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Final Fantasy


Top 10 Funniest Final Fantasy Moments

The Final Fantasy games have made us cry, gasp and even cringe over the years, but it's also made many of us laugh. Here are my top 10 funniest moments in the series.


The 5 Worst Final Fantasy Characters

Whether it’s their grating voice, awful character design or poorly told backstory, some Final Fantasy characters just don’t click. Here are five that drove me nuts.


Defending the Laughing Scene From "Final Fantasy 10"

Explore why the infamous laughing scene of FF10 doesn't deserve all the hate it gets!


"Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster": Reviewing All Six Games

Are the recent "Pixel Remaster" versions of the first six "Final Fantasy" games worth a look, or should you just play the originals instead?


How to Find All the GFs in "Final Fantasy VIII"

Guardian Forces are an absolute necessity if you want to trounce "Final Fantasy VIII." This guide will help you locate all 18.


How to Find All the Magicite in "Final Fantasy VI"

Want to learn magic in "Final Fantasy VI"? Then you'll need Magicite. This guide will help you track down every piece.


How to Find Your Party Members in the World of Ruin in "Final Fantasy VI"

"Final Fantasy VI" is a big game, and partway through, your entire party gets separated. Where'd everybody go? This guide will help you track them all down.


"Final Fantasy VII Remake" Full Breakdown and Review

This article contains spoilers for "Final Fantasy VII Remake," the original "Final Fantasy VII," and other media from the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII."


Top 10 Triple Triad Cards (for the "Final Fantasy" App)

Explore the ten best cards to help you conquer the Triple Triad "FF" card game!


"FF14": How to Get Wolf Marks and What Are They Used For?

Wolf Marks are given out upon the completion of a PvP match and can be used to buy gear and other rewards.


"Final Fantasy 7 Remake": How to Beat the Hell House Boss on Hard Mode

The Hell House Boss is one of the most challenging bosses in the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." On hard mode, you'll have to battle additional enemies. Since items cannot be used, conserving your MP is necessary. With the right strategy, the Hell House can be defeated with a little patience.


Shared FATEs in "Final Fantasy XIV"

An overview of shared FATEs in Final Fantasy XIV: how they work, what you can get, and how to farm them efficiently.


How to Beat "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" on Hard Mode: Tips and Tricks

Hard difficulty is unlocked after finishing "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" once. Hard mode is not for the faint of heart. Items cannot be used at all. If you don't equip the characters properly, then you will struggle to defeat the bosses or stronger enemies.


The Best and Rarest Materia in "Final Fantasy 7 Remake"

Materia is a fundamental aspect in "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." It allows you to cast many spells like Fira, Cura, Barricade, and so on. Some of the Materia must be unlocked or found in the world. You'll want to use the best Material in combat, especially on normal and hard mode.


"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" Combat Tips - Materia and Weapons

The battle system in "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" is much more action-oriented than the original. Button mashing in combat will usually result in a game over when playing on normal or hard mode. You'll need to use your weapons, Materia, and ATB strategically to win challenging battles.


How to Defeat Shiva in the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake"

Shiva is an optional boss battle in the "Final Fantasy 7 remake." If she is defeated, then you can summon her in battle later. She uses powerful ice attacks. Fortunately, she is not too difficult to defeat if you exploit her weaknesses.


Bennu Reflects on "Final Fantasy VII"

"Final Fantasy VII" was released over 20 years ago—but just how does it hold up today? In this article, Bennu reflects on this JRPG classic and reminisces with his own insight and experiences.


Top 10 Characters in "Final Fantasy Dissidia 012"

A countdown of the ten strongest fighters in Dissidia's second handheld entry on the PlayStation Portable!


"Final Fantasy Mystic Quest" Review

Let's review a classic video game from my childhood: "Final Fantasy Mythic Quest."


Top 10 Characters to Use in "Final Fantasy Type-0"

Count down and review the ten best playable characters in "Final Fantasy Type-0" for the PlayStation 4!


Top 10 Temporary Party Members in "Final Fantasy"

Let's count down and review 10 awesome "Final Fantasy" guests you'll wish were available throughout the entire game!


Top 10 Limit Breaks in "Final Fantasy"

Let's count down and review the 10 strongest Limit Break attacks in the "Final Fantasy" video game series!


Top 10 "Final Fantasy" Girls

In this article, we'll count down ten fearsome female warriors throughout the "Final Fantasy" franchise!


How to Get Unlimited Gil in "Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster”

A guide on how to get an unlimited amount of money in "Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster" on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


"Final Fantasy 15" Review

Welcome to the first review of The Wytch Reviews. Our first title up for review is the fantastic open-world RPG, "Final Fantasy 15". Our review will be broken up into the following topics: story, gameplay, graphics, replay value and our opinion.


"Final Fantasy XIV": How to Get and Use Allied Seals

Learn how to get Allied Seals in "Final Fantasy XIV"—and what to spend them on.


Top 6 Strongest Characters in the "Final Fantasy 7" Universe

A countdown of the six strongest characters throughout the "FF7" world!


"Final Fantasy XV" Liede Treasure Locations (Including Hidden Ones!)

This guide will help you discover Liede locations, including the hidden treasures that respawn throughout the area. Includes plants and ores in the region.


"Final Fantasy XV": Character Leveling Tips and Tricks

This "Final Fantasy XV" leveling guide is here to help you get the most out of your characters and your game!


Review: "Final Fantasy XV"

How can a game that spent 10 years in development still feel like it was rushed? The development overturn hurts what could have been a classic.


Top 12 "Final Fantasy" Games: Ranked Worst to Best

Read on for a controversial ranking of the beloved "Final Fantasy" series!


The "FFXIV" PvP Guide

PvP in "FFXIV" is often more complex than it seems—there is a definite strategy that goes into this team-based activity. Without a strategy and a coordinated team, loss is not only possible, but probable.


Top Eight Most Ridiculous Weapons in Final Fantasy

Let's take a look at the eight most ridiculous weapons used in the Final Fantasy franchise (and discuss the dimwits who use them).


"Final Fantasy": Which Sword Would You Wield?

Take a quiz to determine your blade and browse some awesome sabers from "Final Fantasy"!


Which "Final Fantasy" Girl Are You?

Take a quiz to determine your main lady from the "Final Fantasy" series! Will you be the dancing girl from 4, a ninja from 7, or perhaps a sorceress from 10?


"Final Fantasy VII": Quick Reference for Side Quests, Achievements, Ultimate Weapons, Limit Breaks, Materia, and Strateg

This quick reference guide is intended for those who need to look up specific secrets, side-quests, or general information about the game.


"Final Fantasy": Which Type of Mage Are You?

Let's explore the Mage class in "Final Fantasy"!


"Final Fantasy 8": Rinoa Equals Ultimecia Theory

Research the intriguing R=U "Final Fantasy VIII" theory that hypothesizes that the main character Rinoa Heartily eventually becomes the evil sorceress Ultimecia. Can it be true?


"Final Fantasy 8": Which Guardian Force Are You?

Take a quiz to determine which powerful summon from "Final Fantasy 8" best suits you!


"Final Fantasy 8": Squall Is Dead Theory Examination

Explore an eerie and creepy theory regarding the protagonist of "Final Fantasy 8," Squall Leonhart. Does he actually die partway through his game?


A Guide to Making Gil in "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn"

In "FFXIV," you need a lot of Gil—the world's currency. Whether it is for gear, items, crafting, or housing, you need gil for it. Here is how to get it.


Yevon Script: Sacred Writing in "FFX"

"Final Fantasy X" catapults you in the fictional world of Spira, where most people are followers of the Church of Yevon. The sacred signs on temple walls subtly teach and reinforce its religion.


Al Bhed Writing and Signs in "FFX"

Let's take a closer look at all those random Al Bhed signs and graffiti scattered around Spira, the racially diverse world of "Final Fantasy X."


How to Defeat Chac in “Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remastered” on PlayStation 3

How to defeat Chac, the boss of Cloister 80 in Via Infinito, in the HD remastered version of Final Fantasy X-2 by Square Enix.


The Best Garment Grids in “Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster”

The best Garment Grids to use in "Final Fantasy X-2: HD Remaster" for Yuna, Rikku and Paine.


"Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster": The Best Dresspheres for Yuna, Rikku and Paine

The best dresspheres to use for each character on "Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster" on Playstation 3 and 4.


Top 10 Women in the "Final Fantasy" Series

Which "Final Fantasy" lady comes in first over the rest? Find out in this doubtless-debatable top 10!


Final Fantasy X Guide: How to Trigger Hidden/Alternate Scenes

Final Fantasy X was one of the first games to have alternate scenes depending on which characters you interacted with. Here's how to use "affection points" to trip the ones you missed.


Mind-Blowing Moments From Classic "Final Fantasy" Games

"Final Fantasy" is full of plot twists and revelations. Some are easy to miss. Fans also have theories that literally change the scope of everything.


An Indictment of Religion: "Final Fantasy X" and the Teachings of Yevon

This is a detailed and in-depth look at religion through the lens of "Final Fantasy X". This will be somewhat more academic than one of my average articles, but it will certainly be of interest to fans of the game.