Might and Magic X Legacy Class Promotion Quests

Updated on December 16, 2016

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the raiders will have the opportunities to advance in their classes. The heroes will have to take on the class promotion quests. Note that not all these class promotion quests will be available immediately. Some of these quests will only be available after certain characters have been made available, for example, in the main quests of the game. This will focus on a few of the class specializations, including the archmage, the bladedancer and the runelord.

Might and Magic X Legacy Tower of Enigma deathtraps.
Might and Magic X Legacy Tower of Enigma deathtraps.

The heroes can get the archmage promotion quest from the Crag. However, this quest will only be available after the heroes rescue Falagar from the Karthal jail. The archmage and Falagar will be available in the big house on the eastern side of the crag. Go in and speak to Zouleika. She will grant the quest to the hero.

Now the heroes need to travel to the tower of enigma and solve the puzzles inside in order to get the hidden scrolls. The raiders do not have to solve all the riddles, just the essential ones. The Tower of Enigma is located to the north of karthal and east of the elemental forge.

There are three levels in the tower of enigma. The essential puzzles are

  • the code to go into the second floor is 5041
  • the way to the third floor is strewn with deathtraps and an unopemable door. The heroes will need to walk a certain pattern in order to survive and get to the room with the statue inside.

Click on the statue. The statue will ask a riddle. The riddle is "Strong or weak, they all soon learn. That I dwell within the hearts of men, In darkness I rule but retreat from light. I don't need hands to grasp you tight." The answer to the riddle is 'fear'.

Once the answer is put in, the party will get the hidden scroll. Return to Zouleika at the crag and finish the archmage promotion quest. The archmage heroes can now cast freeze time. However, being archmages is just a title. To maximise the damage from spells, upgrade the magical focus to grandmaster and behold the power of the archmage!

Note that the trainer for grandmaster magical focus is located in the elemental forge level 2. Go inside from the entrance, cast whispering shadows and then locate and open the secret passage to go inside.

Might and Magic X Legacy Bladedancer Promotion Quest

The heroes can get the blade master promotion quest from the NPC from the Yon-Chall forest. Now, from the northern part of the eye (or elemental forge), go south and keep going south. The pathways to the grove will eventually narrow into only one path leading to the sacred grove.

When the heroes first enters the sacred grove, all is quiet. For the keen adventurers interested only in getting the blade master promotion, ignore the hidden treasures and just make a beeline for the second level of the sacred grove.

Within the second level of the sacred grove, the heroes will meet the dark wizard Zaahid. The dark wizard refuses to give up the Talasyl, resulting in a obviously inevitable confrontation between the wizard and the raiders. This dark wizard boss is actually a more formidable version of the usual dark wizard, so the same tactics apply here.

However, when the dark wizard boss dies, the sacred grove is suddenly overrun with ravenous zombies. Defeat them, get out of the sacred grove alive and then return the Talasyl to the NPC above. The bladedancer promotion is completed.

Might and Magic X Legacy Runelord Promotion Quest

The heroes can get the Runelord promotion quest from one of the dwarves in Seahaven. After the heroes get this quest, they must go to Sudgerd. Sudgerd is found in the Vantyl Range. To get there, the heroes need to use the teleporter behind castle portmeyron. There are several separate regions in the vantyr range connected by teleporters. Essentially the raiders need to go in a westerly and northerly direction. There ate lots of monsters in this region on route to the vantyr range, including the griffons, cyclops and fire elementals. At this stage in the heroes' level, these creatures should not be too difficult. The most difficult may be the fire elementals, just because they will explode as they die, leading to the characters dying if their health is not high enough. So make sure the party members have enough health before dealing the final blow.

Once the heroes get to Sudgerd, enter the cursed fortress and prepare to ignite the flames.

Might and Magic X Legacy Sudgerd Level 1 Walkthrough

As the party walks into the dwarven fortress, it becomes clear that creatures of darkness such as the stalkers, the face huggers and the shadow elementals have taken over this region. Not to mention the fire elementals. The heroes will need to be at their highest alert and cast celestial arm and darkness ward.

The Subgerd level 1 walkthrough requires the heroes to go to the far end of them dwarven halls and activate a lever. The raiders know they are next to the lever when they reach a flute and box next to the lever. Defeat the monsters and activate the lever to open the double doors and procced to sudgerd level 2.

Subgerd level 2 is a massive ambush level by the denizens of the dark.

  • The first ambush takes place as the heroes walk towards the large hall in the centre of level 2.

Before walking in, activate all buff spells and defensive spells and then get in there. There is no way of backing out because a wall of light will come up before the heroes and prevented them fr retreating backwards. Survive the onslaught and get ready for the next round.

  • The second fight will take place in the large cavern in front of the raiders.

There are two ways to do. The headlong way is to plunge directly into the fight in front of the heroes. The second way to do thus is to find a room on the left of the area of the first fight. Go in and let the monsters become aggro. However, do not proceed through the passage. Instead, hide in the alcove and pick on the monsters in pairs as they come through the passage.

  • Finally, there is the fight with the Eye of Madness.

This fight with the boss of Sudgerd is actually an anticlimax because by the time the heroes deal with the hoards of monsters prior, this eye of madness is really a piece of cake. Finish this boss off and click on the centre of the large bowl in the caverns to reignite the flames.

Congratulations! The runelord promotion quest is completed.


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