which disables their overdrive, plus she tends to Osmose HP and MP from them. If you've taught aeons Dispel, they can remove the curse.

Bring in Bahamut for overkill; he's the only thing that can do it unless you've gotten Yuna's or Kimahri's Celestial Weapon to power up Valefor or Ixion.

Sin's Fins: S.S. Liki (Deck)

  • HP/MP: 65,000 (10,000) / 256
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All but Armor Break, Mental Break
  • Stats: Str: 30, Mag: 30, Def: 100, MDf: 50, Agl: 20, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Left Fin Drop: HP Sphere Steal: Mega Potion/Farplane Wind
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Poisonstrike/Poisonproof
  • Right Fin Drop: Lvl 3 Key Sphere Steal: X-Potion/Shining Gem
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Stonestrike/StoneproofSpecial Attacks: Gravija reduces party HP by 1/4; no effect at a distance. Negation, which is a speedy counterattack, removes bad statuses on Fin. ALSO removes good status on you if near.


Consider powering up one to two Celestial Weapons to Break Damage Limit for a couple characters and aeons, to make overkill easier.


Hastega, Mental Break, Armor Break, Steal, then pull away. Pound with strongest magic, distance attacks, or aeons' special attacks (Heavenly Strike, Impulse, etc). If Rikku has Copycat, copy Lulu's spells or Holy. You can fight close range if that's too slow, but be ready to heal after Gravija before the next attack starts dropping the party. Replace Hastega after a Negation at close range.

Notes: Every fourth turn, fin rests to gather energy; next turn is Gravija. There are three boss battles in a row before you rest.

Sinspawn Genais and Sin's Core: Sin

Sinspawn Genais

  • HP/MP: 20,000 (2000) / 200
  • Elements: Fire-weak, Water absorbs
  • Immune: All Breaks and Status Effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Power Break, Magic Break, semi-resistant to Silence/Zombie
  • Stats: Str: 30, Mag: 35, Def: 80, MDf: 50, Agl: 25, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: Return Sphere Steal/Rare: Star Curtain / Shining Gem
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Zombiestrike, Zombieproof
  • Special Attacks: Genais mostly poison-based attacks. Inside its shell, uses Sigh, another poison attack

Sin (Core)

  • HP/MP: 36,000 (3000) / 999
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: All Breaks and Status Effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Mental Break, Armor Break
  • Stats: Str: 1, Mag: 30, Def: 100, MDf: 100, Agl: 20, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: MP Sphere Steal: Stamina Spring
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Slowstrike/Slowproof
  • Special Attacks: Core uses Gravija, or may do Toxic Cloud after Gravija which can be deadly.


Get Firestrike weapons and/or Poisonproof armor; remove Waterstrike.
Notes: Sinspawn Genais is in front of Core, keeping the party at distance from Core until killed. Genais absorbs magic attacks aimed at Core, heals with Cura, and counters magic attacks with Waterga. When Genais loses half HP, retreats into the shell, then armored and immune to Ultima. Core counters attacks on itself (including magic) with a low-level elemental spell on all three party members.


Hastega, Slow Genais so its turn and Core don't have turns back-to-back. Firestrike Genais. Use Silence Buster and Zombie Attack on it if you can; it's resistant to both, but if you get through, that stops Cura. Once Genais is dead, Armor Break core and have at it. "Gathers Energy" means Core will Gravija next turn; bring in an aeon and use Shield to soak it.

Sin's Head: Fahrenheit, Above Bevelle

  • HP/MP: 140,000 (10,000) / 999
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Demi, All but Armor Break, Mental Break
  • Stats: Str: 30, Mag: 30, Def: 40, MDf: 50, Agl: 30, Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: Lvl 3 Key Sphere Steal: Ether/Supreme Gem
  • Arms: Piercing, Dark/Sleep/Silence/Slowstrike, Silenceproof
  • Special Attacks: Petrify/Confuse/Zombie Gaze; after about 16 turns Giga-Graviton overdrive = GAME OVER.


Break out Stoneproof, Confuseproof, Zombieproof armor.


Hastega as usual. Save overdrives/aeons for finishing blow; they waste too much time (again, a quick Scan at the start will let you know when it's within 10K overkill range). Lulu's Doublecast and Rikku's Copycat help a lot, as do Flare, Ultima, Holy. After two to three "Sin draws you in" messages, you'll be in hand-to-hand range; Mental Break and Armor Break.

Notes: You must finish the battle before Sin's overdrive gauge is full or you DIE.

Seymour Omnis: Inside Sin (Garden of Pain)

  • HP/MP: 80,000 (15,000) / 999
  • Elements: Absorbs or 1/2 dam from elements whose colors are near him
  • Immune: Demi, Delay, All Breaks and Status Effects except . . .
  • Vulnerable: Armor Break, Mental Break
  • Stats: Str: 20, Mag: 35, Def: 180, MDf: 100, Agl: 40m Eva: 0, Acc: 0
  • Drop: Level 3 Key Sphere Steal/Rare: Shining Gem/Supreme Gem
  • Weapons/Armor: Piercing, Mag +20%; SOS Shell/Protect/Haste
  • Special Abilities: Multicasts element spells 4x per turn, -aga or -ara. Occasionally casts Dispel, then Ultima next turn.


You may want Shell or [Element] Eater armor.


Hastega, get up Reflect on your party and/or Nulls, bop two of the wheels with low-level spells or Wakka's ball to scramble them. Mental Break and Power Break Seymour, and if all his colors are about to match, bop them again. Or just prep with elemental proof or -eater armor, use Shell and Reflect to soak the damage, and pound him.

Important: Whenever he casts Dispel, gloats, and starts glowing red, he's about to Ultima your ass. Bring in an aeon with Shield to block it.

Notes: Seymour has "Mortiphasm" wheels behind him. Red = Fire, Dark blue = Ice, Light blue = Water, Yellow = Thunder. Here's how they work:

  • All 4 same color = multicast -aga of that element, FOUR TIMES.
  • 3 of same color = multicast -aga of that element three times, then -ara of the single element.
  • Anything else, he casts -aras for each element.
  • 3x of same color = he absorbs that element; 1–2x, he takes half damage.
  • Attack a Mortiphasm Wheel with a spell to turn it right. Physical attacks turn it left.

Braska's Final Aeon: Inside Sin – Dream's End

  • HP/MP: 60,000, 120,000 (20,000) / 100
  • Elements: Normal
  • Immune: Sleep, Petri, Threaten, DeathSlow, Doom, Demi, Delay, Gravity, Regen
  • Resists: Silence (75), Poison (90), Zombie (50)
  • Vulnerable: All Breaks
  • Stats: Str: 45/50, Mag: 50, Def: 100, MDf: 100 Agl, 40: Eva: 0, Acc: 10
  • Drop: None Steal: Turbo Ether/Elixir
  • Special Attacks: Jecht Beam causes petrification and character may then be shattered by physical attack; regular sword-swipe hits whole party; Triumphant Grasp hurts and Zombies one character; Jecht Bomber does 4000K to aeon; second form's Ultimate Jecht Shot hits everybody for ~5000K.


Again, Break Damage Limit for aeons helps. Equip Zombieproof, Stoneproof armor; also Zombiestrike and/or Poisonstrike weapons. Check Rikku's Mixes and see if you've got ingredients for any protect-related buffs like Mighty G.


First battle, Hastega, Scan, then use aeons' overdrives. Jecht will clobber them but oh well. Make SURE you remove petrification on any character as they can be Shattered next turn. Between Yuna's turns, get Rikku or others to use Light Curtains or Mixes to Protect party members.

For the second half of the battle, use Hastega, Zombie Strike, Mental Break, then use Ultima to clobber Jecht + Yu Pagodas. Power Break and Armor Break work too, but I think Power Wave removes status effects. Zombie will wear off, but as long as it's on, Yu Pagodas will hurt instead of healing Jecht. TALK TO JECHT with Tidus' trigger command each time you see the "Jecht Overdrive" warning. Use up aeons/overdrives and powerful items you were saving. Doublecast Flare/Ultima/Holy or use Quick Hit.

Notes: "Yu Pagodas" floating beside Jecht heal him 1500 points each and may remove status effects. They may be stopped for a few turns with damage (5000K each). Tidus can use Trigger command "Talk" to reset Jecht's overdrive gauge to zero. Works only two times, so save it for Jecht's second and final form.

Aeons and Yu Yevon: Inside Sin (The Grand Finale)

I'm not going to give you a strategy on this one for reasons that will quickly become clear. I will say only this:

if some of your aeons survived Jecht, you might as well do aeon vs. aeon; and remember what you learned about Yu Pagodas in the battle with Jecht. It's still true.

When you're done, pat yourself on the back—congratulations!—then go watch this incredibly cool Fan Tribute Video for Auron that gives him the send-off he deserves.

© 2010 auronlu

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Ione on February 23, 2015:

Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inroneceht. Not this!

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@Projectlazy: I love this story. GO KIMAHRI! AVENGE YOUR PEOPLE!

Gaming is even more fun when you expand the story even beyond what the game gives us. Taking on Seymour solo at that point with Kimahri would make it a more meaningful battle. Now I'm tempted to try it again with just him and see if I can make it!

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I ignored Kimhari the first time through. Then Got to Seymore Flux and got destroyed. I looked at Kimhari, he looked at me and we knew what had to be done. We went back down the mountain. Tails tucked between are legs we met the plains but the fire in our heart was strong. We trained for days. Flans and bassalisks piled ten feet high on all sides.

Soon it wasn't enough. We travelled the world collecting the best critters the future had to offer and when we returned we battled the great monster for fathers of the arena until there was none left. We the reigning champions climbed the mountain again. Our vigor kept us warm and proud on the snowy hillside.

When we encountered Seymore again there was no need to rally the others. They were dismissed. This was between us and him. That battle was swift, a few keen blows felled the blowhard and we returned the people a hero.

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