New and Improved Features in “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX” (and Whether It’s Worth Buying)

Updated on June 24, 2020
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Poppy lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Nintendo fans who played Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team on the DS back in 2005 were no doubt excited to see a remake re-released on the Nintendo Switch. As well as being a pleasant trip down memory lane, the remake provided several tweaks to make more clunky parts easier, offered improved graphics and more sophisticated cutscenes, and more Pokémon.

This article breaks down some of the features mentioned above and discusses whether it's worth buying the new version.

Comparing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX
Comparing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX | Source

1. You Can Choose Your Character

A big immediate change in the game is that after taking the personality quiz, you have the option to choose who you want to be out of a selection of characters. These include the starter Pokémon from the first three generations, Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, Skitty, Machop, Cubone, and Psyduck.

Whereas before your Pokémon was assigned to you after the quiz, you're now offered the extra option to change your mind and choose who you want to be.

Better or Worse?

Personally, I enjoyed retaking the quiz over and over until I got the Pokémon I wanted. Now you can choose, it takes away some of the excitement, making it a little too easy. To stick to my guns, I played as my assigned Pokémon (Skitty). Call me old-fashioned.

2. It's Much Easier to Get Teammates

One interesting aspect of Mystery Dungeon is recruiting Pokémon for your team and taking them on missions. In the original game, finding Pokémon was difficult because you couldn't recruit them until you had the correct camps.

Now, more Pokémon than before will offer to join your team, even if you don't have the camp unlocked yet. You have a chance to buy the camp while on the mission, which you couldn't do before.

Better or Worse?

Much better. This new feature makes it a lot easier to get the Pokémon you want instead of blindly buying the camps you can afford and hoping your favorite Pokémon show up.

3. Bonus Dungeons

In DX, bonus and secret dungeons will sometimes pop up offering bonus items and extra money and experience. Dungeons offering strong foes (with better rewards and higher exp) will also sometimes appear. This is a fun way to boost your money or your exp in the game and wasn't a feature in the original.

Better or Worse?

Better. It adds a fun sidequest aspect to the game.

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4. If One Pokémon in Your Team Faints, the Rest Can Carry On

In Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, if you or your partner fainted, your lost a bunch of items and money and suffered 'game over.' Now, even if your character faints, your partner and other members of your team can carry on.

Better or Worse?

Better. If you've run out of reviver seeds, this feature makes scraping a win a little easier.

5. The Game Reminds You When You're Skipping Important Floors

Those who played Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team might remember that gut-wrenching moment when you've ascended to a new floor without finding the Pokémon you're looking for, meaning you have to start the whole dungeon again. DX warns you several times before changing floors that you're leaving important objectives behind.

Better or Worse?

Arguably better, but it removes the challenging aspect of having to stay alert about which floor you're on.

The game will remind you if you havan't completed a job on that floor yet.
The game will remind you if you havan't completed a job on that floor yet. | Source

6. A New Way to Recruit Teammates

As well as Pokémon feeling a kinship with you and asking to join forces after a fight, Pokémon can also become friends with you if they've fainted. All you have to do is find them (the game will tell you if you find a floor with a fainted Pokémon on it) and give them an apple. They'll immediately ask to join your team.

Better or Worse?

Neutral. It's a new way to recruit Pokémon, but it means you have to carry more apples around with you than usual.

7. You Can Organize Items, Money, and Teams Before Going on Missions

In the original game, it was a bit of a pain preparing fully for missions. You had to go to the correct camp and ask particular teammates to travel with you, ensure you had enough of the correct items, and deposit your money in the bank.

Now, before a mission, you can organize your items, deposit or withdraw money, and build your team before going on quests.

Better or Worse?

Much better! This saves a lot of time and cuts down on something that wasn't challenging, just a trifle annoying.

You can organize your rescue team and items before going on a mission.
You can organize your rescue team and items before going on a mission. | Source

8. An Update on Gummis

Veteran players of Mystery Dungeon might remember all the different kinds of gummis you could collect. These multicoloured sweets would boost your teammates exp and sometimes give them extra skills. There was a different colour for each type, so you'd save your grass gummis for grass Pokémon, fire gummis for fire types, etc.

Now there are only two types of gummis, Rainbow Gummis (which boost one stat by one point, and have a small chance of extra boosts) and DX Gummis (gold gummis that give the Pokémon a new rare quality).

Rare qualities are also a new feature in Mystery Dungeon DX, perks that different Pokémon can have to help you on adventures.

Better or Worse?

It's certainly more convenient than stacking dozens of gummis you'll never use. This is definitely an improvement.

9. Moves Don't Unlink When You Run Out of PP

In the original version, you'd get a couple of warnings when you were about to run out of power points on one of your moves. If you didn't drink a Max Elixer to get your PP back, any linked moves (moved you connected with a Link Box or at Gulpin's store) are broken, meaning you have to relink them some other time.

However, now if your move's PP goes to zero, your character will simply continue using the linked moves, skipping the ones that are at zero.

Better or Worse?

It's better because you don't have to constantly drink Max Elixers, but it does take out some of the challenge.

10. The Makuhita Dojo is Worth Visiting Now

In Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, the Makuhita Dojo south of Pokémon Square was just another dungeon, and some players never bothered with it. Now, you need tickets to enter and the Pokémon that ventures inside gets a huge boost to experience.

It's a good way to get newly-recruited Pokémon up to match your main character's level.

Better or Worse?

This is much better! It makes the dojo worth visiting to quickly level up and take on more difficult dungeons.

The Makuhita Dojo
The Makuhita Dojo | Source

11. Using Moves

In the original version, your Pokémon would use a basic, non-elemental move if you pressed A, not using any PP. Now, pressing A will cause your Pokémon to use a move that the game determines is best for the foe you're facing.

Better or Worse?

It depends; the game choosing a move for you takes away some of the challenge involved when it comes to battling. Though battles aren't the main focus of Mystery Dungeon, it was still a good challenge to think about what move to use against certain enemies.

Is the Game Worth Getting?

The game is around 80-90% the same as the original, with many minor updates and added features. This list was just a small portion of them. It's a fun trip down memory lane and enjoyable to play with vastly improved graphics. The ease of getting new Pokémon members on your team might open doors to being able to build the team you want, rather than the team you can get.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is a fun, casual game with a lot of post-game content and new teammates to collect. Whether you played the original version or you're a veteran, it's worth playing for a few weeks of Pokémon-themed fun.

© 2020 Poppy


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    • poppyr profile imageAUTHOR


      12 days ago from Enoshima, Japan

      It's a wholesome game. I recommend getting it, so long as you don't go in expecting it to be like other Pokemon games. Thank you for stopping by, Angel!

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      12 days ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I've never played but I wouldn't mind. Looks interesting.


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