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Ryse Son of Rome Boss Fights Guide

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In Ryse Son of Rome, Marius the centurion and later the general must overcome several bosses in order to engage the end boss of the game. The game is divided into several chapters and each chapter has some difficult parts and a boss. This will guide the player with some tactics to defeat the bosses and overcome the difficult parts of the game.

Defeat the Barbarian Warlord

Marius will face the hordes of barbarians before reaching the Emperor. When he reaches the Emperor, he will have to escort the Emperor to the safety of the vault. However, the path to the vault is blocked by the barbarian warlord.

  • The barbarian warlord wields a flaming weapon.
  • When the flaming weapon strikes Marius, he will suffer considerable damage. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Roll around to avoid the flaming weapon.
  • Then roll around to the back of the barbarian warlord. Strike him a few times and roll away. Keep doing this until the barbarian warlord is defeated.

Defeat the Barbarian Leader

The next stage of the game sees Marius' journey to Britannia to take on the might of the barbarians who have invaded and pillaged Rome. Near the end of this stage of the game, Marius encounters the barbarian chieftain and his warriors.

  • Marius is surrounded and must fend off attacks from all sides.
  • Use a block and watch for enemies ready to attack Marius. Raise the shield to block before Marius is hit.
  • Use focus and repeatedly attack one enemy until he is defeated.
  • Move on to the next enemy before the focus duration wears off.
  • Then, activate focus accumulation mode and use the right legendary execution moves to finish off the enemies and gain focus.
  • Repeat the process until all the barbarians have been defeated.

The next difficult part of the game involves commanding archers to attack and defeat the catapult. This may look difficult initially, but with some practice will become second nature for the archers.

Defeat Boudica

With the barbarian chieftain out of the way, Marius is commanded by the general to head into the forest and take out the barbarians by stealth (sort of stealth). Eventually, Marius will have to face the barbarian king's daughter Boudica. This is a prelude to defeating Boudica in the final battle, so study the tactics below and in the final battle.

Defeat the Minotaur Chief Glott

With the surrender of the barbarian king and his daughter, Marius is sent by the Emperor's son to find his brother Commodus. Commodus has been captured by the Minotaur Chief Glott.

When the minotaur chief turns yellow, use shield bash to bash him and so on.

When the minotaur chief turns yellow, use shield bash to bash him and so on.

  • The barbarian chief glott is the end stage boss in this part of the game.
  • To defeat the barbarian chief Glott, Marius must go into defensive mode. Block the minotaur's king axe slash and then attack him.
  • Roll around when his attacks become unblockable.
  • Repeat this process until the halfway point in the fight. At this point, the minotaur king will start flashing yellow.
  • Go into execution mode and shield bash the minotaur chieftain. Then execute the next few moves and heal up.
  • Finish off the minotaur chieftain.
When the minotaur warrior with the flaming torch appears, ignore the rest of the troops and just attack the minotaur warrior.

When the minotaur warrior with the flaming torch appears, ignore the rest of the troops and just attack the minotaur warrior.

When Marius and his troops embark on their journey to save Commodus, they are ambushed and captured. Marius escapes, barely and must find and rescue his troops. This is one of the difficult parts of the game. At each stage, a barbarian minotaur warrior with a torch will enter the fray and attempt to burn the troops. When the troops' life is down to 0, Marius loses.

Marius should use focus and rush to finish off the surrounding barbarians.

When they are defeated, gather focus and go and defeat the barbarian with the torch before he torches the captive barbarians.

Defeat Commodus

Finally, after a series of fights, Marius is abandoned in Britannia. He makes his way back to Rome as the ghost general Demarcus. Marius will first eliminate the emperor's first son and then enter the arena and try to eliminate the emperor's second son Commodus.

There will be several rounds of fight with Commodus. Initially, Commodus tries to fight fair and square with the hero. This is a bad decision for Commodus, because he simply cannot withstand the hero's attacks. Use focus and then keep chopping at Commodus. Commodus resorts to dirty tactics unbecoming of a gladiator.

Defeat Commodus Clones

Commodus' next dirty tactics is to get some warriors and dress them up as ...... Commodus. Marius must spot the fake Commoduses and defeat them first. Otherwise, tackling the real Commodus will have no effect until the fake stand-ins are defeated.

Defeat Boudica's War Elephants

The action continues further into the fall of Rome, when Boudica and her barbarian army attack Rome. Marius becomes the new general as his comrade falls in battle to Boudica. One of the most difficult parts of the boss fights, surprisingly, is when Boudica's war elephants start rampaging into Rome. Marius must cross the paths not taken by the war elephants and then defeat Boudica's war elephants.

To do so, one must remember the "frogger" game. This is the next-gen and three-dimensional frogger aka Ryse Son of Rome avoid the war elephants. Go backward, sideward and forward and avoid all the war elephants to reach Boudica's war elephants. Use the spear and spear down Boudica's war elephants and then reach Boudica.

Defeat Boudica

Boudica has become more powerful and graceful since the last encounter. Her rapid dual wielding attacks have been unblockable.However, it is possible to damage Boudica by going to her back and then attacking her.

Final Fight with Boudica

Boudica goes into some kind of combat trance, making her attacks more rapid and more unblockable. The tactics remain the same. Keep rolling around and then attacking Boudica's back. Eventually, with patience, Boudica will be defeated.