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How to Defeat Arch-Curate Vyrthur in "Skyrim"

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Arch-Curate Vyrthur

Arch-Curate Vyrthur

In Skyrim, the hero finally locates and reaches the dwelling place of Arch-Curator Vyrthur. Much to the hero's surprise and contrary to his brother's (Knight-Paladin Gelebor) belief, Vyrthur has not been taken over by the betrayed or falmers. Instead, it is Vyrthur who has taken control of the falmers.

Vyrthur himself is responsible for wreaking havoc on Auriel's chantry in the forgotten vale and sealing off all the wayshrines, until now. By reaching Vrythur, the hero has a chance to defeat Vyrthur and put an end to his tyranny. This will guide the mid-level hero on how to defeat Arch-Curate Vyrthur.

Vyrthur's Minions

It is a common theme now that the main boss does not enter the battle itself until at least after the third round of combat or so, and it is the case here again. Vyrthur will sit comfortably on his throne and send his minions to attack the hero. The hero will have to battle Vyrthur's minions in the first and second rounds of combat.

How to Defeat Vyrthur's Minions

First Round

The minions in the first round of combat are frozen falmers who will attempt to melee attack the hero. These minions are easy to defeat.

Use Serana to tank the hero, and use bow and arrow attacks from behind Serana.

Fighting reanimiated frozen falmers are especially exhilarating because they do not simply die when defeated; they split into frozen bits and pieces, providing a satisfying end to the hero's accurate shooting.

Second Round

The minions in the second round of combat are more difficult. The situation is made worse by the increasing frequency in which Vyrthur is trying to collapse the roof above the hero and Serana. The roof will crumble onto the hero, smashing him repeatedly unless he dodges these falling rocks.

In addition, the minions are now reanimated frozen falmer sorcerors and there is one large frost atronach to harass the hero.

  • To defeat them, go into vampire lord mode and summon the gargoyle.
  • Use Serana and the gargoyle to tank the hero, and attack these creatures from behind the two tanks using life drain spells.
  • Move around the battlefield to dodge the attacks of the frost atronach, the sorcery of the falmer wizards and the falling rocks.
  • With some guile and tactics, these minions will be defeated. However, it is very important that the hero's health is full or almost full when the final minion falls.

The Final Battle With Vyrthur

At the demise of the final minion, Vyrthur will fly into a rage, casting a destructive spell that annihilates the whole roof. For the final fight against Vyrthur taking place during the day, the full power of the sun will be felt on the hero when the roof collapses completely. This will reduce the hero's health significantly.

Unless the mid-level hero is at full health, he will succumb to the sun's destructive powers (on the soft skin of the vampire) and will perish. Even at near full health, the hero needs to minimize damage by moving to the left of the entrance into Vyrthur's chamber when facing his throne.

Serana will check on the hero to make sure he is all right after the roof collapses. Then she will move forth to confront Vyrhur, who lets out the truth that he wanted to lure a pure blood Coldharbour vampire to his lair anyway. This will allow him to have the blood needed to corrupt Auriel's Bow and create the dark sun effect. Enraged by this notion, Serana attacks Vyrthur.

How to Defeat Vyrthur

  • Before entering the fight, use healing potions to heal up the hero's health to the maximum.
  • Immediately after this act of first aid, go into vampire lord mode and summon the gargoyle. It is important that Vyrthur focuses his attacks on Serana and the gargoyle, as the damage from his spells are very large indeed.
  • Keep attacking Vyrthur from the back using life drain until he is defeated.

With the defeat of Vyrthur, the sixth wayshrine at Auriel's chantry will rise and Gelebor will step out. He will finally know the truth behind his brother's betrayal. Gelebor feels that there is none more suitable than the hero in wielding Auriel's Bow. Enter the shrine and get Auriel's Bow.

Speak to Serana about what to do with Harkon and Auriel's Bow. The final decision is unanimous - Harkon must be eliminated, or there will be no end to the pursuit of the hero or Serana by his minions.

Return to Volkihar Keep and prepare for the final battle against Lord Harkon.