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Updated on June 9, 2019
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What Does Speed Do in Pokémon?

Each Pokémon carries six stats that affect its battle performance. Most of these determine how much damage a Pokémon deals and receives with different kinds of attacks, but the speed stat has a different function, letting the faster combatant strike first.

That burst of speed could mean the difference between beating an opponent or getting knocked out yourself—which creatures are hardest to outmaneuver? These are the ten quickest Pokémon throughout the core video games!

Mega Sceptile
Mega Sceptile

10. Mega Sceptile

Base Speed: 145
Type: Grass/Dragon

In base form, Sceptile's speed is its best stat at 120, a welcome change from previous Grass starters, who tended to be slow and defensive. Upon mega evolving, Sceptile gains not just the Dragon type, but a further increase to speed (and special attack), making it a great indirect sweeper.

Ironically, Sceptile's signature Leaf Blade attack utilizes attack, but he's still got plenty of indirect Grass techniques (like Leaf Storm) to choose from, mitigating the issue. Just watch out for Mega Sceptile's quad weakness to Ice moves.

Mega Beedrill
Mega Beedrill

9. Mega Beedrill

Base Speed: 150
Type: Bug/Poison

Regular Beedrill is surprisingly mediocre in speed, carrying only 75 points. But when he mega evolves, it skyrockets to 145 (and attack peaks at 150), offering a fierce physical sweeper.

You can further increase Beedrill's offense with the Sniper ability, which increases the power of critical hits, or the Adaptability trait, which does the same for STABs (same-type attack bonuses).


8. Accelgor

Base Speed: 145
Type: Bug

Accelgor is no exception to Bug's general agility; highly favoring speed, followed by special attack. His defenses are comparatively poor, but he's great when you absolutely need to strike first.

As if 145 points weren't enough, you can further hasten Accelgor by giving him the Unburden ability, which doubles his speed after losing his held item (have him eat a berry).

Deoxys (Normal Forme)
Deoxys (Normal Forme)

7. Deoxys (Normal and Attack Forme)

Base Speed: 150
Type: Psychic

Form-shifting Deoxys is hasty even in his standard and attack modes, bearing 150 speed points. Unsurprisingly, Attack Forme carries amazing offensive stats, but is pitifully weak on defense, while Normal Forme is more balanced (though still geared towards offense).

Equally skilled with contact and indirect moves, Deoxys's moveset is hard to predict, as he can swing proficiently from either range. Just remember that legendaries are banned in many competitive events.

Mega Aerodactyl
Mega Aerodactyl

6. Mega Aerodactyl

Base Speed: 150
Type: Rock/Flying

Aerodactyl's already-excellent 130 speed further increases to 150 upon mega evolving. He retains his Rock/Flying nature (an interesting duo where Flying negates Rock's weakness to Ground), and gains the excellent Tough Claws ability, which increases the power of his physical moves by 50%.

Coupled with a strong attack score, Aerodactyl's a daunting physical sweeper, especially since he can utilize Rock (one of the best offensive elements) STABs.


5. Electrode

Base Speed: 150
Type: Electric

One of the strangest original Pokémon, Electrode resembles an upside-down Poke Ball and carries mediocre stats—except speed, where he outperforms most megas and legendaries.

His otherwise average spread admittedly holds him back, but Electrode's pure Electric type is great on defense, suffering only one weakness (Ground) while resisting three types.

Mega Alakazam
Mega Alakazam

4. Mega Alakazam

Base Speed: 150
Type: Psychic

Alakazam is one of the best original Pokémon (especially before Dark and Steel debuted), emphasizing special attack and speed, both of which further improve in his mega form.

Mega Alakazam's 150 speed outclasses almost all challengers, but his best stat is special attack at a whopping 175 points. His special defense is also strong, letting him tank special attacks while he dishes out his own. I just wish he could keep his standard form's Magic Guard ability rather than learning Trace (which copies your opponent's), too random to rely on.


3. Pheromosa

Base Speed: 151
Type: Bug/Fighting

One of the best generation 7 Ultra Beasts, Pheromosa resembles Attack Forme Deoxys—both are incredibly fast and powerful, yet terribly frail on defense. But this time, you've got two STABs to choose from (and Fighting's a prime offensive force), letting you effectively strike with either of Pheromosa's elements.

While Ultra Beasts share many similarities with mythical Pokémon, they're not technically legendaries, meaning Pheromosa is legal in many competitive arenas.


2. Ninjask

Base Speed: 160
Type: Bug/Flying

Props to Ninjask for managing to outspeed all but one creatures even in base form. Like Electrode, his stats are otherwise lacking, but that ridiculous speed practically guarantees the first hit. Plus, Ninjask's Speed Boost ability automatically raises the stat at the end of each turn, further amplifying his best attribute.

Deoxys (Speed Forme)
Deoxys (Speed Forme)

1. Deoxys (Speed Forme)

Base Speed: 180
Type: Psychic

From Mega Sceptile to Ninjask, our other nine warriors differed by only 15 points, showing how close the speed race is. But Speed Forme Deoxys is a whole 20 points faster than second-place Ninjask, highlighting his insane nimbleness.

Of course, these points detract from his attack and special attack, which are only decent, but when it comes to speed, Deoxys's fastest transformation has no rival. He also has better defensive scores than Normal and Attack Forme, hopefully tanking enough hits to make good use of his preemptive blows.

Which Pokémon do you prefer?

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Priority and Stat-Affecting Moves

Remember that no matter how agile your Pokémon, they'll still attack second against a priority-increasing move (like Protect or Mach Punch)—but if both players use a move with the same priority boost, speed again determines which triggers first.

You can also raise or lower speed with stat moves (like Swords Dance and String Shot), and beware the infamous Trick Room technique, which lets slower Pokémon strike first for several turns. Held items and abilities can also impact speed, but for now, as we await Nintendo's next batch of athletic champions, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

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