10 Thrilling Games Like "Rust" with Fantastic Storylines

Updated on April 15, 2020
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"Rust" is truly epic, but these games are well worth your time as well.
"Rust" is truly epic, but these games are well worth your time as well.

Rust — A Survival Game Unlike Any Other

Rust is one of the most addictive games in the survival genre. Thanks to its terrific gameplay, gamers just couldn't get enough of it. Rust follows an intriguing storyline where you have to survive by killing people who attack you. You have to build your base, find food, and raid other bases. The storyline will never make you feel bored, and you might find yourself wanting to play the game from scratch the moment you finish it.

If you want to keep that adrenaline rush going, then here's a list of the top ten games like Rust that you shouldn't miss.

Games Similar to Rust

  1. The Forest
  2. Stranded Deep
  3. Miscreated
  4. 7 Ways to Die
  5. ARK: Survival Evolved
  6. Scum
  7. DayZ
  8. Fallout 4
  9. Rising World
  10. Wurm Unlimited

1. The Forest

Rust is the ultimate survival game. You have to kill, loot, build, and escape to survive. The Forest shares similar gameplay with Rust. However, Rust has real people and animals wanting to kill your character. The Forest has different types of criminals. You'll encounter strange cannibals that will suddenly pop on your screen. You need to kill these cannibals to survive.

The game starts after you and your son survive a plane crash. You land in a dense forest. Suddenly a group of cannibals takes your son away. You have to find your son before the cannibals kill and start eating him. Your character needs to adapt to the jungle’s conditions quickly. Set up a base from where you can operate. Gather enough food and weapons that will allow you to survive. Then go for the kill.

2. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep has a very similar storyline to Rust. It also has similarities with the movie Cast Away. The game starts with your character left stranded on a massive island. You have to use your survival instincts to stay alive. Plus, you are not alone on this island. You will find many animals and tribes that want you dead. You have to use your brain to escape their death traps.

This game is the perfect substitute for Rust. Like Rust, the graphics and background music take this game to another level altogether. There are tons of maps you need to explore. Search for unique rewards in nooks and corners to discover new ways to survive. This game’s realistic storyline will make you stay hooked for hours.

3. Miscreated

What happens if you find yourself in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world with zombies all around? It will scare the hell out of you. This game will cause similar effects. Designed to match Rust’s storyline, Miscreated is an online multiplayer zombie survival game with only one objective: kill the zombies before they kill you. You have to stay alert all the time to survive. The zombies can come from anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, this is not like any zombie game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where your character has to survive waves of zombie attacks. This game starts in a dark alley where your character can’t see anything. You slowly move ahead to find dead bodies everywhere. The houses look old. There is an eerie feeling as soon as this game starts. In fact, this game is not for the faint-hearted.

4. 7 Days to Die

What if there was a zombie version of Rust? You would love to play it immediately, right? Consider 7 Days to Die as the replica of Rust. The only difference is you need to survive among zombies. This game is full of activities. You need to take part in mini-games to earn additional rewards. Plus, you have to stay away from zombies trying to kill you at every corner.

You have to collect weapons throughout the game and upgrade them to kill bigger zombies. Plus, there’s a lot to do in 7 Days to Die. You have to explore different locations, build your base, mine for new weapons, loot homes, and kill zombies to survive. The twists and turns in the storyline will keep you engaged for hours. Don’t miss this game if you loved Rust.

5. ARK: Survival Evolved

Do you want to play the second part of Rust? If yes, try playing ARK: Survival Evolved. Yes, it is not the sequel of Rust, but you will find tons of similarities. Most gamers call it the best alternative for Rust. It has almost the same storyline but with a few changes. For example, here you have to play among dinosaurs and various creatures.

It starts with your character swimming in the sea as you try to reach the nearby island. However, there is no one around. Suddenly you see a gigantic dinosaur coming your way. You have to run and hide somewhere to survive. And amidst all this, you need to collect food, grow crops, build your home, and hunt. The developers constantly update this game to make the levels more challenging.

6. Scum

Scum is almost like a tribute to Rust. It has all the aspects of Rust and more. This open world game redefines the genre of survival games. It follows the storyline of Rust closely but doesn't try to copy everything. You will find stages where your character has to craft items to make weapons and go farming, quite similar to Rust. However, you will understand the differences clearly. Scum tries to make the storyline as realistic as possible. There are response-based answers, depending on which your gameplay may change.

In fact, Scum has detailed characterization that makes it even more realistic. You will meet many characters that resemble the people around you in real life. Those who already played Scum say that it is an upgrade from Rust. Honestly, you will not miss Rust once you start playing Scum.

7. DayZ

This is another zombie-based game. However, its storyline and gameplay are entirely different compared to other zombie games. Plus, it has an eerie similarity with Rust when it comes to characterization. You will love the best of both worlds in DayZ. The game starts with your character in an isolated field far away from a jungle. You find your friend lying dead nearby. What will you do? You try to touch your friend and immediately get infected by a disease that creates zombies.

This concept makes the game highly interesting. You will discover another person who also lost his friend. Both of you need to kill the infected zombies. However, you shouldn’t touch anything infected. You will die immediately, and the game will restart from its respective level. Be careful while playing DayZ. The graphics are too brutal and scary.

8. Fallout 4

Imagine you are one of the only survivor in a world destroyed by a nuclear war. You have to build everything from scratch. However, your survival depends on your decisions. You not only have to take care of yourself but also prevent the world from dying completely. Yes, you may not find farming and hunting activities, but the gameplay is quite close to Rust, especially when you have to decide between two alternatives.

Remember, your decision can change the game entirely. Make sure you make every decision logically to survive. Otherwise, you may die quickly. Your objective in this game is to build a decent world all over again. It is a lengthy game with twists and turns at every stage. The immersive graphics and realistic background sound make it incredibly interesting.

9. Rising World

What if you have an open world where you can create things according to your imagination? Make your dream come true with Rising World. This game is inspired by Rust. It follows its storyline closely. However, your character has enough room to make innovative decisions. From building homes to farming, Rising World has everything that Rust has. You need to create your world and build everything from scratch. Make the most of your imagination while building your base. And be as ruthless as possible while looting someone. That makes the game more enjoyable.

With both multiplayer and single-player modes available, Rising World doesn’t disappoint at any stage. The graphics look like Hollywood movie scenes. Plus, your character looks ordinary, giving a more realistic feel to the game.

10. Wurm Unlimited

Although this is a fantasy game, you will find enough similarities with Rust. You are the host of your virtual world. Your character needs to build an entire empire, starting from zero. You have to craft weapons, hunt dragons, build your kingdom, and start a war to capture other empires.

Wurm Unlimited will make you feel like an emperor. You start as an ordinary citizen who fights his way to the top. The game is very inspiring, especially if you like mythical characters. It gives you opportunities to improvise your decisions. You can start building your kingdom after gathering enough reliable men around. This is a long game, so you may have to spend months before finishing it.

All Set for Your New Adventure?

Rust is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing games out there. Gamers can’t seem to stop praising it because of its brilliant storyline. But if you want to play similar games, you shouldn’t miss the ones above. Whether it is their storyline, gameplay, characterization, or graphics, you will find many similarities with Rust.

Which game like "Rust" will you play next?

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