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Final Fantasy X Guide: How to Trigger Hidden/Alternate Scenes

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I am an avid video game player, and the "Final Fantasy" series is one of my all-time favorites.

Tidus and Rikku Snowmobile Ride

Tidus and Rikku Snowmobile Ride

Are you getting excited for the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, which will be released in North America in March of 2014? Or do you still have an old, working copy of the original FFX and a Playstation 2 that hasn't given up the ghost?

Well, to get the most out of this game, you should know that there are several moments when you'll get alternate scenes with alternate characters, depending on Affection Levels:

  1. In Guadosalam, there are two cutscenes with Lulu OR Rikku.
  2. The Macalania Snowmobile Ride can be with Lulu, Rikku, Auron or Kimahri.
  3. Tidus' final overdrive includes another party member.
  4. During a couple of the endgame battles, there's an extra line or two of banter with another party member.

The game tends to weight affection levels towards Lulu, so unless you go out of your way to talk to other characters before her, you'll probably wind up with Lulu as the default.

You can use a full affection levels guide to micromanage which party member is currently "winning" the affection levels game, or just use the following rules of thumb.


1. Whenever the party is standing around, the first party member you talk to by pressing X will have their affection levels increase. Sometimes they won't respond, but it'll still register. (This is sometimes also true in places where Tidus is trailing after other characters: Rikku in the underwater ruins, for example, or Auron in Luca, or anybody on the Djose Highroad.)

2. If Tidus heals (potion or cure spell) another character, it raises that character's affection level by 1.

3. If Tidus guards another character (guard or sentinel), it raises that character's affection level by 1.

4. If Tidus HURTS another character in battle (attacking them), it lowers that character's affection level by 1.

5. Note: There are a few places where you can boost affection levels by EIGHT.

  • Saying "Yeah" when Wakka asks if Yuna's cute boosts Yuna by +8.
  • Saying "You're more my type, Lulu" boosts Lulu by +8; "Too late" in the same convo raises Yuna by +8.
  • Saying "I'd rather have you, Rikku" boosts Rikku by +8; "I guess you're right " raises Yuna by +8.
  • Entering the Thunder Plains Travel Agency while Rikku is whining for the party to stop boosts Rikku by +8.
  • In the Thunder Plains Travel Agency, when Rin asks "Is that Sir Auron?" saying "No" will boost Auron by +8.

6. SAVE your game before the cutscenes, so that you can backtrack and use steps 2-4 as needed to adjust affection levels. This means saving (1) after exiting Seymour's mansion, before entering the Farplane (2) in the Lake Macalania Travel Agency, (3) before the Final Showdown with Sin, (4) before running outside to face Sin again.

7. Note: Tidus' Blitz Ace Overdrive shows whoever's currently leading in affection levels. To get Blitz Ace, Tidus must rack up 80 overdrive attacks.

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