Top 10 Hottest "Persona" Girls

Updated on July 15, 2020
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The Best Persona Girls

The Persona video games excel at blending classic RPG dungeon-exploring with social simulators. You spend half your time conquering labyrinths with your "Persona" spirit allies, and the other half doing what most teenagers do—hanging out with your favorite people while ignoring the rest.

Many of the games let you develop social links with female party members, and if you advance far enough, your friendship often blossoms into romance. But which gals reign supreme? These are the 10 hottest girls in Persona!

Ann Takamaki P5
Ann Takamaki P5

10. Ann Takamaki

Game: Persona 5
Arcana/Confidant: Lovers

Using the Phantom Thief codename "Panther," Ann is one of your earliest companions. She's arguably the most moral member of the Phantom Thieves, ensuring the group never loses sight of their ultimate goal—helping people.

With looks like hers, it's no surprise Ann works as a model, and she's no slouch in battle, wielding powerful fire-based skills.

Maya Amano P2
Maya Amano P2

9. Maya Amano

Game: Persona 2
Arcana/Confidant: Moon

Notable for not just being the first female protagonist, but also the oldest to date, Maya is 23, a few years senior to most teenage leads. She takes over as main character for the second half of Persona 2 (Eternal Punishment, following Innocent Sin).

Though she doesn't become the lead character until the second half, her optimism makes her a natural leader right from the start. There's also room for debate as to who her "canon" love interest is; unlike most heroes (who are typically paired with the Lovers Arcana), you could argue whether Maya is more interested in Tatsuya, Katsuya, or neither.

Aigis P3
Aigis P3

8. Aigis

Game: Persona 3
Arcana/Confidant: Chariot

Popular enough to become the lead character in Persona 3 FES, Aigis is an android whose initial cold demeanor becomes more human as time passes, growing a strong attachment to the protagonist.

Aigis's existence raises complex questions about life and emotion. Also, she's pretty and kicks butt in fighting game Persona 4 Arena, and we all know that's what really matters.

Margaret P4
Margaret P4

7. Margaret

Game: Persona 4
Arcana/Confidant: Empress

Igor's Velvet Room assistant, Margaret is regarded as one of the strongest characters in the franchise's lore, serving as a formidable optional boss. She's also got a unique method for advancing her social link; rather than spending time together, you just need to fuse certain Persona with certain skills, letting you devote your limited hangout time to other characters.

Despite not actually being a party member (perhaps not even human), Margaret and protagonist Yu carry a flirtatious relationship, and she (alongside her sister Elizabeth) showcases her fighting prowess as a DLC character in Arena.

Yukari Takeba P3
Yukari Takeba P3

6. Yukari Takeba

Game: Persona 3
Arcana/Confidant: Lovers

Yukari serves as the "default" love interest in P3, and she's an interesting contrast—kind, but prone to tantrums, popular, but afraid to get too close to anyone. Without spoiling anything, let's just say that 3's ending affects her personality in FES, leading to some unique character development.

And by the time Arena rolls around, she works as a model and portrays the pink Phoenix Ranger (a parody of Power Rangers), showcasing her good looks and charisma.

Rise Kujikawa P4
Rise Kujikawa P4

5. Rise Kujikawa

Game: Persona 4
Arcana/Confidant: Lovers

Unlike most Lovers allies, Rise is one of your later party members, but she certainly fits the name, showing a romantic interest in the protagonist even outside her social link. But Rise's a worthy character in her own right, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of being a famous pop star.

Boastful yet kind, Rise also serves a unique role in your party; rather than directly battling, she's your support unit, scouting your route and helping track enemy weaknesses.

Makoto Niijima P5
Makoto Niijima P5

4. Makoto Niijima

Game: Persona 5
Arcana/Confidant: Priestess

Codenamed "Queen" as a Phantom Thief, Makoto ends up being a surprise addition—after discovering the Thieves' identities, she chooses to join their group rather than turn them in.

Despite being her school's attractive student council president, Makoto is surprisingly unpopular with her peers. She's kind yet bossy, and despite her prim appearance, she's a bit of a tomboy underneath. But these human traits make her all the more likable, and she's undoubtedly one of the team's smartest members.

Eriko Kirishima
Eriko Kirishima

3. Eriko Kirishima

Game: Persona 1
Arcana/Confidant: Judgement

An unabashedly feminine supermodel, Eriko (often nicknamed Ellen or Ellie) is nonetheless a staunch ally who appears in the first two games. She's also a fan of the occult, which fits perfectly with Persona's supernatural atmosphere.

As stated in an interview, Eriko occasionally summons her Persona just to have someone to vent to, easily one of the most hilarious tidbits in the entire franchise.

Tae Takemi P5
Tae Takemi P5

2. Tae Takemi

Game: Persona 5
Arcana/Confidant: Death

Forget "girly" Arcana like Lovers and Priestess, Tae's bond empowers your Death Persona. She has a morbid sense of humor, but is a genuinely compassionate woman and potential partner despite your apparent age difference (her exact age isn't revealed).

Beautiful, driven, and pragmatic, Tae also sells medicines that serve as potions during your dungeon expeditions, letting your party recover HP and SP.

Mitsuru Kirijo P4A
Mitsuru Kirijo P4A

1. Mitsuru Kirijo

Game: Persona 3
Arcana/Confidant: Empress

The leader of SEES, Mitsuru is calm, intelligent (though her AI is notably poor), and kind, keeping her reckless companions in check. She also serves a dual role, being the team's initial scout, then switching to active combat once Fuuka joins.

Mitsuru further showcases her beastly fencing techniques in Arena, which totally, absolutely had no impact in her ranking today.

Which Persona girl is your favorite?

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Persona's Best Girls

We all have our own preferences, but today's girls rank among the franchise's most appealing. More than just eye candy, they offer compelling motivations, realistic flaws, and potential love interests—choosing who to romance is always a tough decision.

With a string of well-received games, Persona continues amassing fans, and we're excited to meet new characters in future titles. But for now, as we await our next genre-blurring entry, vote for your favorite girl and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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