Might and Magic X Legacy Find Information About Dunstan Quest

Updated on July 29, 2016

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the raiders' next quest is to find information about Dunstan. Dunstan is the NPC who keeps popping up at odd places, including at Sorpigal and then outside Falagar's mansion. His coincidental appearance does not go well with Jon Morgan, who insists that the heroes investigate this strange man. This will guide the heroes as they try to find out more information about Dunstan.

Note that this quest will only be activated after the heroes rescue Falagar.

Dunstan Quest

Go to Karthal and then go to the tavern in the harbour district. Ask the innkeeper about Dunstan and the innkeeper will say that Dunstan used to be part of a group of raiders. However, following an expedition to the tomb of thousand terrors, Dunstan separated from Shiva and was not seen much..... until now.....

Shiva will have more information about Dunstan. However, she now lives in isolation in the Wyslin jungle. The Wyslin jungle is located in the northwestern part of the map. This will guide the heroes on how to get to Wyslin jungle.

Get to Wyslin Jungle

From Karthal, head north and then west. The heroes will need to get to the Crag. Once the heroes reach the crag, they can then travel back and forth karthal and the crag via ship. However, the first journey there will have to be via road. Defeat the main monsters in between the crag and karthal and reach the smelly pirate fortress.

At the crag, go in and stock up on rations and equipment like potions. Then venture out of the crag and travel north towards the wyslin forest. As the heroes travel north, they will meet more monsters. The monsters that the heroes will encounter will be -

  • denizens of the desolate wilds such as jaguar warriors, goblins and shamans
  • elite air elementals
  • harpies
  • group of goblins and elite black panthers

Tactics to defeat jaguar warriors, goblins and shamans have been discussed previously. The elite air elementals will surprise the heroes but if they put up their wind ward and celestial armor and use fire bursts after fire bursts, the elite air elementals will be defeated. The harpies are annoying creatures rather than fearful creatures. Try to finish them before they swoop up into the air; otherwise they can be quite deadly.

When the heroes first step into wyslin jungle, they will be besieged by the goblins and their elite black panthers. This is a difficult fight. Cast celestial armor and other buff spells as the heroes enter the jungle. Then, launch fire bursts and cyclone at the monsters as they appear in the tile in front of the heroes. The party may need resurrection and healing and Alexia the healer for this fight. For this particular group of spellcasters, it was close but the group managed to get by the creatures and transverse the wyslin jungle. Once this group of monsters is defeated, it's a easy walk to Shiva.

Enter Shiva's dwelling and speak to her about Dunstan. Shiva speaks of how she and her party raided the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors she time ago. Only she and Dunstan survived. Within the tomb, Dunstan and Shiva had been separated. When reunited, Shiva felt that Dunstan had changed. He had become a cold distant person totally different from what he was before. The source of this change must be investigated.

The aim of these quests is to find information about Dunstan and get out of the darkness that is the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors.
The aim of these quests is to find information about Dunstan and get out of the darkness that is the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors.

Get to Tomb of a Thousand Terrors

The tomb of a Thousand Terrors lies in the far northeastern corner of the map. To get there, the heroes must travel to castle portmeyron. Then, head north up to the teleporter and continue heading north and northeast until the heroes encounter some shadow elementals. Defeat them and enter the tomb. Use a proper save slot to save the game before entering the tomb.

Once the heroes enter the tomb, they will be trapped in the tomb. This is the get out darkness quest. The heroes must find a way to get out of the tomb. The heroes need to get as many mana potions and food supplies (get 20 supplies from the tavern in the navea delta) as they can before entering the tomb.

Tomb of a Thousand Terrors Walkthrough

The first level of the tomb of a thousand terrors is like any other dungeon crawl. It's a fight against the denizens of shadow - shadow elementals, face huggers and stalkers. Defeat them and find the entrance to the second level.

The second level of the tomb of a thousand terrors is like the first level, except the monsters are tougher. Because there are more of them. Defeat them and find the way to the entrance to the third level.

There is also a question to operate a lever at the second level of the tomb of a thousand terrors. The question is "What is its name?". The answer is Erebos.

The tomb of a thousand terrors level 3 can be quite frustrating. What the heroes need to do is when they reach the area of teleporters is to -

  • get to all the tiles and step on them. Eventually the teleporters will disappear.

Then get to the entrance to the fourth level to advance.

The tomb of a thousand terrors level 4 can be most frustrating. There are broken gaps in the walkway and teleporters again! The key here is to use the teleporters and get to the yellow tiles scattered throughout the level. Once all the yellow tiles are stepped on, the heroes will be able to advance to the fifth and final level of the tomb.

The raiders know they are on the right track when they return to the entrance of the third level. More and more powerful monsters will appear to harass the heroes. Finally defeat the shadow dragons and advance to the small cavern with the last yellow tile. Defeat the eye of terror within and then explore this small cavern before stepping on the final yellow tile.

On the right hand side of the yellow tile lies the remains of the real Dunstan. This will complete the Dunstan quest. Read his journal to find out what happened in his last days.

The key for the heroes to get out of the tomb of a thousand terrors level 4 is to find the yellow tiles and step on them.
The key for the heroes to get out of the tomb of a thousand terrors level 4 is to find the yellow tiles and step on them.

Finally get to the fifth level of the tomb and meet with the 'good' dark elves. Understand that the false Dunstan traveling the world above is actually a faceless. Know that Erebos the master assassin is plotting to bring down the world above. Note that the grandmaster of dagger trainer is found here.

Return to the surface and report your findings to Jon Morgan.


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