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How to Get More Likes in “Death Stranding”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

"Death Stranding" Cover Art

"Death Stranding" Cover Art

Death Stranding is the long-awaited open world action game by Kojima Productions. After he departed from Konami in 2015, Hideo Kojima, the renowned creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchises, began solo projects.

Death Stranding is his comeback to the industry and thousands of players are already enjoying exploring the vast, unique world and engaging storyline. It is due for release on PC in 2020.

Players can collect Likes from NPCs or other players for performing various tasks. Likes influence Sam (the main character)'s porter level as well as your abilities and stats. They also give your profile mad bragging rights!

This article is a guide on how to get more Likes on your Death Stranding playthrough.

1. Complete Orders Without Damaging Gear

A huge part of Death Stranding is delivering orders, whether they're part of the main story or taking on extra. "Standard Orders" and "Orders for Sam" are included here, and you will get a ton of likes for completion of orders.

The amount you receive is based on your performance, including:

  • As little damage to cargo as possible. Don't break anything (by falling or taking damage from enemies). A perfect load adds extra Likes.
  • The more deliveries, the better. As your rank with an NPC grows, more Likes are awarded for completed deliveries.

2. Leave Useful Gear Behind

The world is a vast place with many, many different routes available. Since so many places are dangerous, teaming with BTs, MULEs, or other dangers, it is often not wise to go down what looks like a straight and easy path. However, the price to pay for avoiding danger is often rough terrain and cliffs that can be detrimental to your cargo and BB.

A great way to get Likes and help out your fellow players is by leaving behind ladders and ropes to help them on their way. If others use your gear, you'll be awarded Likes. Find new routes and leave behind lifesaving equipment, and you'll be very popular indeed!

3. Put Up Signs

One fun mechanic of this game is the ability to leave behind signs for others to see. This can be anything from a simple smiling face to warnings of enemies or Timefall. Here are just a few possible signs you can leave behind and collect those Likes.

  • Encouraging signs. These don't do much, but leave a nice message for others who happen along your route. Put them outside cities or after a difficult spot; others will appreciate them.
  • Warning signs. Come across some Timefall, a group of BTs, or some rough terrain? Let others know by adding a sign nearby.
  • Notifying signs. Do you know where there's a batch of crystals or want to alert others to a safe route? Add signs with arrows or notifications of equipment to alert other players.

To add a sign anywhere, press the up arrow on the left control stick and triangle to plant a sign.

4. Pick Up Lost Cargo

As well as completing your own orders, you will come across lots of lost cargo on your way. It will always tell you where the cargo was intended to go, so if you are on your way to that location, press triangle near it to add it to your pack.

Just be sure not to overload yourself. Sometimes it's impossible to pick up dropped cargo. Don't stress over it; do what you can. The NPCs will be extremely grateful and you can pick up those Likes.

5. Build Useful Structures

Done right, building structures is an excellent way to collect Likes. Bridges, lockers, and viewing towers are just a few examples of the things you can build to make navigating the world much easier and get Likes from grateful players. Here are a few tips on strategic building.

  • Plant viewing towers near MULE sights. When players can locate MULEs before entering dangerous terrain, they'll definitely let you know with a grateful Like.
  • Build bridges over rivers. Found an annoying river that drains your stamina? Building bridges (or donating materials to other people's bridges) is a fantastic act to make everyone's lives easier.
  • Build lockers in quest locations. Lockers are a lifesaver when attempting a tricky quest or when caught in some Timefall. Think about the places where you wished a locker was and build one yourself—others will appreciate it.
  • Build roads. Once you've got vehicles, roads can be the difference between a hellish challenge and a smooth ride. You'll be very popular for your strategically built roads and the Likes will flood in.
  • Make a generator near vehicles. Players can use generators to charge vehicles, which is an excellent alternative to walking. A well-placed, charged generator will make Sam a popular porter.
Bridges are extremely helpful, and other players will definitely thank you for building one!

Bridges are extremely helpful, and other players will definitely thank you for building one!

6. Urinate

A funny mechanic in Death Stranding is the ability to urinate when Sam's bladder is full enough. "Equip" the urinate option by holding the right button of the left control pad and selecting the peeing icon.

Urinating creates a patch of mushrooms (the size depending on how many milliliters you drop) and other players can get a kick out of it. It may not do anything to help, but pee is funny no matter where you're from!

7. Take Photos in the Mirror

While in his private room, Sam can perform several tasks such as drinking Monster Energy for extra stamina, using the toilet to make grenades, and looking in the mirror. Approach the mirror (on Sam's left side while sitting on the bed) and move the control stick to perform an action. Press square to take a photo.

A couple of photos will get Likes from BB! The amount you receive depends on Sam's pose, and each direction of the control pad provides a different action. Experiment and take some funny photos for BB.

Pose for the likes.

Pose for the likes.

8. Take New Routes

You might spot glowing blue footprints from where you and other players have often tread. Footpaths also appear along popular routes. If you find a new way to get to new destinations, walk that road often. A path will appear and if other players follow in your footsteps, you'll get Likes!

Players of Death Stranding are constantly finding innovative new ways to survive the world, make the terrain easier to navigate, and survive to deliver cargo. With these tips, you'll be raking in the Likes in no time. Safe travels!