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Completing the Elemental Forge Quest in "Might and Magic X: Legacy"

"Might and Magic X: Legacy" Elemental Forge Quest. reach the hidden enemy and the quest is almost completed.

"Might and Magic X: Legacy" Elemental Forge Quest. reach the hidden enemy and the quest is almost completed.

Elemental Forge Quest in "Might and Magic X: Legacy"

In Might and Magic X: Legacy, the raiders must travel to the elemental forge and investigate why elves have taken over the elemental forge. According to Jon Morgan, the elemental forge suddenly appeared in the middle of the Agyn Peninsula. The Griffin empire must find out why this has happened. This is the Elemental Disturbance and Morgan's Eyes and Ears quest.

To get to the elemental forge, the heroes must have finished clearing Castle Portmeyron of the militia. Then the heroes must travel to the castle's rooftop and take the griffin to the elemental forge.

Elemental Forge Level 3 and 2 Walkthrough

The elemental forge is divided into four levels in reverse chronological order. The top level of the elemental forge where the heroes have landed is the elemental forge level 4. The heroes need to make a beeline for the shining pedestal at this level to reach the elemental forge level 3.

The walkthrough for the elemental forge level 3 is a straightforward one. Here, the heroes will walk in more or less a straight line. Enemies will emerge out of the shadows to attack them.

The enemies in this level are:

  • the assassins
  • the stalkers

The assassins are easy to defeat. Just stay away from them, and then use spells and ranged weapons to finish them off. When they group together, use spells like fireballs to eliminate them.

The stalkers may be harder to defeat. The party can use ranged attacks and spells like fireballs. Or move to them as fast as possible and use melee attacks and close ranged attacks to finish them off. The stalkers specialize in using chakrams, which can deal a significant amount of damage.

Level 3

For the elemental forge level 3, the heroes need to search around for a golden key. Then move along until the heroes reach a shining pedestal. Step through, and the heroes will arrive at the elemental forge level 2.

Level 2

For the elemental forge level 2, use the map and go through the length of this part of the dungeon. There will be some doors that the heroes cannot open. They require the elemental shards to open. However, there is a door here that the party can open.

When this happens, the party will have to eliminate some stalkers in front of them. When these are eliminated, enemies will emerge from behind and attack them. Finish them off, and they will drop the Earth Shard. Now, it's time to search the whole length of the elemental forge and find the shining pedestal and proceed to the elemental forge level one.

Elemental Forge Level 1 Walkthrough

This level is really a battle tactics level. The party will encounter lots of enemies and will have to use the right tactics to finish them off. When the heroes have eliminated the enemies, proceed to the 'green part' of the dungeon.

Before reaching the green part of the dungeon, the heroes will discover 'the hidden enemy'. The hidden enemy will talk to the hero via am astral projection, warning the heroes of his existence and of bigger threats to come for the heroes. This will update the elemental disturbance quest. The heroes can take the news back to Morgan.

For now, however, the heroes need to get the blessing of Sylanna. This is the remainder part of the elemental disturbance quest, where the heroes must restore the altar of Sylanna.

  • Use the earth shard and unlock the gates into the Sylanna portion of the elemental forge.
  • Explore around until the heroes reach a pile of vines.
  • Touch it and Gralkor will be summoned.
  • Use lots of fire based spells and mana potions to defeat it. The heroes may have to use celestial armor to absorb some of the damage from this giant earth elemental.
  • Defeat Gralkor and he will bestow a quest on the hero to get the other elemental shards.
  • Then proceed back to the elemental forge level 4 and fly back to the castle and report your findings to Morgan. The heroes will also have received the Blessing of Sylanna.
  • The road to Seahaven will be unblocked. Proceed to Seahaven. The heroes will need the Blessing of Sylanna for the next main quest.