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"Might and Magic X Legacy": How to Complete the Curse Quest

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The part to get the crystal spider heart is the most difficult in the Curse quest.

The part to get the crystal spider heart is the most difficult in the Curse quest.

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the Crag is the final town in the agyl peninsula that the heroes need to get to. The Crag is the pirate town created by the great pirate and barbarian. The legendary Crag Hack is in the Crag. At first the raiders are tasked by Jon Morgan to travel to the Crag to form a truce with Crag Hack. When the heroes have done that, they will be informed by the water mage of Crag Hack that he is suffering from a curse. The heroes will accept the quest to cure Crag Hack of the curse.

First, the heroes need to travel to Karthal to get the physician who will then tell the heroes of the ingredients needed to cure Crag Hack of his curse.

This will guide the raiders to find all the ingredients for the curse, including:

  • mercury
  • sulphur
  • widowsweep berries
  • elven toadstool
  • the crystal spider's heart
Kaspar can be found in the Hospice in the Karthal Slums.

Kaspar can be found in the Hospice in the Karthal Slums.

How to Get the Physician Kaspar from Karthal Slums

Note that the raiders need to liberate castle Portmeyron before being rewarded with the quest Pirate Truce with the pirate king. However, it is recommended that the raiders do not get to the crag until they have finished rescuing Falagar. When this happens, this means the heroes are high enough level to defeat the monsters and get to the crag.

To get to the Crag, from the northern city of gates of Karthal, go west and north until the heroes reach the pirate fortress of the crag. Crag Hack is located in the fort in the northwestern part of the city. There will be lots of barbarian horde creatures blocking the way. If the raiders are not high enough level, do not approach them. Once the heroes are high enough level, these creatures should not be a problem.

The physician needed to cure Crag Hack of his condition is found in the hospice in Karthal Slums. Go back to Karthal and retrieve him and then get to the Crag again.

The party can find the crystal spider in the lost city level 3. The lost city level 3 consists of a corridor with doors opening to hoards of undeads. The way to get to the lost city has been discussed previously.

The door to the crystal spider is found somewhere in the middle of the lost city level 3. Before the heroes can defeat the crystal spider, they have to go through lots of undead. The raiders should be at grandmasters in a series of skills to before they try to defeat the crystal spider.

The crystal spider has to be one of the hardest foes that the hero has had to face. The crystal spider has the following attacks and defensive moves -

  • Crystal shards
  • Crystal shell
  • Blink
  • Crystal cage and explosive crystal cage
  • Melee attack

When the crystal spider starts spitting out the crystal shards, just despair and pray. These are not actual spells but real gestures of faith and hope. Even casting celestial armor at light grandmaster level will not take away all the damage. So the party should have the healer Alexia with them. Alexia will allow one round of revive and restore which is what the heroes need.

When the heroes arrive at the doorstep of the crystal spider's lair, they should buff up with spells. Then head inside and the action starts. The crystal spider will launch one attack on the heroes. Take the brunt of the attack and then move left into the lair. Strangely enough, the crystal spider does not follow the heroes. So take your time to heal up and then proceed from the left side of the room towards the crystal spider.

When the heroes reach the crystal spider and are ready for action, move right and engage the crystal spider. The spider's melee attacks are weak, so it should not do much damage to the heroes as long as grandmaster celestial arm or is up.

Hack at the spider with the most offensive spells and melee attacks. Maximise on the amount of damage, because the spider will blink and phase to another part of the room. The tactics after the spider phases are the same. Move away from the direction of the projection of the crystal shards and then heal and buff up again. Get close or next to the crystal spider and repeat the actions above. After some weak melee attacks, the crystal spider blinks again.

This time, the crystal spider will blink to an area behind a bench. This is a good position for the heroes because the crystal spider cannot do ranged attacks from here. Again, go close to the crystal spider and attack it. In this particular example, the crystal spider will start blinking around the room. So just turn around and keep hacking at the crystal spider until it is defeated.

The crystal spider has a crystal cage move, where it will spit out a crystal cage and encase the heroes in it. The heroes just need to blast it with fire blasts until the cage shatters. There is an explosive version of the crystal cage. The heroes need to destroy it before three turns are up; otherwise the cage will start exploding. At magical focus and fire magic grandmaster level, fire blasts will annihilate the cage.

When the heroes escape from the cage, move forward and defeat the crystal spider. Once the crystal spider has been shattered by the raiders, the heroes will get the crystal spider's heart. Search around the room for the fire shard.

Congratulations! The heroes have the most difficult ingredient to break the curse on Crag Hack.

How to Get the Ingredients to Break the Curse

After getting the crystal spider's heart, all there is left to do it to get the other ingredients:

  • The party can get mercury from the alchemist NPC in Karthal somewhere near the marketplace.
  • The heroes can get sulphur from the shopkeeper in Seahaven that sells mana potions.
  • The raiders can get the Elven Toadstool from the Halloth Grove somewhere near the entrance into the Sacred Grove. It is in one of the cul-de-sac passages.
  • Finally, to get the widowsweep berries, the heroes need to go the Shadow Woods east of Karthal and then travel inside and defeat some blackfang thugs and marauders. The widowsweep berries lie beyond them on a plant.

With the ingredients, go back to Crag Hack and cure him of the condition.