Shadowrun Returns Get to the Inner Sanctum of the Universal Brotherhood

Updated on August 1, 2013

In Shadowrun Returns, the hero returns to Pike Market Place. The objective here is to get into the Universal Brotherhood and find Jessica Watts. It is easy to get into the Universal Brotherhood. However, only the hero can get into the Universal Brotherhood initially. His team of shadowrunners remain outside the building. The hero must find a way to let them into the building and then find a way to get to the Inner Sanctum. This will guide the hero on how to achieve the above objectives. It will also show how to survive the graveyard fight that precedes the Universal Brotherhood quest.

Shadowrun Returns Family Debts

The hero, Coyote and Jake Armitage go to Sam's funeral. There, the hero will question Jessica Watts about Sam's murder. She finally confesses why she manipulated Dr Holmes into taking Sam's liver. Never get involved in family feuds, especially one that involves family debts. A fight starts as Jessica and Lynne escape to the Universal Brotherhood. Mercenaries pour into the graveyard, intent on ending the hero, Coyote and Jake.

The hero has to survive the graveyard fight.

Shadowrun Returns Get Into the Inner Sanctum

The hero can use the activated key card to get the name tag needed to get into the inner sanctum peacefully from this cupboard
The hero can use the activated key card to get the name tag needed to get into the inner sanctum peacefully from this cupboard

Shadowrun Returns Get Into the Inner Sanctum

Outside the Universal Brotherhood, a concert by Maria Mercurial is being held. Speak to the security and the fan outside to realize that the concert has been sold out, and that no one else without a ticket can get anywhere near Maria Mercurial. Note that near the fan are some people who sell supplies. Stock up and then head to the entrance of the Universal Brotherhood. Speak to Patrick and then enter the Universal Brotherhood. However, only the hero can enter.

Within the Universal Brotherhood, it is essential that the hero speaks to certain people within the building.

The first person that the hero can talk to is Sister Sally. She is the receptionist at the counter. The hero needs to get a blank Universal Brotherhood from the desk. Distract her by telling her that Maria Mercurial is signing autographs outside the Brotherhood building. When Sister Sally is gone, go behind the desk and grab the blank key card.

To the left of the desk is the chamber where Father Willy is. Go speak to him, and try to find out where Jessica Watts and Lynne are.

Above Willy’s chamber is the cafeteria. The hero can try to bribe the janitor to get more information. However, the hero may have used too much money to assemble his team. He may be too poor to bribe the janitor. In that case, follow the following steps –

  • To the south of the janitor lies some solvent and a kerosene can. Dip the blank key card into the solvent. It will melt. Before going to the room (see below) to reprogram the blank key card, the hero needs a melted (and damaged) key card.
  • Now there are two ways to get the hero’s team into the building. The first is to drop the kerosene in the kerosene can into the stove at the cafeteria. The small fire starting will cause the chef in the next room to come rushing into the cafeteria. He will leave the door behind open. Go through the door. The hero will arrive at the kitchen.

To the right of Sister Sally’s desk is the chamber where the hero can get his blank key card turned into a usable key card. Speak to Sister Nancy and then head north to speak to Brother Christopher. Tell Brother Christopher that the key card melted and that you were mugged during a recruitment process. He will allow you into the room.

While in the key card program room, the hero can get more blank cards. Now the hero needs to head over to the computer in the far corner and reprogram the key card. Either the hero can study the computers in the other room and study the waste pieces of paper in the rubbish bin, or he can input the following into the computer –

  • Monica Sachnoff
  • Home Dorm B
  • SEA134-647

Once the above are put into the computer, the key card will be activated.

With the key card, the doors of the chambers in the Universal Brotherhood are now open (except for the one into the Inner Sanctum). Go into the next few rooms and search thoroughly. Find a uniform for your hero (either male or female). Also look in the cupboard for the card into the Inner Sanctum (in one of the rooms).

Now, with the access key card, go into the kitchen and tell the chef that Sister Sally is looking for him. When he is gone, open the door for your team to come through. Then head back to the entrance to the inner sanctum and go in the peaceful way as mentioned above, or the hard way (fight through the sentry robots and guards).

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